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It is advised confirming these events prior to attending.

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Previously scheduled events in June and dates beyond have been postponed or canceled in response to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

This calendar will continue to be updated as information is available.

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Recent Sightings
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LEFT: Charlie Duke with Richard Wiese, Lukas Viglietti and Markus Börlin, March 11, 2020, New York, NY (CREDIT: Lukas Viglietti); RIGHT: Mary Ellen Weber with David Houseworth and Kaitlyn Jones, March 8, 2020, West Lafayette, IN (CREDIT: David Houseworth);
LEFT: Helen Sharman and Tim Peake, March 7, 2020, Leicester, UK (CREDIT: National Space Centre); RIGHT: Kathy Sullivan, March 6, 2020, London, UK (CREDIT: Nick Deakin);
LEFT: Ricky Arnold with Neil Da Costa, February 22, 2020, New York, NY (CREDIT: Neil Da Costa); RIGHT: Bob Hines with Neil Da Costa, February 18, 2020, College Station, PA (CREDIT: Neil Da Costa);
LEFT: Christina Koch, February 12, 2020, Houston, TX (CREDIT: collectSPACE); RIGHT: Raja Chari with Brian Cleveland, February 10, 2020, Stennis Space Center, MS (CREDIT: Brian Cleveland);
LEFT: Mike Baker with Rusty Dawson, January 17, 2020, KSC, FL (CREDIT: Rusty Dawson); RIGHT: Ulrich Walter with Gerhard Daum, January 15, 2020, Munich, Germany (CREDIT: Gerhard Daum);
LEFT: Charlie Duke with Brian Cleveland, January 11, 2020, Dallas, TX (CREDIT: Brian Cleveland); RIGHT: Jonny Kim, Kayla Barron, Joshua Kutryk, Zena Cardman, Jasmin Moghbeli, Raja Chari, Loral O'Hara, Frank Rubio, Matthew Dominick, Jenni Sidey-Gibbons, Bob Hines, Jessica Watkins and Woody Hoburg, January 10, 2020, Houston, TX (CREDIT: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Steve Smith with Charles Atkeison, January 5, 2020, KSC, FL (CREDIT: Charles A. Atkeison); RIGHT: Norm Thagard with Jacques van Oene, December 20, 2019, KSC, FL (CREDIT: Jacques van Oene);
LEFT: Kathy Sullivan, December 13, 2019, KSC, FL (CREDIT: Jean Wright); RIGHT: Michael Collins with Greg Principato, December 13, 2019, Washington, DC (CREDIT: Mark Usciak);
LEFT: Charlie Bolden, December 13, 2019, Washington, DC (CREDIT: Mark Usciak); RIGHT: David Saint-Jacques, Nick Hague, Anne McClain, Hazza AlMansoori, Oleg Kononenko and Aleksey Ovchinin, December 10, 2019, Houston, TX (CREDIT: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Kathy Sullivan, December 3, 2019, New York, NY (CREDIT: Hart Sastrowardoyo); RIGHT: Charlie Duke with Dotty Duke, December 3, 2019, Houston, TX (CREDIT: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Ulf Merbold with Gerhard Daum, November 27, 2019, Munich, Germany (CREDIT: Gerhard Daum); RIGHT: Doug Wheelock, November 24, 2019, Mansfield, OH (CREDIT: Terry Salvi);
LEFT: Rick Hieb with Dwight and Debra Daugherty, November 23, 2019, Houston, TX (CREDIT: Dwight Daugherty); RIGHT: John Aaron, Jerry Bostick and Jim Kelly with Rick Houston, November 16, 2019, Wheeler, TX (CREDIT: Lois Huneycutt);
LEFT: Roberto Vittori with Neil Da Costa, November 16, 2019, Philadelphia, PA (CREDIT: Neil Da Costa); RIGHT: Helen Sharman with Simon Goddard, November 16, 2019, Leicester, UK (CREDIT: Simon Goddard);
LEFT: Thomas Stafford with Tom Liverani, November 14, 2019, Garden City, NY (CREDIT: Tom Liverani); RIGHT: Jeff Williams with Neil Da Costa, November 13, 2019, New Windsor, NY (CREDIT: Neil Da Costa);
LEFT: Yuri Baturin, November 9, 2019, Neubrandenburg, Germany (CREDIT: Kirsten Mueller); RIGHT: Andrei Babkin, Nikolai Tikhonov and Chris Cassidy, November 7, 2019, Houston, TX (CREDIT: collectSPACE);