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Image Gallery:
Highlights of the Fall 1999 Superior Galleries' Space Memorabilia Auction

Apollo 11 Cable Cover

0593. Wiring Cable Cover

An extremely rare interior piece of the Apollo 11 Command Module "Columbia". Because of the historic nature of this spacecraft, all components removed during post-flight analysis by Rockwell were ordered to be replaced back into the CM prior to its being shipped to the Smithsonian. This why virtually no major component items from Columbia have ever been available to museums or individuals. This formed, aluminum/plastic unit, which was used to cover electrical bundles on the floor of the spacecraft, escaped the Smithsonian mandate by being recycled into not one, but two other Apollo spacecraft. Not only is this piece unique by flying onboard Apollo 11, but it also flew onboard Skylab 3 and ASTP. The entire flight history is handstamped via NASA ID markings on this piece.


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