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Sokol KV-2 Glove

Mission: Soyuz TM-20 (up)
Soyuz TM-19 (down)
  Crew: Ulf Merbold
Launch: October 3, 1994  
Landing: November 4, 1994  
Duration: 31 days, 12 hours  
Comment: Merbold was ESA's first "Cosmonaut Researcher"
and the first non-American to fly aboard the shuttle

This Sokol KV-2 pressure glove was worn by Merbold aboard Soyuz TM-20 and then again on his return to Earth aboard Soyuz TM-19. Constructed of nylon, rubber, and leather, the glove has Merbold's initials ("YM") printed in cyrillic on its cuff.

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