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EVA-1 Valsalva Device

Mission: STS-51D Discovery   Crew: Karol J. Bobko
Donald E. Williams
M. Rhea Seddon
Jeffrey A. Hoffman
S. David Griggs
Charles D. Walker
Sen E. Jake Garn
Launch: April 12, 1985  
Landing: April 19, 1985  
Duration: 6 days, 23 hours  
Comment: First flight of an elected official (Garn)

This Valsalva device - basically a raised foam fixture that can be used to block the nostrils to clear the ears - was removed post-flight from Jeffrey Hoffman's EMU helmet to be discarded. Hoffman donned his helmet and spacesuit during STS-51D for an unscheduled spacewalk that called for David Griggs and him to attach a "flyswatter" device to the end of the robot arm in an attempt to activate a switch on the Syncom satellite that was deployed on the mission.

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