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Results: Aurora Galleries International Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction, Session Two

The prices listed below are not the official results and should not be used as an indication of current market value. Prices represent those called by the auctioneer (the "hammer price"), as recorded by collectSPACE.

Lots may have been reacquired by the consignors and therefore were not sold.

Prices do not include 15% buyer's fee. WD=Withdrawn

Session Two
Sunday, November 9, 2003, 10:00am PT
Lot 831 to 1639

Refresh this page during the auction to see live updates.

831Flown Apollo 11(to Moon) & ASTP Flags$16000
832Deke Slayton's Flown Spacesuit "Nametag"$5000
833Deke Slayton's Flown Spacesuit "US Flag"$5000
834Deke Slayton's Flown Spacesuit "Mission"$6000
835Deke Slayton's Flown Spacesuit "NASA" Pa$7500
836ASTP Flown U.S. Flag$850
837ASTP Flown U.S. Silk Flag$2250
838Flown ASTP Checklist$2250
839Flown ASTP Checklist$2000
840ASTP Flown (?) $1.00 Bill (Series 1974)$500
841Flown ASTP Electrical Wire$350
842Manned Flight Awareness ASTP Medallion$125
843ASTP Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$150
844Slayton's ASTP Blue-Colored Flightsuit$2250
845ASTP Crew Signed Photo$200
846ASTP Crew Signed Photo$125
847ASTP Crew Signed Unused Envelopes$250
848ASTP Crew Signed Envelope$150
849ASTP Crew Signed Event Cover$70
850ASTP Crew Signed Event Cover$65
851ASTP Crew Signed Event Cover$50
852ASTP Crew Signed Stamp Sheet$200
853ASTP Crew Signed Stamp Sheets$80
854ASTP Crew Signed Souvenir Stamp Sheet$275
855Stafford, Brand & Slayton Autographs$90
856Stafford, Brand & Slayton Autographs$90
857Stafford, Brand & Slayton Autographs$175
858Stafford, Brand & Slayton Autographs$250
859Stafford, Brand, Leonov, Kubasov Autogra$60
860Stafford, Brand, Slayton & Leonov Autos$60
861Stafford, Brand & Slayton Autographs$60
862Commemorative ASTP Cachet Covers$50
863ASTP "Joint Operations Checklist"$400
864ASTP "Joint Crew Activities Plan/..."$200
865ASTP "Glssry of the Russian Bsc Course"$125
866ASTP "Alternate/Contingency Flight Plan"$1600
867ASTP Russian/English Translation Guide$225
868Slayton's 18kt. Gold Movado Wristwatch$2000
869Original NASA, ASTP Blueprints$175
870ASTP "Design Layout..."$150
871Deke Slayton's ASTP Crew ID Badges$275
872"Onboard" ASTP Roll of Color Film$250
873ASTP Roll of Color Film$125
874ASTP "Henry Delavaulx Prize"$225
875Slayton's ASTP Medallions and Awards$250
876AIAA "Haley Space Flight" Award$125
877ASTP Crew Patch$275
878ASTP "DKS" Crew Patch$1200
879ASTP Lapel Pins$60
880ASTP Baseball Cap and Soviet Belt Buckle$90
881Assorted ASTP & Apollo Metal Buttons$125
882Slayton's Achievement Medal from UMN$200
883Slayton's "China-Astronautics" Medallion$125
884"ASTP Experiment Timeline" Blueprint$35
885Deke Slayton's Balance of Consignment$125
886ASTP Russian-Language Press Badge$150
887ASTP Russian "Press" Badge$125
888ASTP Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$125
889"ASTP Mission Chart"$50
890ASTP "Space Flight Problems"$50
891NASA "ID" Badges for William Tomkins$125
892"Apollo-Soyuz Test Project... Report"$70
893Skylab Flown US Flag$1800
894Skylab Medallions$70
895Skylab Signed Cachet Cover$100
897Skylab Signed Cachet Cover$150
898Skylab Autopen Autographed Photo$40
899Skylab Autographed Cachet Cover$60
900Weitz & Kerwin, Bean, Lousma & Garriott,$70
901Dave Scott Autograph$60
902Crippen, Bobko and Thornton Autographs$100
903Crippen & Bobko Autographs$60
904Skylab 4 Crew Autopen Autographs$25
905Skylab Astronaut Autopen Autographs$15
906Skylab Astronaut Autopens$15
907"Skylab News Reference"$150
908Skylab "...Concept of the Huelva Front"$40
909"Skylab Mission Report First Visit"$275
910Lot of 5 NASA Skylab Publications$85
911Skylab "Ref. Earth Orbital Research..."$30
912"Skylab: A Chronology"$50
9131977, "Skylab: A Chronology"$150
914"Skylab Earth Resources Data Catalog"$50
915Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges$250
916Skylab Beta Cloth Crew Patches$125
917NASA Bicycle Brand "Royal Flush"$125
918"Skylab (Space) Suit Codes"$100
919Skylab Manned Flight Awareness Medal$125
920Skylab "Signature" Print$100
921Skylab Mission Charts$50
922Flown Sterling SL-2 Robbins Medallion$1000
923Conrad, Weitz & Kerwin Autographs$150
925Conrad, Weitz & Kerwin Autographs$125
926Michael Collins Autograph$125
927"Skylab Saturn IB Flight Manual"$275
928Flown Sterling SL-3 Robbins Medallion$1700
929Bean, Lousma & Garriott Autographs$60
930Bean, Lousma & Garriott Autographs$50
931Jack Lousma Autograph$45
932Jack Lousma Autograph$50
933Michael Collins Autograph$125
934"Skylab, SL-3, Technical and Operations$100
935SL-4 Crew Autograph$70
936SL-4 Crew Autograph$55
937Michael Collins Autograph$125
938Skylab 4 Mission Chart$275
939Skylab Mission & Sensor Cvrg Indx Chrts$40
940ALT Program Flown US Silk Flag$350
941ALT Autographed Photo$125
942AHaise, Fullerton, Engle & Truly Autos$70
942BOriginal Alt Test Worksheets/Documents$500
943ALT Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$90
944Prototype Shuttle Tile$175
945Shuttle Portable "Ph Meter"$90
946Flight Rdy Shuttle Pressure Cntrl Gauge$90
947AShuttle Dehydrated Food$150
947BShuttle Dehydrated Food$175
948Enterprise Era Switches and Connectors$150
949STS Crew-Signed Lithographs$475
950Astronaut-Signed Presentation Photo$275
951Astronaut-Signed Presentation Photo$600
952Astronaut-Signed Presentation Photo$450
953"Women in Space" Shuttle Presentation$175
954Shuttle Autographed Presentation Card$375
955Lot of 5 STS Crew Signed Photos$175
956Shuttle Astonaut/Cosmonaut Autographs$50
957ALT & Shuttle Autographed Covers$70
958Apollo/Shuttle Publicity Photos & Lithos$250
958ASpace Lab Related Books$25
959Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges$125
960Crew-Signed Shuttle Montage Presentation$150
961Crew-Signed Shuttle Montage Presentation$200
962STS Autopen Autographs$500
963Shuttle Ceramic Coffee Mugs$125
964Shuttle & ALT Mission Patch Collection$475
965Shuttle Flight Patch Collection$450
966"The High Cost of Worrying Improbable...$225
967Shuttle Posters Galore$100
968Shuttle Color Crew Lithographs$50
969Shuttle Crew/Event Patches$375
970Shuttle Mission Charts$40
971Shuttle Information Kits$80
972Shuttle Space Jewelry$400
973Shuttle Posters Galore$100
974"Shuttle Flight Schedules"$100
975NASA Color Shuttle Crew Photographs$25
976Space Shuttle Challenger Color Photos$30
977Space Shuttle Challenger Color Photos$35
978Shuttle Satellite Mosaic Chart of Texas$25
979Space Shuttle Columbia Color Photographs$20
980"NASA Facts" Space Shuttle Posters$15
981NASA Shuttle Insignias Negatives$20
982Spacelab Books by NASA$25
983Spacelab Commemorative Medallions$30
984Shuttle Patches! Patches! Patches!$80
985Shuttle Mission Patch Stickers$90
986NASA, Shuttle and Apollo Buttons$30
987Shutttle "Manned Flight Awareness"$40
989Spacelab 1 Commemorative Medallion$30
9902 Shuttle Tie Tacs$30
991Photographs of the Shuttle and ISS$15
992"Space Flight Awareness" Shuttle Clock$56
993FLOWN Shuttle Enterprise Medallion$75
994NASA Patches, Sticker and Memorabilia$15
995STS-1 Flown U.S. Flag$450
996STS-1 Flown US Flag$500
997Flown STS-1 "Thermal Tile" Fragment$275
998Piece of STS-1 Shuttle Tile$275
999Flown Piece of STS-1 Columbia Tile$275
1000First Shuttle Flight Achievement Award$90
1001STS 1 Bronze Medallion$125
1002NASA Custom-Made STS-1 Flightsuit$550
1003Custom Made STS-1 Flight Helmet$550
1004STS-1 Space Shuttle Helmet Aviation$325
1005John Young and Robert Crippen Autograph$125
1006Sterling STS-1 Robbins Medallion$900
1007Orig. STS-1 Commentary Tape Transcript$75
100810K, Gold STS-2 Robbins Medallion$1100
1009Sterling STS-2 Robbins Medallion$300
1010Sterling STS-3 Robbins Medallion$800
1011Flown STS-3 Manned Fight Awareness Medal$50
1012STS-4 Sterling Robbins Medallion$400
1013STS-5 Flight Checklist Page$300
1014Flown STS-5 Contingency Card$275
1015Flown STS-5 Contingency Card$175
1016Flown STS-5 Contingency Card$225
1017Flown STS-5 Two-Sided Switch Label$150
1018Flown STS-5 Control Panel Label$125
1019Flown STS-5 Crew Patch$300
1020Flown STS-5 Crew Patch$425
1021Overmyer's Insulated STS-5 Flght Jacket$500
1022Bob Overmyer's STS-5 Flight Suit$650
1023Sterling Silver STS-5 Robbins Medallion$550
1024NASA 25th Anniversary STS-5 Medallion$75
1025STS-5 Beta Cloth Crew Patch$250
1026Aurora Borealis Color Photo from STS-5$125
1027Brand, Overmyer, Allen & Lenoir Autos$75
1028Flown STS-6 Crew Patch$800
1029Sterling Silver STS-6 Robbins Medallion$500
1030Flown STS-7 Crew Patch$250
1031Sterling Silver STS-7 Robbins Medallion$600
1032STS-7 Crew Signed Autograph$60
1033Sally Ride Autograph$175
1034Sterling Silver STS-8 Robbins Medallion$550
1035STS-8 Crew Signed Photo$60
1036STS-8 Crew Signed Photo$40
1037Sterling Silver STS-9 Robbins Medallion$750
1038Flown STS-41B Crew Patch$425
1039Sterling STS-41B Robbins Medallion$700
1040Bruce McCandless Autograph$70
1041Bruce McCandless Autograph$50
1042Flown STS-41C Florida State Flag$400
1043Flown STS-41C Crew Patch$200
1044STS-41C Crew Autographs$125
1045Sterling STS-41C Robbins Medallion$250
1046Flown STS-41D Crew Patch$325
1047STS-41D Crew autographs$80
1048STS-41D Crew Autographs$85
1049Sterling STS-41D Robbins Medallion$500
1050Flown STS-41G Crew Patch$225
1051STS-41G Crew Autographs$85
1052Sterling STS-41G Robbins Medallion$850
1053Flown STS-51A Crew Patch$275
1054STS- 51A Crew Autographs$70
1055Sterling STS-51A Robbins Medallion$500
1056Flown STS-51B "Entry Checklist"$500
1057Flown STS-51B "Debriefing Notes"$500
1058Flown STS-51B Crew Patch$275
1059Flown STS-51B Crew Patch$175
1060Sterling STS-51B Robbins Medallion$500
1061STS 51C Sterling Robbins Medallion$550
1062Flown STS-51D Crew Patch$275
1063STS-51D Crew Autographs$225
1064Sterling STS-51D Robbins Medallion$350
1065Sen. Garn STS-51D Shoulder Patch Sketch$500
1066"Original" STS-51D Crew Patch$700
1067STS-51E Crew Autograph$100
1068STS-51E Crew Autographs$90
1069Issued & Unissued STS-51E Crew Patches$200
1070STS-51F Crew Autographs$125
1071Sterling STS-51F Robbins Medallion$350
1072STS-51G Crew Autographs$275
1073Sterling STS-51G Robbins Medallion$375
1074STS 51G Issued / Unissued Crew Patches$275
1075STS-51I Crew Autographs$60
1076Sterling STS-51I Robbins Medallion$500
1077Sterling STS-51J Robbins Medallion$350
1078Flown STS-51J Crew Patch$225
1079STS-51J Crew autographs$90
1080STS-51J Crew Autographs$85
1081STS 61A Sterling Robbins Medallion$400
1082Flown STS-61B Robbins Medallion$750
1083Flown STS-61B Crew Patch$150
1084Sterling STS-61B Robbins Medallion$325
1085Flown STS-61C Robbins Medallion$650
1086STS-51L Crew Autographs$4250
1087STS-51L Crew Autographs$2500
1088STS-51L Crew Autograph$3500
1089STS-51L Robbins Medallion$2750
1090Sterling STS-51L Robbins Medallion$2250
1091STS-51L Space Shuttle Accident Report$125
1092STS-51L "Jacket" Crew Patch$80
1093STS-51L Crew Patch$50
1094STS-62 Flown "NASA" Silk Flag$225
1095Sterling STS-26 Robbins Medallion$450
1096Gardner, Ross and Shepherd Autographs$30
1097Sterling STS-27 Robbins Medallion$325
1098Sterling STS-28 Robbins Medallion$350
1099Sterling STS-29 Robbins Medallion$275
1100STS-30 Crew Autograph$50
1101STS-30 Crew Autograph$70
1102Sterling STS-30 Robbins Medallion$300
1103Sterling STS-31 Robbins Medallion$400
1104"Hubble Space Telescope Media Reference$75
1105Flown STS-32 Crew Patch$150
1106Flown STS-32 Crew Patch$125
1107STS-32 Crew Autograph$60
1108Sterling STS-32 Robbins Medallion$350
1109Sterling STS-33 Robbins Medallion$350
1110Flown STS-34 Crew Patch$175
1111Flown STS-34 Crew Patch$150
1112STS-34 Crew Autographs$60
1113STS-34 Crew Lithograph$150
1114Sterling STS-34 Robbins Medallion$400
1115Sterling STS-35 Robbins Medallion$375
1116STS-35 "Crawler Trnsprtr Shoe Kpr Pin"$250
1117STS-36 Crew Autograph$50
1118Sterling STS-36 Robbins Medallion$300
1119Nagel, Cameron, Godwin, Ross & Apt Auto$40
1120Sterling STS-37 Robbins Medallion$275
1121Sterling STS-38 Robbins Medallion$275
1122Flown STS-39 Crew Patch$175
1123Flown STS-39 Crew Patch$120
1124STS-39 Crew Autographs$60
1125STS-40 Crew Autograph$60
1126Sterling STS-40 Robbins Medallion$350
1127Sterling STS-41 Robbins Medallion$400
1128Sterling STS-42 Robbins Medallion$275
1129Flown STS-43 Crew Patch$125
1130Flown STS-43 Crew Patch$125
1131STS-43 Crew Autograph$60
1132Sterling STS-43 Robbins Medallion$300
1133AFlown STS-44 "Space Shuttle" Patch$150
1134Sterling STS-44 Robbins Medallion$275
1135Sterling STS-45 Robbins Medallion$700
1136STS-46 Crew Signed Lithograph$50
1137Sterling STS-46 Robbins Medallion$275
1138Flown STS-47 "Space Cntr Houston" Flag$175
1139Sterling STS-47 Robbins Medallion$325
1140STS-48 Crew Signed Lithograph$40
1141Sterling STS-48 Robbins Medallion$425
1142Sterling STS-49 Robbins Medallion$275
1143Flown STS-50 Crew Patch$225
1144STS-50 Crew Signed Lithograph$70
1145Sterling STS-50 Robbins Medallion$375
1146STS-51L Crew Signed Cover$2000
1147Sterling STS-51 Robbins Medallion$275
1148STS-52 Crew Signed Lithograph$30
1149Sterling STS-52 Robbins Medallion$300
1150STS-50 Crew Signed Lithograph$50
1151STS-53 Crew Signed Photo$70
1152Sterling STS-53 Robbins Medallion$275
1153ASterling STS-54 Robbins Medallion$650
1153BSTS-54 Crew Signed Publicity Photo$40
1154Sterling STS-55 Robbins Medallion$375
1155STS-55 Crew Signed Lithograph$30
1156Sterling STS-56 Robbins Medallion$300
1157STS-57 Crew Signed Lithograph$30
1158Sterling STS-57 Robbins Medallion$325
1159STS-58 Crew Signed Lithograph$50
1160Sterling STS-58 Robbins Medallion$350
1161STS-59 Crew Signed Lithograph$40
1162Sterling STS-59 Robbins Medallion$375
1163Sterling STS-60 Robbins Medallion.$475
1164STS-61A Crew Autograph$40
1165Sterling STS-61 Robbins Medallion$325
1166STS 62 Crew Autograph$40
1167Sterling STS-62 Robbins Medallion$300
1168STS-63 Crew Signed Photograph$60
1169Sterling STS-63 Robbins Medallion$425
1170STS-64 Crew Signed Photo$40
1171Sterling STS-64 Robbins Medallion$300
1172Flown "Apollo 11, 25th Anniversary" Flg$300
1173STS-65 Crew Signed Lithograph$40
1174Sterling STS-65 Robbins Medallion$325
1175STS-66 Crew Signed Photograph$55
1176Sterling STS-66 Robbins Medallion$325
1177STS-67 Crew Signed Photograph$50
1178Sterling STS-67 Robbins Medallion$325
1179STS-68 Crew Signed Lithograph$50
1180Sterling STS-68 Robbins Medallion$275
1181Sterling STS-69 Robbins Medallion$475
1182Sterling STS-70 Robbins Medallion$300
1183Sterling STS-71 Robbins Medallion$350
1184Sterling STS-72 Robbins Medallion$300
1185Sterling STS-73 Robbins Medallion$300
1186Sterling STS-74 Robbins Medallion$300
1187Sterling STS-75 Robbins Medallion$325
1188Sterling STS-76 Robbins Medallion$650
1189Sterling STS-77 Robbins Medallion$300
1190Sterling STS-78 Robbins Medallion$325
1191Sterling STS-79 Robbins Medallion$350
1192Sterling STS-80 Robbins Medallion$325
1193Sterling STS-81 Robbins Medallion$300
1194Sterling 82 Robbins Medallion$325
1195NASA, STS-82 Crew Interview Tapes$50
1196STS 83 Sterling Robbins Medallion$350
1197Sterling STS-84 Robbins Medallion$425
1199STS-84 Space Flight Awareness Brochure$20
1200Sterling STS-85 Robbins Medallion$600
1201Sterling STS-86 Robbins Medallion$325
1202Sterling STS-87 Robbins Medallion$325
1203Sterling STS-88 Robbins Medallion$650
1204Sterling STS-89 Robbins Medallion$275
1205Rick Searfoss' Long Sleeve Shirt$150
1206Sterling STS-90 Robbins Medallion$325
1207Sterling STS-91 Robbins Medallion$375
1208Sterling STS-92 Robbins Medallion$350
1209Sterling STS-93 Robbins Medallion$650
1210Sterling STS-94 Robbins Medallion$300
1211John Glenn Autograph$200
1212Sterling STS-96 Robbins Medallion$275
1213Sterling STS-97 Robbins Medallion$350
1214Sterling STS-98 Robbins Medallion$400
1215Sterling STS-99 Robbins Medallion$300
1216Sterling STS-100 Robbins Medallion$325
1217Sterling STS-101 Robbins Medallion$275
1218Sterling STS-102 Robbins Medallion$400
1219Sterling STS-103 Robbins Medallion$325
1220Sterling STS-104 Robbins Medallion$375
1221STS 105 Sterling Robbins Medallion$300
1222Sterling STS-106 Robbins Medallion$325
1223STS-107 Crew Signed Autograph$12000
1224STS-107 Crew Interview Tapes$250
1225STS-107 "Special Guest" Badge and Prog$50
1226STS-107 "Special Guest" Badge and Prog$50
1227STS-107, NASA "Information Kit"$70
1228STS-107 Memorial Memorabilia$125
1229Sterling STS-108 Robbins Medallion$325
1230Sterling STS-109 Robbins Medallion$325
1231Sterling STS-110 Robbins Medallion$325
1232Sterling STS-111 Robbins Medallion$500
1233Sterling STS-112 Robbins Medallion$325
1234STS-112, NASA Crew Interview Tapes$50
1235STS-113, NASA Crew Interview Tapes$35
1236Expedition #1 Robbins Medallion$700
1237Expedition #2 Robbins Medallion$325
1238Expedition #3 Robbins Medallion$325
1239Expedition #4 Robbins Medallion$350
1240DC-X 2 Flown Cachet Cover$250
1241DC-X 6 Flown Flight Patch$90
1242Flown DC-X 8 Flight Patch$90
1243Benefits of the ISS$30
1244ISS, NASA Concept Photos$90
1245"Northrop T-38 Talon" by Carlin$40
1246"The Final Moment" by Grinnell$30
1247"Seabee on the Step" by Mike Machat$50
1248"Everything She's Got" by Mike Machat$60
1249"Everything She's Got" by Mike Machat$50
12501996, Scott Crossfield Autograph$175
1251"High Noon at Kimpo" by Mike Machat$50
1252"Tiger with a Tale" by Mike Machat$50
1253"Tiger with a Tale" by Mike Machat$50
1254"Tiger with a Tale" by Mike Machat$50
12551991, "Bill" Craigie Autograph$150
1256"Supersonic Countess" by Mike Machat$100
1257"Supersonic Countess" by Mike Machat$150
12581996, "Electra" by Mike Machat$50
1259"Early Birds.." by Mike Machat$35
12602000, "Air Canada A330" by Mike Machat$50
1260AR. G. Smith Original Oil Painting$2200
1261"The Doolittle Mission" by Pitchard$200
1262"Channel Dash" by R. G. Smith$80
1263"Consolidated PBY-5A" by R. G. Smith$75
1264"Curtis SBC-4 Scout Bomber" by Smith$60
1265"Douglas A-D4 Skyraider" by R. G. Smith$40
1266"Vought F4U-4 Corsair" by R. G. Smith$50
12671961, "Three Women" by Alan Bean$7850
12681994, "Kissing the Earth" by Alan Bean$325
1269Gordon, Bean & Chaikin Autograph$70
12701988, "Mercury 7" by George Bishop$550
12711988, "Mercury 7" by George Bishop$375
12721988, "Apollo/Soyuz" by George Bishop$250
1273"Moon Chip" by Helen Garriott$70
1274"The Dream is Alive" by Nick Gonzalez-$40
1275"Steeds of Apollo" by Lumen Winter$250
1276"Steeds of Apollo" by Lumen Winter$150
1277"Steeds of Apollo" by Lumen Winter$150
1278"Steeds of Apollo" by Lumen Winter$150
1280ORIGINAL NASA Animation Cell$275
1281ORIG NASA PAINTING of Apollo Rocket$200
1282ORIG NASA Animation PAINTING$300
1283Animation Cells of CSM and LM$350
1284NASA Command Module Animation Cells$140
1285NASA Command Module Animation Cells$200
1286NASA Command Module Animation Cells$110
1287NASA Lunar Module Animation Cells$400
1288NASA LM Animation Cells$350
12891991, "First Walk" by Alexei Leonov$100
1290"Group 2" Astronaut Candidates Autos$5000
1291Group 3 Astronaut Autographs$4750
1292Group 13 Candidate Signed Photo$150
1293Group 14 Astronaut Candidate Autograph$225
1294Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes Autographs$125
1295"Decade of Achievement" Autographs$90
1296Joseph P. Allen Autograph$90
1297Borman, Conrad, Lovell & McDivitt Auto$45
1298Carpenter, Cooper, Glen & Schirra Auto$125
1299Carpenter, Conrad & Musgrave Autograph$40
1300Michael Collins Autograph$125
1301Gordon Cooper & Charles Conrad Autograph$125
1302Mae Jemison Autograph$275
1304Bill Pogue Autograph$40
1305Sally Ride Autograph$40
1306Rusty Schweickart Autograph$80
1307Alan Shepard Autographs$250
1308Donald K. Slayton Autographs$125
1309Donald K. Slayton Autograph$350
1310Donald K. Slayton Autograph$200
1311Donald K. Slayton Autograph$85
1312D.K. Slayton Autograph$175
1313"Gathering of Eagles" Autographed Print$175
1314Lyndon Johnson Autograph$550
1315Autopen/Counterfeit Autograph Reference$550
1316Astronaut Autopen Autographs Reference$65
1317Astronaut Autopen Autographs Reference$50
1318Soviet-Russian Crew-Signed Crew Photos$300
1319Soviet-Russian Crew-Signed Crew Photos$225
1320Lot of Autographed Soviet-Russian Cover$400
1321Soviet-Russian Mystery Lot$400
1322Cosmonaut Autographs$200
1323Soviet-Russian Crew-Signed Crew Photos$175
1324Autographed Soviet-Russian Invitations$150
1325Autographed Soviet-Russian Covers$250
1326Cosmonaut Autographs$250
1327Cosmonaut Autographs$125
1328Autographed Soviet-Russian Covers$150
13297th Planetary Congress Pstcrd Autograph$100
1330Autographed "MIR" Color Photo$250
1331Flown YB-49 Metal Fragment$175
1332Flown "Wright Vin Fiz" Wing Fabric$125
1333Smithsonian Classic Aircraft Sheets$100
1334Jet Aircraft Ejection Seat$2250
1335Pilot's Knee Checklist & Holder$500
1336Deke Slayton's Air Force Wings$175
1337"Coverall's, Flying, Men's, Summer"$35
1338Deke Slayton's F.A.I. Sporting License$150
1339WW II Fighter Aces (& Other) Autographs$85
1340Dick Rutan and Burt Rutan Autographs$35
1341Blue Angels Signed Photo$150
1342"Pappy" Boyington Autograph$175
1343Richard E. Byrd Autograph$70
1345Chuck Yeager Autograph$200
1346"Century" Magazine, May to Oct., 1908$95
1347Aviation Reference from WW II Germany$60
1348X-15 Flight Log$125
1349"Anthropometry of Air Force Women"$50
13501968, "U2C and U-2F Flight Manual"$70
1351Original 1938 B-17 Photograph$30
1352Two Aviation Publications$60
1353"AFSC T-33A Performance Evaluation"$35
1354"Flght Hndbk, Navy Mdl HTL-7 Helicopter$45
1355"The First World Flight" Plt Autographs$475
13561936, "The Wonder Book of the Air"$65
135725 Editions of "Skyline" Magazine$100
1358"Early Flight" 1900-1911$40
1359"X-15 Rsrch Results W/ a Slctd Biblio."$200
1360Deke Slayton's Sterling ID Bracelet$325
1361Deke Slayton's Army Air Force Ring$375
1362Deke Slayton's Silver Cigarette Case$200
1366"Confederate Air Force" Memorabilia$100
1367Brass P-380 Airplane Model$40
1368Gabby Gabreski Autograph$30
1369Balance of Consignment$70
1370McDonnell Douglas Chain and Pendent$50
13712003, "The Spirit of Flight" Print$15
1372German Air Force Green Cotton Coverall$30
1373Adolph Galland Autograph$30
1374Gunther Rall Autograph$70
13751928/36, Zeppelin Flight Covers/Cards$650
13761932 German Cigarette Card Album Vol. I$200
13771932 German Cigarette Card Album Vol. 2$225
13781930, "R-100" Original Press Photo$100
1379German Zeppelin Badges$50
1380Soviet VKK-6M Partial Pressure Suit$45
1381Soviet-Russian Aviator's Cooling Suit$30
1382Soviet-Russian "5AVG" Cooling Suit$35
1383Soviet LLK-1YK Partial Pressure Pants$20
1384Soviet LLK-1YK Partial Pressure Pants$50
1385Russian Pilot's NAZ-7M Sm. Survival Kit$70
1386Original 20th Century Airplane Bl.print$125
1387An Original "Anadna" Blueprint$40
1388Tibbets, van Kirk, Nelson & Jeppson Aut$100
1389Paul Tibbets Autograph$60
1390Paul W. Tibbets Autograph$40
1391Tibbets, Van Kirk & Ferebee Autographs$225
1392Tibbets, van Kirk, Ferebee & Nelson Aut$140
1393Tibbets, van Kirk, Ferebee, & Nelson Au$150
1394Tibbets, van Kirk, Ferebee & Nelson Aut$140
1395Paul Tibbets Autograph$70
1396Paul Tibbets Autograph$40
1397"Little Boy Atomic Bomb" Model$800
1398"Aeronautics and Astronautics:..."$125
1399Erly Bks on German Aerodynamic Research$40
1400"Aeronautics" by Alexandre Ananoff$40
1401Books on Aerospace Medicine$30
14021952, "Across the Space Frontier"$125
1403"Aircraft Propulsion Data Book"$20
1404Books on the History of NASA$60
1405Vol.1-3 "NASA Historical Data Books"$30
1406National Geographic Magazines$50
14071960-89 "Roundup" Newspapers$500
14081962//83, "Roundup" Newspaper$70
1409"E-1285..." Book on Planetary Luminance$15
14101965/71, NASA Contractor's Reports$50
1411NASA Astronaut Contractors Report$70
14121965, USAF "Space Planners Guide"$65
1413"This New Ocean-History of Proj Mercury$30
1414"Wind and Beyond: Thoedore von Karman"$10
1415Russian Bks on History of the Space Prg$10
1416Bks on History of Aviation and Flgt Ctr$50
1417Kennedy Space Center Newspapers$100
1418Dave Scott Autograph$60
14191969//1970, "Pocket Statistics History"$10
1420Cntrbtns to Physico-Chemical Petrology$30
1421NASA Review Copy of N.A. Rynin's$125
1422A1422 A: 1970-79, "NASA Activities" Newsletter$20
1422B"13 Intl. Cngrss of the Hist. of Space$20
1423One Man's Technical Library$175
1424"NASA Goals for the 80's"$50
1425"20th Century Space Travelers"$40
1426"Report of the Terrestrial Bodies..."$50
1427NASA Publications$50
1429"Beyond the Atmos.-Erly Yr Space Sci."$20
1430"Wind Tunnels of NASA"$70
1431"Oceanography from Space" by Gower$30
1432"Space Physiology and Medicine"$10
143325th Anniversary "NASA 1958-1983"$40
14341984, "The Joint NASA/Geosat Test Case$30
1435"On The Frontier Flight Rsrch at Dryden$25
14361985, Volume I and II "Model Research"-$20
14371988, Terrestrial Aerial Survey Atlas$1500
14381985-2001, "esa bulletin"$25
14391989 Balance of Collection$30
1440African American Contributions to NASA$20
1441Asif Siddiqi Autograph$175
1442Document Reprints on Space Suit Design$30
1443"Manned Spacecraft Center"$50
1444Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Fact Sheets$20
1445Balance of Consignment$75
14461960's, Life Magazines$175
14471967/70, Life Magazines$125
1448Six Publications on the Manned Missions$15
1449Quest Magazines$70
1450Quest Mag. (Vol.3, No. 2&3, Sum/Fall 94$150
1451"The 1980 Eruptions of Mount St. Helen"$20
1452Red Adair Autograph$15
1453"Active Volcanoes of Kamchatka" Vol.1&2$75
1454Glen Lane Autographs$55
14551941, "Winged Warfare"$50
1456"Tiros" Satellite U.S. Model$50
1457"Atlas-Centaur Interplanetary Vehicle"$225
1458"Atlas Agena" U.S. Rocket Model$115
1459"Atlas-Agena" U.S. Rocket Model$175
1460"U.S. Army Pershing" Missile Model$75
1461"Minuteman Missile" "U.S. Rocket Model$100
1462"Thor-Delta" U.S. Rocket Model$300
1463Gemini Capsule Spacecraft Model$800
1464"Saturn C-1 (S-IB)" Launch Vehicle Model$3750
1465"Apollo Spacecraft" Model$375
1466"Lunar Module" Model$700
1467c1972, NASA Shuttle Model$10500
1468Space Shuttle Model$150
1469Space Shuttle Model$85
1470Douglas "Design Study 2085"$550
1471AVRO 606A "Saucer" Concept Model$425
1472"B-25B Mitchell Bomber" Aircraft Model$125
1473F-100 "Supersabre" Aircraft Model$100
1474"Terra V" Spaceship Model$225
1475Soyuz Rocket Model$400
1476A"Sputnik-1" Model$900
1476BSputnik Model$200
1477Balance of Collection$150
1478Soviet Pins, Jewelry, Medallions Etc.$175
1479Covers Galore$100
1480Deke Slayton's "Space "Jewelry$325
1481Balance of Collection$175
1482Space and Other Patches$425
1483Balance of Collection$40
1484"Space" Posters$30
1485Balance of Collection$15
1486"Mars" Posters$30
1487Manned Spacecraft Center Photographs$15
1488Dave Hilmers Autographed NASA Stickers$10
1489Flown "PUNA-1" Control Panel$850
1490KV-2 EVA Soviet-Russian Gloves$450
1491Blue Two-Piece Soviet Flight Suit$75
1492Brown Two-Piece Soviet Flight Suit$250
1493Green Two-Piece Soviet Flight Suit$125
1494Red Two-Piece Soviet Flight Suit$175
1495Soviet Astronomical Longitudinal Compass$225
14961970, Presentation Piece of Soviet Art$85
14971975, Presentation Award$100
14981964, Soviet Presentation Award$250
1499Multicolor Metal/Lucite Award$80
1500Hand painted Russian Lacquer Box$50
1501Luna-9 Table Clock$45
1502Lithographed Multicolor Tin Containers$150
1503Soviet-Russian Presentation Award$125
1504oviet-Russian "Rocket" Desk Lamp$150
1505Baikonur Monument Desk Lamp$60
1506"Rocket" Desk Lamp$70
1507Soviet-Russian Presentation Sculpture$30
1508Lunakhod Desk Pen Holder$75
1509"To The Stars" Heroic Bronze Figurine$70
1510Soviet-Russian Heroic Wall Hanging$60
1511Soviet-Russian Bronze Wall Hanging$85
1512Soviet-Russian Space Figurine$35
1513Soviet Era Copper Wall Hanging$10
1514"Equipment of Pilots and Cosmonauts"$150
1515"The First Manned Space Flights"$85
1516"Frontier to Space" by Eric Burgess$60
1517"Flight to World Space" by A. Shternfeld$75
1518"Med and Biolgcl Problems of Space..."$25
1519Bks Regarding Russian Soviet Space Prog$100
1520Bks on the Russian Soviet Space Program$80
15211957, "Sputnik" Poster$500
1522"Happy New Year of Peace and Friendship$375
15231958, Soviet Space Poster$400
15241958/59, "Visit the USSR" Travel Poster$200
15251961, "Gagarin" Space Poster$600
1526"Sputnik Pulse Tester"$350
1527Soviet-Russian Space Pin Collection$500
1528Ins. of Air Force and Space Med. Medals$40
1529Tsiolkovsky Inscription and Autograph$400
1530Original Tsiolkovsky Manuscript Page$650
1531Tsiolkovsky Handwritten Manuscript$800
1532Tsiolkovsky Draft Double-Sided Letter$375
1533"The Weight Disappeared" by Tsiolkovsky$150
1534"Interplanet Traveling" by Perelman$275
1535"Daydreams about Earth and Sky"$150
1536"The Road to the Stars" by Tsiolkovsky$75
1537Russian Space History Books$30
1538Black & White Tsiolkovsky Photos$175
1539Black & White Tsiolkovsky Photos$150
1540Black & White Tsiolkovsky Photos$70
1541Tsiolkovsky Monument$250
1542Tsiolkovsky Statue$40
1543Korolev's Handmade B-Day Announcement$1100
1544Korolev Autograph$375
15451964, Korolev Note and Autograph$125
1546Korolev Autograph$85
1547Korolev Autograph$175
1548Vostok 1 Autographs$475
1549Vostok 1 Autographs$200
1550Vostok 1 Autographs$325
1551Vostok 1 Autographs$375
1552Vostok 1 Autographs$325
1553Vostok 1 Autographs$375
1554Vostok 1 Autograph$475
1555Vostok 1 Autographs$125
1556Vostok 1 Autographs$350
1557Vostok 1 Autographs$375
1558Vostok 1 Autographs$550
1559Vostok 1 Autographs$150
1560Vostok 1 Autographs$175
1561Vostok 1 Autographs$175
1562Gagarin, Titov, Nikolayev and Popovich$200
1563Gagarin, Titov, Nikolayev & Popovich Au$500
1564Gagarin, Titov Nikolayev & Popovich Aut$350
1565Gagarin, Bykovsky & Tereshkova Auto$175
1566Gagarin and G. Titov Autographs$200
1567Gagarin Autograph$125
1568Gagarin Autograph$125
1569Gagarin Autograph$375
1570Gagarin Autograph$300
1571Gagarin Autograph$350
1572Gagarin Autograph$250
1573Gagarin Autograph$250
1574Yuri Gagarin's "Commander" Wristwatch$1100
1575Gagarin Bust$150
1576Gagarin and Titov Autographs$225
1577Bykovsky & Tereshkova Autographs$110
1578Tereshkova Autograph$250
1579Komarov, Yegorov & Feoktistov Autograph$200
1580Komarov, Yegorov & Feoktistov Autograph$225
1581Komarov, Yegorov & Feoktistov Autograph$205
1582Feokistov's Handmade Bday Wall Hanging$425
1583Leonov Autograph$150
1584Soyuz 1 Reports/Transcripts$35
1585Komarov Autograph$175
1586Komarov Autograph$125
1587Volkov, Patsayev & Dobrovolski Autograph$400
1588Volkov, Patsayev & Dobrovolski Autograph$325
1589Volkov, Patsayev & Dobrovolski Autograph$1400
1590Flown soyuz 28 Control Panel Clock$500
1591Flown Soyuz 29 Soviet Flag$300
1592Flown Soyuz 31 East German Flag$550
1593Soyuz 33 Flown Soviet Flag$275
1594Soyuz 33 Flown Bulgarian Flag$250
1595Soyuz 35 Flown Soviet Flag$300
1596Soyuz 35 Flown Flag$275
1597Soyuz 40 Flown Romanian Flag$275
1598Soyuz 40 Flown "CCCP" Banner$250
1599Soyuz T-2 Flown Soviet Flag$275
1600Soyuz T-3 Flown Soviet Flag$300
1601Soyuz T-4 Flown Soviet Flag$275
1602Soyuz T-6 Flown French Flag$250
1603Soyuz T-7 Flown Soviet Flag$300
1604Soyuz T-8 Flown Soviet Flag$300
1605Soyuz T-10 Flown Soviet Flag$275
1606Soyuz T-11 Flown 35mm. Film Canister$250
1607Soyuz T-12 Flown Soviet Flag$1000
1608Soyuz T-13 Flown Soviet Flag$450
1609Soyuz T-14 Flown Soviet Flag$450
1610Soyuz T-15 Flown Soviet Flag$500
1611Soyuz TM-2 Flown Soviet Flag$500
1612Soyuz TM-3 Flown Syrian Flag$250
1613Soyuz TM-4 Flown Wall Hanging$275
1614Soyuz TM-8 Flown Soviet Flag$250
1615Soyuz TM-9 Flown Soviet Flag$550
1616Soyuz TM-10 Flown Soviet Flag$500
1617Soyuz TM-14 Flown "MIR-92" Banner$275
1618Soyuz TM-15 Flown Russian Flag$275
1619Soyuz TM-15 Flown French Flag$275
1620Soyuz TM-16 Flown Russian Flag$275
1621Soyuz TM-18 Flown Russian Flag$275
1622Soyuz TM-19 Flown Russian Flag$250
1623Soyuz TM-19 Flown "CCCP" Banner$275
1624Soyuz TM-22 Flown Russian Flag$225
1625Soyuz TM-22 Flown German Flag$400
1626Soyuz TM-23 Flown US Flag$700
1627Soyuz TM-24 Flown Russian Flag$275
1628Soyuz TM-24 Flown French Flag$200
1629Soyuz TM-24 Flown Wall Banner$200
1630Soyuz TM-25 Flown Russian Flag$275
1631Soyuz TM-25 Flown German Flag$300
1632Soyuz TM-25 Flown US Flag$375
1633Soyuz TM-26 Flown Russian Flag$250
1634Soyuz TM-27 Flown Russian Flag$200
1635Soyuz TM-28 Flown Russian Flag$325
1636Soyuz TM-29 Flown French Flag$250
1637Soyuz TM-29 Flown "Slovakian" Flag$300
1638Soyuz TM-30 Flown Russian Flag$275
1639"Microprobe Analysis from Luna 16"$70

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