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EVA-2 Spacesuit Boot Tags

Mission: STS-41C Challenger   Crew: Robert L. Crippen
Francis R. Scobee
George D. Nelson
James D. A. van Hoften
Terry J. Hart
Launch: April 6, 1984  
Landing: April 13, 1984  
Duration: 6 days, 23 hours  
Comment: First direct ascent trajectory for the Space Shuttle

These Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU or spacesuit) ID tags were sewn to the boots worn by STS-41C crewmate James "Ox" van Hoften as he worked outside the shuttle during two spacewalks. Together with "Pinky" Nelson, van Hoften performed the first in-orbit repair of a satellite, Solar Max. Running ahead of schedule at the end of the second EVA, van Hoften was given the go-ahead to to test fly the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) jetpack in the cargo bay.

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