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Olympic Games Bid Pin

Mission: STS-101 Atlantis   Crew: James Halsell, Jr.
Scott Horowitz
Susan Helms
Yury Usachev
James Voss
Mary Ellen Weber
Jeff Williams
Launch: May 19, 2000  
Landing: May 29, 2000  
Duration: 9 days, 20 hours  
Comment: In addition to carrying the Houston 2012 Olympics pins
STS-101 also flew a replica torch for the 2000 Games.

This lapel pin, which features the outline of the orbiter and the stylized Olympic torch was one of 1,000 flown aboard Atlantis on behalf of the Houston 2012 Foundation, which was formed to pursue the Summer Games coming to the Texas city. The U.S. Olympic Committee chose New York and San Francisco as bid finalists, over Houston. London, England was ultimately selected to host the 2012 Games.

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