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Teleprinter Sheet

Mission: Skylab 3 (SL-4)   Crew: Gerald P. Carr
William R. Pogue
Edward G. Gibson
Launch: November 16, 1973  
Landing: February 8, 1974  
Duration: 84 days, 1 hour  
Comment: Last of the Skylab missions

This sheet of thermal-sensitive teleprinter paper was used aboard the Skylab space station during the third and final expedition to print a message uplinked by Mission Control. Skylab 3 pilot Bill Pogue writes in an accompanying letter:
The teleprinter message... has notes I wrote on the paper, which have to do with visual observations I was making and the pictures I took to document the observation.
The sheet is further certified as flown with a note by Pogue written using a pen (and ink) also used by him on Skylab.

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