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Embroidered Crew Patch

Mission: STS-74 Atlantis   Crew: Kenneth D. Cameron
James D. Halsell
Jerry L. Ross
William S. McArthur, Jr.
Chris A. Hadfield
Launch: November 12, 1995  
Landing: November 20, 1995  
Duration: 8 days, 4 hours  
Comment: Second Shuttle-Mir docking

This embroidered crew patch was launched on Atlantis to the Mir Space Station, where it was then marked with the outpost's postal cancellation device (verifying its status as having flown in space). The primary focus of this patch is the Russian-built docking module, drawn with shading to accentuate its pivotal importance to both STS-74 and the NASA-Mir Program. The rainbow that appears across the horizon represents the atmosphere; the sun rising over it symbolizing the dawning of a new era in NASA spaceflight, that of the construction of the International Space Station.

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