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2001: A space memorabilia odyssey
As scheduled on December 31, 2000
9 Second test flight of China's Shenzhou spacecraft
24 Launch of Progress spacecraft to begin deorbit of Mir
27 Arrival of Libery Bell 7 at Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey
28 15th anniversary of Space Shuttle Challenger explosion
31 30th anniversary of Apollo 14
31 40th anniversary of Mercury-Redstone 2 (Ham the chimpanzee)
TBA Release of "Red Moon" by Michael Cassutt
6 STS-98 / ISS-5A launch (crew: Kenneth Cockrell, Mark Polansky, Robert Curbeam, Thomas Jones, Marsha Ivins)
6 10th anniversary of Salyut-7 reentry
19 15th anniversary of Mir Space Station
1 Release of "Flight: My Life in Mission Control" by Christopher Columbus Kraft
1 STS-102 / ISS-5A.1 launch (crew: James Wetherbee, James Kelly, Andy Thomas, Paul Richards, James Voss, Susan Helms, Yury Usachev)
6 Mir Space Station to be deorbited
15 Christie's (South Kensington, London) "Aviation Photographs and Space Memorabilia" auction
16 35th anniversary of Gemini 8
31 Release of "Relics of the Space Race, 3rd Edition" by Russell Still
TBA Release of "Moon Lander: How We Developed the Apollo Lunar Module" by Thomas Kelly
TBA Release of "The Art of Chesley Bonestell" by Ron Miller and Frederick C. Durant, III
7 Mars Odyssey launch
12 40th anniversary of Vostok 1
12 20th anniversary of STS-1
19 STS-100 / ISS-6A launch (crew: Kent Rominger, Jeff Ashby, Chris Hadfield, John Phillips, Scott Parazynski, Umberto Guidoni, Yuri Lonchakov)
19 30th anniversary of Salyut 1
21 7th Annual Space Unit NYC Chapter Space Show (Queens, New York)
30 Possible launch of American space tourist Dennis Tito on Soyuz to ISS
3 Space Day (US)
5 40th anniversary of Mercury-Redstone 3 (Freedom 7)
5/6 Superior Galleries space memorabilia auction
17 STS-104 / ISS-7A launch (crew: Steven Lindsey, Charles Hobaugh, Michael Gernhardt, James Reilly, Janet Kavandi)
25 40th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's 'moon goal' speech
3 35th anniversary of Gemini 9
21 STS-105 / ISS-7A.1 launch (crew: Scott Horowitz, Rick Sturckow, Daniel Barry, Patrick Forrester, Frank Culbertson, Vladimir Dezhurov, Mikhail Turin)
23 Arrival of Libery Bell 7 at St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri
30 30th anniversary of Soyuz 11 tragedy
18 35th anniversary of Gemini 10
20 20th anniversary of Viking 1
20 2nd anniversary of
21 40th anniversary of Mercury-Redstone 4 (Liberty Bell 7)
26 30th anniversary of Apollo 15
2 STS-107 launch (Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Anderson, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Laurel Clark, Ilan Ramon)
6 40th anniversary of Vostok 2
17 35th anniversary of Pioneer 7
8 35th anniversary of Star Trek
12 35th anniversary of Gemini 11
29 Arrival of Libery Bell 7 at The Tech Museum, San Jose, California
TBA Association of Space Explorers Planetary Congress, Astana, Kazakhstan
4 Beginning of World Space Week
4 STS-108 / ISS-UF1 launch (crew: TBA)
TBA Superior Galleries space memorabilia auction
11 35th annivesary of Gemini 12
Also expected in 2001...
TBA Release of Scott Carpenter's memoirs
TBA Release of Guenter Wendt's biography
TBA Many, many astronaut appearances!

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