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Commander's Day 8, Meal C (Food)

Mission: Apollo 13
CM: Odyssey
LM: Aquarius
  Crew: James A. Lovell
Fred W. Haise, Jr.
John L. Swigert, Jr.
Launch: April 11, 1970  
Landing: April 17, 1970  
Duration: 5 Days, 22 hours  
Comment: "Houston, we've had a problem here."

This package, which contains the complete meal "C" for mission commander James Lovell (indicated by the red Velcro tag on each portion) was originally intended for the eighth day of the flight. As the mission was curtailed early, this meal was returned to Earth uneaten. The package is sealed but appears to include cocoa mix, bread and meat cubes, and butterscotch pudding, which is consistent with menus published prior to launch.

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