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Artifacts, whether flown in space or used during training, have the distinction of being part of history.

While the spacecraft and other major artifacts reside in museums, it is still possible for a collector to locate notable examples of space hardware.

Like the museums that protect and preserve artifacts for future generations, collectors share a similar responsibility. While we all collect for personal reasons, we are insuring that the smaller pieces and parts are not forgotten.

That is not to say that all hardware available to collectors is physically small. Complete artifacts or large segments are exhibited here.

Mercury | Vostok
Gemini | Voskhod
Apollo | Salyut
Space Shuttle | Mir
Space Station
  Constellation | Ares | Orion
Unmanned | Satellites
Commercial | Private
Facilities | Mission Control

Click on images to enlarge and read about each artifact.

Mercury and Vostok

Mercury 3 Parachute - Flown

Mercury 4 Valve - Flown

Mercury 4 Film - Flown

Mercury Heat Shield

Mercury Strawberry Cube

Vostok 6 Parachute - Flown

Gemini and Voskhod

Gemini 5 Heat Shield - Flown

Gemini RCS Thruster

Gemini Peanut Cubes

Apollo and Salyut

Apollo 7 Ablative Ring - Flown

Apollo 10 Heat Shield - Flown

Apollo 11 Bread Cubes - Flown

Apollo 11 OFK Bag - Flown

Apollo 11 Kapton - Flown

Apollo 12 Oxygen Hose - Flown

Apollo 13 Couch Fabric - Flown

Apollo 13 CDR Meal - Flown

Apollo 13 Parachute - Flown

Apollo 17 Kapton - Flown

Apollo CM Heat Shield

Apollo Indicator & Switches

Apollo Loran Light Cover

Apollo LM Ascent Engine Parts

Apollo LM Light Cover

Apollo Rehydratable Food

Skylab 2 Pen - Flown

Skylab 3 Accessories Bag - Flown

Skylab 3 Teleprint Sheet - Flown

Skylab Insulation - Flown

Skylab Solar Cell

Skylab Parasol Sunshade

SMEAT Small Trash Bag

Space Shuttle and Mir

Enterprise Production Chips

STS-1 Tile - Flown

STS-1 Pod Skin - Flown

STS-1 - STS-3 RCC - Flown

OV-099 Fit Check Tile

STS-6 - STS-86 Tile - Flown

STS-6 SRB Cutter - Flown

STS-6 Drink Straw - Flown

STS-6 Micro-beads - Flown

STS-9 Seedling - Flown

STS-41C Boot Tags - Flown

STS Centaur "First Chips"

STS-51A Flight Suit - Flown

STS-51D Valsalva - Flown

STS-51F Beverage Dispenser

STS-31 Frangible Nut - Flown

STS-40 Restraint Pouch - Flown

Pre- STS-44 Hydratable Food

STS-44 Crew Shirt - Flown

Soyuz TM-20 Glove - Flown

STS-63 Fluid Transfer Unit

STS-70 Tire - Flown

STS-74 Patch - Flown

Soyuz TM-24 Sportboots - Flown

STS-86 Gap Filler - Flown

STS-95 Bolt - Flown

STS-93 Blanket - Flown

STS-101 Tape - Flown

STS-101 Lapel Pin - Flown

STS-97 Cue Card

STS-104 Crew Velcro - Flown

STS-108 U.S. Flag - Flown

STS-109 Silver Snoopy - Flown

STS Bay Liners - Flown

STS VRCS Nozzle - Flown

STS Insulation - Flown

STS SRB Bracket - Flown

STS AFRSI Blanket - Flown

STS SSME Blade - Flown

STS Foot Restraint - Flown

STS MMU Arm Lock

STS Tile Cermaic Insert

STS Panel Overlay

STS Crew Cabin Velcro

STS ET Barrel Panel

STS ET Cross Section

STS ET Foam Bullet

STS Remove Before Flight Tag

STS RCS Engine Cover

STS Spacesuit Glove

STS Glove Bladder

STS Spacesuit Boot

STS EMU Cross Section

STS Urine Collection Device

STS Sleep Shorts

Mir Orlan Glove

STS ACES Glow Stick

STS Hair Conditioner

STS T-38 Flight Suit

STS T-38 Flight Gloves

STS Hydratable Food

STS Candy-Coated Chocolates

International Space Station

Expedition 1 Training Suit

Soyuz TM-32 Controller - Flown

Expedition 7 Pin - Flown

Expedition 11 Patch - Flown

ISS Common Pressure Hatch

ISS Solar Array Cell

Constellation, Ares and Orion

Ares I-X Upper Stage Skin

Ares I-X Parachute Riser

Unmanned Probes and Satellites

Discoverer XIV Parachute - Flown

Viking I Lander Material

LDEF Seeds - Flown

Hubble Solar Cell - Flown

MER Airbag Cross Section

Deep Impact Radiator


Delta 3920 Shavings

Atlas Debris - Flown

Facilities and Mission Control

MCC Console Frame

MCC Mode Display

MCC Pneumatic Tube

CCAFS Pad Fragments

VAB Panel Segment

39A Flame Trench Brick

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