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Crew Preference Velcro

Mission: STS-104 Atlantis   Crew: Steven W. Lindsey
Charles O. Hobaugh
Michael L. Gernhardt
Janet L. Kavandi
James F. Reilly
Launch: July 12, 2001  
Landing: July 24, 2001  
Duration: 12 days, 19 hours  
Comment: STS-104 delivered the Quest airlock to the ISS.

Though NASA did not invent Velcro®, the space agency has used the fabric hook-and-loop fasteners to hold items from floating away in the weightlessness of space. Flight technicians install blue Velcro-brand squares around the crew cabin of the space shuttle as are needed to support mission objectives. Beyond these attachment points, the astronauts may also request additional fasteners for their own convenience. The crew's preference Velcro is colored yellow and is removed after each flight. This Velcro piece was used by an STS-104 crewmember during the mission.

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