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Fluids Transfer Unit ("Space Cup")

Missions: STS-63 Discovery   Crews: James Wetherbee
Eileen Collins
Michael Foale
Janice Voss
Bernard Harris
Vladimar Titov
Launch: February 3, 1995  
Landing: February 11, 1995  
Duration: 8 days, 6 hours  
Comment: Eighteen (18) FTUs flew aboard STS-63.

Based on the Carbonated Beverage Dispenser flown on STS-51F in 1985, the "Fluid Transfer Unit" (FTU) was used to dispense carbonated drinks from the Fluids Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus ("Coca-Cola Space Dispenser") flown on STS-63. Made from clear polycarbonate, the FTU held up to seven ounces of Coca-Cola or Diet Coke. The space cups' design incorporated a unique baffle and thin vanes at its bottom to keep the liquid and carbon dioxide from separating.

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