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Accessories Bag

Mission: Skylab 3 (SL-4)   Crew: Gerald P. Carr
William R. Pogue
Edward G. Gibson
Launch: November 16, 1973  
Landing: February 8, 1974  
Duration: 84 days, 1 hour  
Comment: Last of the Skylab missions

This bleached teflon cloth accessories bag, approximately 12 inches in diameter and 14 inches tall with a draw string top, was flown to Skylab with its final crew. Labeled Part No. SEB13100114-701 and S/N 1060, the bag has tied to it a corresponding North American Temporary Parts Removal Tag referencing its removal from the Skylab 3 Command Module 10 days after its ocean recovery. In June 2001, the SL-4 crew inscribed on the bag: Flown on Skylab III (SL-4), Nov 18, 1973 - Feb 8 1974, Ed Gibson, SPT, Jerry Carr, CDR, Bill Pogue, PLT and together held it for a photograph.

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