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Solar Array Cell

Mission: Skylab 1-3 (SL-1 to SL-4)   Crew: Charles C. Conrad Jr.
Paul J. Weitz
Joseph P. Kerwin
Alan L. Bean
Jack R. Lousma
Owen K. Garriott
Gerald P. Carr
William R. Pogue
Edward G. Gibson
Launch: May 14, 1973  
Reentry: July 11, 1979  
Comment: First U.S. space station

This flight-qualified solar cell was produced for the United States' first space station, Skylab. Twin solar array wing panels were folded against the orbital workshop for launch, one on each side. Each array was composed of 147,840 solar cells. In addition, the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM), one of the four major components that comprised Skylab, had its own four solar arrays. During its launch, the station lost both its micrometeoroid shield and one of its primary solar arrays when the shield deployed early, tearing loose.

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