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Fisher Ballpoint Pen

Mission: Skylab 2 (SL-3)   Crew: Alan L. Bean
Jack R. Lousma
Owen K. Garriott
Launch: July 28, 1973  
Landing: September 25, 1973  
Duration: 59 days, 11 hours  
Comment: Doubled record for length of time in space

This ink pen, made by the Fisher Company for use in zero gravity, was flown aboard Skylab by the SL-3 crew logging over 24.5 million miles during their 585 orbits of the Earth. It was then presented by the crew to astronaut Karl Henize as a memento for his mission support efforts. The pen was engraved by NASA: P/N SEB12100051-208, S/N 1278. It was given to Henize attached to a wooden base with other flown items from the mission and a metal plaque signed by 'Alan', 'Owen' and 'Jack'.

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