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Image Gallery:
Highlights of the Fall 1999 Superior Galleries' Space Memorabilia Auction

Apollo 15 Lunar Training Suit

0982. "Boeing Mobility Suit / No. 2, LRV Dev." EVA Training Spacesuit

Boeing Corp in their development of the Lunar Rover. This spacesuit is a well used, white nylon, quilted/padded training suit with entry from the back. It is complete with a white nylon covered Plexiglas helmet with a dark visor, a black/white leather skullcap, black rubber/white Beta cloth gloves and black rubber/white nylon zip-up, lined boots (the ID label in each book has been excised and NASA 19-1100-455 has been written below in black marker). There is a black wood/metal facsimile of a Hasselblad camera attached to the chest of the suit by a metal bracket and the suit has a US Flag on the sleeve with a NASA meatball plus red/blue facsimile pressure suit connectors on the chest. There is a metal Boeing ID tag on the outer edge of the neck opening (there are no neck or wrist connector rings) and there is a partially cut away International Latex Corp. ID tag on the neck that reads, ITEM: Apollo//Extra-//Thermal Gar, //MODEL No.//SIZE: Small, SERIAL: 009, CONTRACT N//Dsgn & Mfg. For Hamilton. In addition there is a white Beta cloth covered, hollow Fiberglas facsimile of the life support backpack used on the lunar surface with two woven canvas straps to attach it to the spacesuit. This suit was found in the possession of an engineer who worked with it in the 1960's. We are told the suit is one of four that was used for unpressurized testing and to ensure that the astronauts would have sufficient clearances in the Lunar Rover to get in and out without getting caught on projections and knobs. In generally excellent condition and probably unique today. While not an actual complete lunar suit with all of its layers and accoutrements, this suit is the next best thing. An important find.


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