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Toasted Bread Cubes (Food)

Mission: Apollo 11
CM: Columbia
LM: Eagle
  Crew: Neil A. Armstrong
Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.
Michael Collins
Launch: July 16, 1969  
Landing: July 24, 1969  
Duration: 8 Days, 3 hours
22 hrs on the Moon
Comment: First manned lunar landing

The small white Velcro square on the back of this package of toasted bread cubes indicates they were intended for the command module pilot — in the case of Apollo 11, Michael Collins. Red velcro would have meant these were flown for the commander (Armstrong) and blue, for the lunar module pilot (Aldrin).

These cubes were among the supplemental items stored in pantry fashion to give the crew some variety based on their preferences and appetites at the time, including beverages, salads, meats, desserts and bite-sized foods.

As they went uneaten, these toasted bread cubes became a memento back on Earth.

These toasted bread cubes were exhibited at Space Center Houston in Texas in 2009 and appeared the television show Antiques Roadshow on PBS.

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