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Author Topic:   Space Cover of the Week: Index and comments
Bob M

Posts: 1476
From: Atlanta-area, GA USA
Registered: Aug 2000

posted 04-20-2009 07:33 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Bob M   Click Here to Email Bob M     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This is to announce the start of a weekly series in the "Stamps and Covers" section of collectSPACE that will be entitled "Space Cover of the Week." To promote and encourage space cover collecting, several of us ATA/Space Unit members have decided to begin a series that will feature a different space cover here each week.

At this time, only a few of us will participate in this weekly feature, but we invite others to join us and contribute with some of their own special covers.

We intend to span the large and rich field of astrophilately, which will include covers marking mostly significant space events, but occasionally even little-known events will be included. This series will display many various covers, cachets and cancels, along with information about them, that will show how meaningful and interesting collecting space covers can be.

We plan to continue this weekly series with a new cover every Monday and will begin with a cover that marks the beginning of one famous spacecraft's long road to space and into history.

  1. Columbia's Overland Move
  2. The X-15's Teething Pains
  3. RMS First Deploy and Testing
  4. Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
  5. Hubble Space Telescope
  6. Apollo 10 Recovery
  7. Apollo 17, Last Men on Moon
  8. Maiden Shuttle Launches
  9. STS-125 Launch Delay 9/2008
  10. ASTP Tracking Station
  11. Apollo 11 Bendix Cachet
  12. Apollo 11 Paul Calle Cachet
  13. Apollo 11 TV Brought to Earth
  14. Apollo 11 Moonlanding
  15. Apollo 11 20th Anniversary
  16. Mariner 6 and 7 Reach Mars
  17. DOD Manned Orbiting Lab
  18. Hubble Space Telescope
  19. X-24B Official Cachets
  20. First Lifting Body That Wasn't
  21. First Men on the Moon 40th
  22. Gemini V in Space
  23. ASTP Launch Cover
  24. LOFT-1 Rocket Flown Cover
  25. Gemini's Paraglider
  26. Tracking Skylab
  27. SL-4 Recovery Retun to Port
  28. Cassini Mission to Saturn
  29. Space Stamps
  30. All Shook Up!
  31. Lunar Prospector
  32. Ares I-X Launch
  33. Sam I Am!
  34. Milestone Shuttle Launches
  35. Clusters' Last Stand
  36. LCROSS Impact on the Moon
  37. Shuttle SRB Retrieval Ships
  38. Soyuz 4/Soyuz 5 turns hot
  39. V-2 Test, Made in the USA
  40. Gemini Twin Stamp FDC
  41. Tracking or Recovery?
  42. STS-107/Columbia
  43. John Glenn Returns to Space
  44. Stafford Gets Scrubbed
  45. V-2, Is That You?
  46. Space artist Bob McCall
  47. Space Junk to Space Cover
  48. Mercury Stamp FDC's
  50. Apollo 13 Grumman Cover
  51. Apollo 13, Lucky Number 13
  52. Apollo 13: "At least something worked"
  53. Apollo 13 Covers
  54. Apollo 13 PRS USS Iwo Jima
  55. Mercury Pad Abort Test
  56. Mercury's Original Iron Man
  57. Two for One
  58. ASTP Cachet and Cancellations
  59. Early Apollo KSC cachets
  60. The First KSC Cachet
  61. Willow, Hawaiian Missile Mail
  62. Just Another Redstone?
  63. MSFC Skylab & ASTP RSCs
  64. Helios Offical NASA Cachet
  65. Revisiting Mariner II
  66. Secret Space Stamp
  67. Testing the Saturn Engine
  68. SRB Static Firing RSC
  69. Unofficial Space FDCs
  70. Gemini 5 Velvetone Cachet
  71. USS Essex & Apollo 1 Fire
  72. Armstrong Gets His Wings
  73. Comet Kohoutek
  74. The Space Age: Day One
  75. A Space Suit Precursor(?)
  76. Scatback the Space Monkey
  77. Did Harry notice?
  78. Solar Max Repair Mission
  79. Mir-Flown Kniga Cover
  80. John McKay
  81. Mt. Palomar and V-2 Test
  82. Did Morris Beck notice?
  83. SRB Parachute Test Cover
  84. Smithsonian Milestones of Flight
  85. Space City Cover Society Covers
  86. Rarest of the Gemini PRS Covers
  87. X-Plane Pilot and Apollo 16?
  88. Apollo Insurance Covers
  89. Viking Parachute Test Covers
  90. First Recovery Ship Cover?
  91. Unflown STS-8 Challenger Cover?
  92. USS Fox and Apollo 10? No but...
  93. Shuttle Multi-Canceled Covers
  94. Pioneer-Venus Parachute Landing Tests
  95. Do-It-Yourself Dyna-Soar
  96. Famous NASA test pilot Fred Drinkwater?
  97. Apollo 17 S-II Arrives at KSC
  98. Discovery of Uranus Ring System
  99. Rockwell Space Division Stamp Club Covers
  100. Triple Digits!!!
  101. Hail Columbia!
  102. Special Message from USS Intrepid
  103. Distinct USS Okinawa Cover
  104. Yuri Gagarin
  105. US Space Covers with Only Foreign Postage
  106. Saturn S-II Stage Test
  107. USS Midway V-2 Rocket Test, 1947
  108. First US Man in Space 50th Anniversary
  109. Soyuz-28 Intercosmos Cosmonaut
  110. Alan Shepard, MR-3 Launch Covers
  111. The Douglas Skyrocket
  112. Did the USS Myles C. Fox participate or not?
  113. Apollo Admirals' Covers
  114. Soyuz 3 Flight
  115. Space Anniversary Covers
  116. A 4th of July Surprise
  117. A Unique Aussie Cover
  118. Test Pilot Mike Adams' flown X-15 cover
  119. When the Race for Space Began
  120. ASTP Precursor Soyuz 16
  121. World's 1st Privately Funded Rocket
  122. X-2 Flown Cover
  123. Cosmic-Ray Research Flight
  124. SR.53 Rocketplane
  125. Viking missions to Mars
  126. More Viking Mars Covers
  127. Palestine, TX Balloon Cover
  128. Double Cancels
  129. Early Arkansas Space Covers
  130. Palomar Mountain
  131. Skylab space station
  132. Captain's Covers for First U.S. Orbital Flights
  133. The Misunderstood Mercury-Scout
  134. Lifting Body and Hot Rod
  135. USS Observation Island
  136. Rollout of Shuttle Enterprise
  137. Astronaut Autographed NASA/KSC VIP Cards
  138. Edwards Rocket Test Site Postmarks
  139. James Lovell Czech in Space
  140. Space Craft Covers Season's Greetings From the Moon
  141. Russian Apollo-Soyuz Test Project FDCs
  142. Space Shuttle's Final Flight
  143. Forrest Petersen
  144. Unknown USS Guam Atlantic Recovery Force, 1970
  145. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center dedication
  146. STS-135 Shuttle Flight Directors
  147. Space Stamp First Day Covers
  148. John Glenn launch scrub
  149. Glenn Fever!
  150. After the Flight Glenn Fever Continues
  151. Paul Calle's Mercury astronauts
  152. Payload specialist Robert Wood
  153. Morris Beck Crew Covers
  154. Apollo-Saturn V Center Grand Opening Cover
  155. Erin Creek Missile Launch
  156. First Space Shuttle Cover?
  157. NASA Comes, Cities Go
  158. Soyuz 12
  159. Space Cover Cachet Errors
  160. Mercury Atlas-7 USS Pierce
  161. Yeager Flown X-1A Cover, 1953
  162. Carpenter General Space Craft Covers Cachet
  163. Voskhod 1 covers
  164. John Glenn/Friendship 7 50th
  165. Bob White and the X-15
  166. Early Station Related Postmark
  167. A Gemini 4 Mystery Cover
  168. Shuttle Crew Escape Sled Tests
  169. Flown on final shuttle flight
  170. X-15 (incl. Boy Scout cachet)
  171. who was Barbara Baker?"
  172. Bumerang really a Boomerang?
  173. Space shuttle RCS testing
  174. Viking: 36 years before Curiosity
  175. M2 Lifting Body Cachets
  176. RIP Neil Armstrong,1930-2012
  177. Goldey Space Cover Page
  178. Félix or Félicette?
  179. Pioneer Venus Program
  180. Enterprise and the ALT Program
  181. HL-10 Lifting Body Cachets
  182. About a Date?"
  183. STS Abort Landing Sites
  184. Soyuz 30 Intercosmos
  185. Multi-signed and well-traveled
  186. Wally!
  187. Orange?"
  188. NAASM card?
  189. Soyuz-31 Intercosmos Cosmonaut
  190. Astronaut Flown Covers
  191. Celebrating Apollo 17 in covers
  192. Numeroff X-15 Flown Cover
  193. A Skylab 4 Holiday to Remember
  194. Soyuz-36 Intercosmos Cosmonaut
  195. Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Flown Covers
  196. Joe Walker
  197. Which One is It?"
  198. Discoverer 26 AKA Corona 9019
  199. Canadian Astronaut Stamps FDC
  200. Teacher in Space Project
  201. Apollo 11 Flight Directors
  202. Life?
  203. Before Skylab and Mir - MOL
  204. "El Kabong" Dropped at Fort Hood
  205. Kennedy Space Center cancels
  206. Flown on Soyuz, Mir, Atlantis
  207. Scott Crossfield
  208. Triskaidekaphobia!
  209. Vandy Officials
  210. Rocket, Tin Can Mail at Niuafo'ou
  211. NASA's 25th Anniversary Cancel
  212. Heritage Craft Apollo Covers
  213. The Last Mercury
  214. "You Call These Space Covers?"
  215. USS Barbero missile mail
  216. Tracking Map Envelopes
  217. Friedrick Tsander
  218. Apollo 11 Anniversary Covers
  219. Fifty Years of Women in Space
  220. Deke!
  221. Fireproof mail
  222. Launch Security
  223. One Small Step
  224. ASSESS-2 Spacelab Simulation
  225. "Chasing" the Space Shuttle
  226. Bob Rushworth and the X-15
  227. Sam, Miss Sam Monkeynauts
  228. Boilerplate mail
  229. Kennedy Visits McDonnell
  230. Pioneer Venus Parachute Test
  231. A Tribute to Skylab
  232. ASSET 1
  233. A Lab in the Sky, Skylab!
  234. The Skylab is falling
  235. Skylab Development, Support
  236. SSS Explorer-45 Launch
  237. Skylab Prime Recovery Ships
  238. Skylab suit fit check covers
  239. Almost Impossible!
  240. AS-201
  241. Flight Director Randy Stone
  242. FAR OUT! Pioneer 10, Voyager 1
  243. Milt Thompson and the X-15
  244. Apollo 8 Confirms Santa Claus
  245. USS Yorktown Apollo 8 Recovery
  246. Pioneer Venus
  247. Apollo 8: Off to the Moon!
  248. Apollo 8 TWA Cachet
  249. Schirra Doesn't Pull the D-Ring
  250. 1966 Voyager Test
  251. IAF Congress 1973
  252. First Shuttle Landing at KSC
  253. Pete Knight and the X-15
  254. Flown on Regulus 2, Venice, Fla.
  255. Parachutes and Gemini 6A
  256. Russia's Collectors Day 1961
  257. Tribute to Bill Pogue and Skylab 4
  258. Bill Dana and the X-15
  259. The Mercury 13!
  260. USS Algol and Apollo 9
  261. Buzz opts not to commercialize
  262. "First To The Stars" exhibit
  263. Little Joe II
  264. Bill Dana, Rest in Peace
  265. R/V Neil Armstrong Christened
  266. To the Stars Philatelic Exhibition
  267. My Favorite Space Cover Cachets
  268. X-15 First Glide Flight
  269. Charles Riser Covers, Too Good to be True?
  270. Troubled Flight for the X-15
  271. To The Stars Philatelic Exhibition
  272. "We have a cutoff..."
  273. Ranger 7 at 50
  274. Voyager 1, Are We There Yet?
  275. Keweenaw Rocket Range
  276. Apollo Soyuz Test Project anniversary
  277. Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: After Splashdown
  278. The MX-324 – America's First Manned Rocketplane
  279. Big Joe, Not Your Average Joe
  280. Neil Armstong Burial at Sea
  281. Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Anniversary
  282. Flown Into the Stratosphere Balloon Cover
  283. First launch at Cape Canaveral
  284. SpaceShipOne Takes the X-Prize
  285. Incredible 4-inch flight of MR-1
  286. Pegsat
  287. Apollo-Soyuz anniversary
  288. TM-18 and Mir space station
  289. Hubble Trouble: Deploy and Repair
  290. Development of the X-15 Engine
  291. Limited edition Space Craft Covers
  292. Ariel 1
  293. SRB Nosecap Ejection Tests
  294. Lt. Uhura and Sally Ride
  295. Planet Pluto: 1930 to 2015
  296. The First Spacecraft Cachet
  297. Happy New Year!
  298. Gemini 5 Space Craft Cover
  299. Soyuz TMA-15M launch to ISS


Posts: 944
From: Shady Side, Md
Registered: Sep 2004

posted 05-10-2009 10:03 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Apollo-Soyuz   Click Here to Email Apollo-Soyuz     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
We encourage comments from all space collectors especially Space Unit members. If you have a cover you would like to participate to the Cover of the Week feature, email Bob McLeod with your cover idea. We would like more participation from all. There are many different ways to collect. We are hoping to stimulate new collectors.

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