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First Production Chips

Mission: Enterprise (OV-101)   Crew: Fred W. Haise, Jr.
C. Gordon Fullerton
Joe H. Engle
Richard H. Truly
Rollout: September 17, 1976  
Retired: November 18, 1985  
Comment: OV-101 was originally to be named Constitution

These metal chips were among the first to be machined by Rockwell International in the process of building the United States' first Space Shuttle Orbiter designated OV-101. The vehicle, later named Enterprise, flew approach and landing tests after being air-lifted atop a modified 747 jetliner. This 'souvenir specimen' was presented to G. W. Briggs on the first day of OV-101's existence, April 25, 1974 by Rockwell International's Los Angeles Division.

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