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Rendezvous Cue Card

Mission: STS-97 Endeavour   Crew: Brent W. Jett
Michael J. Bloomfield
Joseph R. Tanner
Carlos I. Noriega
Marc Garneau
Launch: November 30, 2000  
Landing: December 11, 2000  
Duration: 10 days, 19 hours  
Comment: Delivered solar arrays to the space station

This two-sided cue card used during training provided mission commander Brent Jett a convenient reference to performing a reaction control system (RCS) burn as he maneuvered Endeavour to a rendezvous (and eventual docking) with the International Space Station (ISS). The card's reverse offers a worksheet for tracking RCS fuel consumption. Two hook velcro pads on each side of the card allowed for Jett to position it on the cockpit's panel.

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