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Candy Coated Chocolates

Missions: All Space Shuttle missions  
First used: April 12, 1981  
Last used: N/A (still in use)  
Comment: "I guess the only thing that would be nice is
to have a few more M&M's." - Shannon Lucid

NASA food technicians prepared this package of Candy Coated Chocolates for a flight on a future Space Shuttle mission but it went unused. Better known by their brand name, M&Ms, candy coated chocolates were chosen by the STS-1 crew for their flight, and have since flown on every mission. M&M's were just another candy- coated chocolate until astronaut Shannon Lucid had to do without them for six months in orbit. When she confessed her cravings to the galaxy during a news conference from the Russian station Mir, Lucid launched the candies into a place in history beside that tangy orange beverage Apollo moonwalkers drank.

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