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Carbonated Beverage Dispenser

Mission: STS-51F Challenger   Crew: C. Gordon Fullerton
Roy D. Bridges, Jr.
F. Story Musgrave
Anthony W. England
S. Karl G. Henize
Loren W. Acton
John-David Bartoe
Launch: July 29, 1985  
Landing: August 6, 1985  
Duration: 7 days, 22 hours  
Comment: Second flight of Spacelab

This replica Carbonated Beverage Dispenser developed by the Coca-Cola Company was among those distributed by the soft drink manufacturer in celebration of their flown unit on-board Challenger. The Carbonated Beverage Dispenser Evaluation (CBDE) payload was intended to test packaging and dispensing techniques for space flight consumption of sodas such as Coca-Cola. Unfortunately, the crew labeled the experiment as a failure, due to the zero-g environment and the lack of refrigeration, but on the lighter-side, floating "Pepsi balls" did provide a source of entertainment. This specific replica was on display at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas until its acrylic base was broken.

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