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Spacesuit Oxygen Hose Sample

Mission: Apollo 12
CM: Yankee Clipper
LM: Intrepid
  Crew: Charles Conrad, Jr.
Alan Bean
Richard F. Gordon, Jr.
Launch: November 14, 1969  
Landing: November 24, 1969  
Duration: 10 Days, 4 hours
31 hrs on the Moon
Comment: First to encounter another spacecraft on the Moon

This sample was cut from a spacesuit oxygen hose that supplied breathing air to the Apollo 12 crew during launch and docking phases of the second lunar landing mission. When not connected to the spacesuits, the hoses provided fresh oxygen to the cabin. After the mission, parts of the oxygen hose assemblies were analyzed. The hoses were cut into 6-inch segments, and some were then split in half. This shaving was created as a result of those procedures.

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