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Landing Gear Tire

Mission: STS-70 Discovery   Crew: Terence T. Henricks
Kevin R. Kregel
Nancy Jane Currie
Charles J. Precourt
Donald A. Thomas
Mary Ellen Weber
Launch: July 13, 1995  
Landing: July 22, 1995  
Duration: 8 days, 22 hours  
Comment: Deployed Tracking and Data Relay satellite (TDRS-G)

This tire segment, removed from Discovery's landing gear, was given by NASA Scientist/Engineer Seth Berkowitz to Jane Hodges, NASA Education Specialist, as an example of the material that could be available for NASA educators workshops. Shuttle tires are not much larger than that of a truck, but the orbiter's main landing gear can support triple the load of a Boeing 747 tire or the entire starting line-up of a NASCAR race - 40 cars - all hitting the track at 250 mph.

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