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Beverage Container Straw

Mission: STS-6 Challenger   Crew: Paul J. Weitz
Karol J. Bobko
Donald H. Peterson
F. Story Musgrave
Launch: April 4, 1983  
Landing: April 9, 1983  
Duration: 5 days, 2 hours  
Comment: Maiden flight of Space Shuttle Challenger

This polyethylene straw was flown aboard Challenger and used by mission commander Paul Weitz to drink through during STS-6. It was inserted through a septum in a drink package that was also used to inject water for rehydration of the powdered beverage. When not in use, the straw's attached clamp was used to prevent liquid from escaping into the cabin. This straw was obtained from Paul Weitz's collection and was noted as flown and initialed on a decal.

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