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Pad Fragments

Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Launch Complex 5
Launch Complex 14
Launch Complex 19
Launch Complex 26
Launch Complex 34
Comment: Certified by Col. Ernest Malnassy (USAF, Ret.)
Director of the US Air Force Space Museum

These fragments were collected from five Cape Canaveral Air Force Station launch pads where early US spaceflights had their start. The five artifacts are: gantry metal cut from Complex 5, where Mercury sub-orbital missions launched; cableway metal that ran up to the ready room of Complex 14, where Mercury orbital missions launched; linoleum cut from the white room floor of Complex 19, where all Gemini missions began; gantry metal from Complex 26, where the U.S. launched its first satellite, Explorer 1; and metal from the launch pedestal of Complex 34, where the Apollo 1 fire claimed the life of three astronauts, and Apollo 7 launched.

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