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March 21, 2017

White House to look at how best to protect and preserve Apollo moon landing sites

The White House will look at what is needed to protect and preserve the six Apollo moon landing sites almost half a century after the first astronauts walked on the lunar surface, as called for by legislation signed into law by President Donald Trump.

March 17, 2017

Apollo astronaut's US flag secretly carried on the moon heads to auction

When Apollo astronaut David Scott became the seventh person to walk on the moon, he wore a spacesuit adorned with U.S. flags on his shoulder and life support backpack. But, as an auction has now surprisingly revealed, those were not the only flags he had on him.

March 16, 2017

Valentina Tereshkova, first woman to fly in space, celebrated in London exhibit

A new exhibition at the Science Museum in London celebrates the life of the first woman in space – from Valentina Tereshkova's days as a factory worker through her 1963 space mission in Earth orbit to her on going role as a global icon for her country.

March 13, 2017

Bud on Mars: Budweiser aims to brew first beer on Mars, plans station experiments

Budweiser has committed to brewing a beer for colonists on the Red Planet. "The King of Beers" revealed its "Bud On Mars" long-term effort, including plans to launch experiments to the space station, at the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival in Austin, Texas.

March 9, 2017

Godspeed the SS John Glenn: Cargo ship named for late Mercury astronaut

The next U.S. commercial cargo spacecraft to supply the International Space Station will launch under the name of the first American to orbit the Earth, flying on a modern version of his rocket. Orbital ATK christened its next Cygnus freighter the S.S. John Glenn.

March 8, 2017

'I hope they take a camera': Astronaut Jim Lovell talks SpaceX moon mission

SpaceX's news that it will fly passengers on a trip around the moon drew comparisons to Apollo 8, the 1968 mission that launched the first humans to the moon. Apollo 8 astronaut Jim Lovell said the two missions aren't alike, but the private flight will still be worth it.

March 7, 2017

'Developing an icon': Former space shuttle engineer details program in new tome

The history of NASA's space shuttle, from its original conception to its retirement after 30 years launching astronauts on 135 missions, can be a weighty topic — literally. The three-volume "Space Shuttle: Developing an Icon, 1972-2013" tips the scale at 18 pounds.

March 4, 2017

NASA marks 50 space station expeditions with flown metal mementos

New mementos produced by a NASA space pin supplier mark a milestone of 50 crews to live onboard the International Space Station. The NASA-authorized lapel pins and medals were created by Winco International using a blend metal flown on the orbiting outpost.

March 1, 2017

Private pick for Germany's first woman in space includes second-gen astronaut

A private campaign to recruit Germany's first woman to launch to space has narrowed its choice to six candidates, including a veteran astronaut's daughter. 'Die Astronautin' seeks to inspire girls by flying a German woman to the International Space Station by 2020.

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March 19, 2017
Los Angeles Daily News

Part of San Fernando Valley's storied space race history vanishes

Heavy machinery has just about leveled the old Rocketdyne office and rocket engine manufacturing complex on Canoga Avenue in the West Valley.

March 13, 2017
The Mercury News

Adobe semaphore code cracked by Tennessee high school teacher

The semaphore had been transmitting the audio broadcast of Neil Armstrong's historic moon landing in 1969. That's right, not the text but the actual audio.

March 10, 2017
Men's Journal

The NASA-Hollywood Bromance

During preproduction for Ridley Scott's 2015 film "The Martian," the director ran into an issue: He and his production designer, Arthur Max, realized they had no idea what a human outpost on Mars would actually look like. So Scott made a call to NASA.

March 8, 2017
The Washington Post

With bouffants and silver boots, Chanel rockets back to the early Space Age

Karl Lagerfeld is a showman, a provocateur, a man of the social-media age.

March 7, 2017
The Huntsville Times

Watch time-lapse of NASA Shuttle Training Aircraft lifted by cranes for display

One of only four retired NASA Shuttle Training Aircraft was moved into position for display at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama Monday March 6th.

February 17, 2017
Denver Post

Denver artist Kacena tapped by sister to design NASA patch for Rodent Research IV mission

When Denver resident Doug Kacena was a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1994, his older sister, Melissa, asked for a favor.

February 8, 2017

Museum of Flight gets intact moon rocket engine to go with beat-up Apollo artifacts

When historic rocket engine parts from the Apollo moon missions go on display in May in Seattle, museumgoers will be able to compare them with an intact F-1 engine.

February 8, 2017

NASA investigation into 'stolen moon rocks' turns into the saddest short story

Through FOIA, Motherboard's Jason Koebler managed to receive a handful of investigatory reports from NASA regarding missing property, covering cases as weird as satellite parts ending up on eBay or a "wheelbarrow full" of sensitive documents ending up in a off-site dumpster. However, no case is stranger — or sadder — than the "stolen moon rocks."

January 30, 2017
The Space Review

Adapter in the rough

Sometimes life is like a movie. Think of the scene when the hero finally finds the lost artifact, after years of searching, hope fading. In that moment, his years of study let him recognize it immediately, no matter how ravaged and incomplete it is. He points out features and fixtures, present or missing, and names them as his fellows approve and agree.