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Rehydratable Food and Beverage

Missions: All flights after STS-48 Discovery  
First used: November 24, 1991  
Last used: N/A (still in use)  
Comment: Flexible food containers replaced rigid
square rehydratable packages.

This "modern" Space Shuttle meal includes rehydratable packages of Spaghetti W/ Meat Sauce, Creamed Spinach, a natural form Granola Bar and Lemon-Lime Drink (with clamped straw). In response to the weight and volume of trash generated on extended missions, improved food and beverage packages were developed. The drink packages are made from a foil laminate that provides for longer shelf life and a septum was designed to interface with the galley water dispenser. Rehydratable foods are packaged with a translucent bowl and lid with a septum adapter for adding water; the package uses velcro to hold it to the meal trays.

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