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Image Gallery:
Highlights of the Fall 1999 Superior Galleries' Space Memorabilia Auction

Apollo Film Can

0339. Lunar Surface Film Canister

The 70mm. Hasselblad has been NASA's workhorse camera every since the Mercury Program. During the Apollo lunar program, Hasselblad developed a special 200 exposure film magazine to be used on the lunar surface. These were the only parts of the lunar cameras that returned to earth. These magazines are extremely rare and probably have never been offered before. This specific magazine is labeled "Hasselblad Lunar Surface Super Wide Camera 70mm. Magazine, P/N SEB33100082-201, S/N 061". The label on top of the magazine states that it was last used for experiment 0605 and was loaded with SO-246 film. There are two pieces of dirty (moon dust) white Velcro on the back of the magazine and it has some paint missing from hard use over the years. A rare and historic piece of memorabilia.


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