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Highlights of the Fall 1999 Superior Galleries' Space Memorabilia Auction

The Fall 1999 Superior Galleries' Space Memorabilia auction features 2,800 lots spanning the history of space exploration. The following are some of the highlights of the sale (click on thumbnails to see larger photographs):

Mercury 6 Battery

Mercury 6 Emergency Beacon

Gemini 4 Silk Flag

Edward White's Lapel Pin

Gemini 8 Water Storage Bag

Gemini 9 Heat Shield Fragment

Gemini 10 Photographic Light Meter

Gemini 11 Heat Shield Fragment

Gemini 12 Water Container

Apollo 1 Flown Medallion

Apollo 7 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Apollo 8 Wide Angle Camera Lens

Apollo 8 Water Dump Valve Assembly

Apollo 9 Computer Sun Screen

Apollo 9 EVA Guard

Apollo 10 EVA Handrail

Apollo 11 Wiring Cable Cover

Apollo 11 Flown Cover

Apollo 11 Aldrin Name Tag

Apollo 11 Beta Cloth Patch

Apollo 14 Microfilm Bible

Apollo 15 Lunar Rover Movie Camera

Apollo 15 Lunar Rover Training Spacesuit

Prototype A7L Lunar Boot

Apollo CM Hand Controller

Apollo CM Window Frame

Apollo CM Reaction Control Engine

Lunar Surface Film Canister

Lunar Module Temperature Gauge

RX-3 Flight Suit Components

Crew-Signed Soyuz 11 Cover

von Braun Speech

X-15 Model

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