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Image Gallery:
Highlights of the Fall 1999 Superior Galleries' Space Memorabilia Auction

Apollo 14 Microfilm Bible

0877. "First Lunar Bible"

A microfilmed bible carried to the lunar surface in the space suit of Lunar Module Pilot Ed Mitchell. The bible was produced by the Apollo Prayer League, a group of NASA engineers, scientists, administrators and astronauts. The project was headed by Rev. John Stout, who worked closely with the astronauts and NASA personnel. The microfilm contains all 1,245 pages of the King James Bible, which can easily be read under a microscope and represents the first and still only Bible that ever flew to the lunar surface. This lunar Bible actually flew to the moon on three missions before it finally made it to the lunar surface. It was first packed onboard the Apollo 12 spacecraft, but an error in the lunar landing checklist resulted in the Bible being left onboard the Command Module. It was then placed onboard the Apollo 13 spacecraft, but due to an onboard explosion, the crew did to make a descent to the lunar surface. Finally, while being personally carried in the pocket of his space suit, astronaut Ed Mitchell made it onto the lunar surface with the Bible during the Apollo 14 mission. The microfilmed bible is mounted on an 8x11" presentation sheet which describes the full story of this item. The bottom of the sheet notes that this Bible was presented to James Roberts (?). Included are photocopies of the story about the about the Bible, as well as a photo of Ed Mitchell presenting the piece back to Rev. Stout after he returned to Earth. An extraordinary and symbolic space artifact. A similar item realized almost $8500 in Superior's May 1999 sale.


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