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Results: Aurora Galleries International Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction, Session One

The prices listed below are not the official results and should not be used as an indication of current market value. Prices represent those called by the auctioneer (the "hammer price"), as recorded by collectSPACE.

Lots may have been reacquired by the consignors and therefore were not sold.

Prices do not include 15% buyer's fee. WD=Withdrawn

Session One
Saturday, November 8, 2003, 10:00am PT
Lot 1 to 830

Refresh this page during the auction to see live updates.

11899 "About Comets and Falling Stars" Book$125
21960, "Photographic Lunar Atlas"$700
31964, Vol. 47 & 48 "AAS Science & Tech"$225
41969, Lot of 3 Moon and Space Books$50
51977, "Mare Crisium: The View From Luna 23$200
61978, 2 Planetary Atlas Mars & Mercury$25
71980, "Voyage To Jupiter" (NASA SP-439, 20$10
81988, "Exploration of Halley's Comet"$80
9"Space Primer"Book$10
10NASA Information Files$40
11Verson "Solar System Calculator"$25
121936, Great Lakes Exposition Flown Cover$90
131938, Polish Balloon Flight Card Souvenir$40
141970, Salzburg Centennial Balloon Flight$15
151930s, Heroic Balloonists Statue$125
161954//88 40 Commemorative Balloon Covers$100
17"Balloon Jumping Photo$30
181983, "The Eagle Aloft" Ballooning Book$35
191976, "Mission to Earth"Landsat Book$25
201976, "Mission To Earth: Landsat Book$10
211971, "Lunar Orbiter Atlas of the Moon$375
22Packet of JPLPhotos of Mars from Mariner$15
231978 "Voyage of Mariner 10" NASA SP-424$15
24"West Summit, Pavonis Mons" Martian Map$35
25"Olympus-Mons"(Mars) NASA Print$20
26Lot of 2 Books on Pioneer Satellite$15
271982/83, SEASAT Satellite Lot of 2 Books$25
2816 Surveyor I & III Black & White Photos$40
29Voyager! A great collection of documents,$35
30Educational Brief of Ranger Spacecraft$10
311958, "Artificial Sputnik of Earth" Book$175
32Deke Slayton's "Conestoga I" Graphs$150
331970 "Vanguard -- A History" NASA SP-4202$35
341936, McAllen, TX Book of Rocket Stamps$400
351936, McAllen, TX Book of Rocket Stamps$200
36Strategic Air Command ICBM Prints Machat$125
37Scientific American, July - December 1936$225
38Lot of 30 Books on Space and Rocketry$60
391965-66, "Missiles & Rockets" Magazine$60
40"Rocket Development Liquid-Fuel Research$300
41Mar 1930 "Science and Invention" Magazine$75
421957-61 25 "Missiles & Rockets" Magazines$75
4310 Books by Willey Ley on Rockets$60
441977 Vol 1 & 2 "History of Rocketry" NASA$25
451978"Liquid Hydrogen as Propulsion Fuel"$15
46"German V-2 Missile-Technical Data" Book$200
47"Raketen-Flugtechnik" German Rocket Book$30
481962, "Peenemunde To Canaveral" Book$125
491964, "The Secret of Huntsville" Book$125
501958, "Guided Jet-Propelled Weapons" Book$50
511963, Russian Rocketry Book$125
521956, "Development of the Guided Missile"$50
531960, "Introduction to Rocketry" by Feodo$75
54Russell S. Colley's Display Mercury Space$3250
55Deke Slayton's Mustard-Colored Flightsuit$2250
56Mercury Pressure Transducer$175
57Deke Slayton's Drafting Instruments$425
581960s NASA Classic Flight Jacket$250
591960s NASA Classic Flight Jacket$200
601960, Emergency Astro-Navigation Device$400
61"Drogue #3" Male Connector and ID Badge$90
62Mercury 7 Autographed Photo$4000
63Mercury 7 Autographs$2000
641960, Deke Slayton's Memo Carbon$200
651991Mercury 7 Signed 30th Anniv. Poster$200
66Five Mercury Seven Astronaut Autos$125
67Gordon Cooper Autograph$50
68Bill Dana Autograph$10
69Bill Dana Autograph$30
70Dee O'Hara Autograph$25
71Dee O'Hara Autograph$50
72Dee O'Hara Autograph$50
73Wally Schirra and Dee O'Hara Autographs$60
741960, Astronaut Training Report$250
75Two Project Mercury Reports$125
761959 Mercury Seven First Press Conf$275
771959/62, Life Magazines$85
781954/60, Life Magazines$60
791959/61, Life Magazines$75
801964, "U.S. Camera Annual"$80
81Results of Mercury Chimpanzee Flights$325
82AProof Copy of "This New Ocean"$150
82B1966, "This New Ocean: A History...$20
83Deke Slayton's ID Badges$675
84Deke Slayton's NASA Medical ID Badge$225
851959, "NASA Flight Authorization" Letter$900
86"Astronaut Academy" Feasibility Documents$125
87"Fundamental Computer Theory" Notes$100
88Deke Slayton's Sliderule$1000
89Deke Slayton's Desk Nameplate$425
90Deke Slayton's Boeing Employment Record$70
91"Space Exhibit Cards"$125
92Deke Slayton Original Manuscript$200
93Deke Slayton Original Manuscripts$175
94Slayton's Orig Geology Training Notes$200
95The Making of a NASA Form$125
96Mercury 7 Handpainted Miniatures$350
97Deke Slayton's 1962 Warning Ticket$125
98"Office of Manned Space Flight" Chart$60
99Deke Slayton's Red Cross Swimming Card$200
1001961, Deke Slayton Letter Carbons$75
101Sterling Ice Capades-23 GO Edition Key$30
102Mercury Space Craft Lithograph$150
103Mercury Orbit Chart (MOC-2)$70
104Proj Mercury Capsule Flight Ops Manual$750
105A"Pilot Training and Preflight Preparati$90
105BAlan Shepard Autograph On a color 8x10"$100
106Flown "Mercury Capsule" Lapel Pin$750
107Flown 1961-D Roosevelt "Dime"$800
108Flown Washer$300
109Flown "Large" Bolt$575
110Guenter F. Wendt Autograph$50
111Jim Lewis Autograph$40
112Jim Lewis Autograph$30
113Jim Lewis Autograph$50
114Jim Lewis Autograph$55
115Jim Lewis Autograph$80
116Flown (?) $2.00 Bill (Series 1953B)$250
117John Glenn Autograph$150
118"Project Mercury Familiarization Manual"$1300
119MercuryMA6 Public Release Document$150
120Results of the 1st US Manned Orbtl Flt$60
121John Glenn's Marine Foot Locker Top$150
122FLOWN Mercury MA-7 Survival KitWD
123AScott Carpenter Autograph$175
123BScott Carpenter Autograph$90
124Scott Carpenter Autograph$150
125Scott Carpenter Autograph$70
126Cece Bibby Autograph$60
127Cece Bibby Autograph$30
128Cece Bibby Autograph$40
1291962 Project Mercury Report$60
1301962, "Space News Roundup" Newspaper$20
131MercuryMA7 Performance Analysis$80
132Mercury 7 Pamphlet$15
133Wally Schirra Autograph$135
134Cece Bibby Autograph$70
1351962, Mercury Operations Manual$800
136Mercury MA8 Public Release Document$175
137"Mercury-Atlas Tech Notes"$60
138"Press Pool Que Card"$40
139NASA Access Badge Set$125
140Gordon Cooper Autograph$150
141Original Cover Art MercMA6 NASA Report$1100
142Final Draft of "MA-9 Technical Note" RAR$90
143Lot of Three Mercury MA9 Mission Reports$125
144"Mercury Orbit Chart (MOC-6B)"$75
145Flown Gemini Medallion Series Complete$12000
146Gemini Program Rocket Engine Thruster$4000
147RARE Gemini Rocket Engine Prototype$800
1481963, Astronaut Literary Contract$450
149Neil Armstrong Autograph$1000
150Frank Borman Autograph$200
151Elliot See Autograph$300
152Tom Stafford Autograph$200
153Tom Stafford Autograph$125
154Ed White Autograph$950
155John Young Autograph$800
156Dee O'Hara Autograph$75
157Painting of Gemini Capsule-Gus Homann$375
158Gemini Lithographs$250
159Capsule Blueprints$300
1601964, Gemini Computer Flow Diagram$75
161Project Gemini Familiarization Manual$600
162Dave Scott AutographWD
1631969, "Project Gemini-A Chronology"$175
164"Gemini Rendezvous Summary"$200
165Agena Target Vehicle Status Display Pnl$90
166"Gemini Propulsion Handbook"$175
167Titan II Propulsion Handbook$200
168Gemini Project Pre-DEI Review, 1963$75
1691965-66, Life Magazines$75
170"Preliminary DEI" for Gemini Spacecraft$30
1711964, "Gemini Systems" Manual$275
172Gemini Presentation Transcript$60
1731977, "On the Shoulders of Titans-A Hist$100
174Earth Photographs from Gemini$125
1751965//1966, "Gemini Program"$250
176Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges$400
177Deke Slayton's NASA "Security" Badges$350
178"Anthropometric Data Chart"$70
179Lot of 10 70mm Color Transparencies$30
180Commencement Address by Deke Slayton$45
181Danbury Mint "Men in Space" Medallions$175
18211 Gemini I & II Photographs$125
183Flown Heat Shield Plug$250
184Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$850
185Flown Heat Shield Plug$750
186Gus Grissom and John Young Autographs$900
187Gus Grissom & John Young Autographs$2500
188Gus Grissom Autograph$1300
189Michael Collins Autograph$200
190"Gemini Orbit Chart GOC-3 (GT-3)"$60
191Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badge$80
192"GT-3 Flight Plan, Preliminary"$80
193Standard Speech Text$25
194Flown U.S. Flag$5000
195FLOWN Sterling Silver Medallion$1800
196FLOWN Sterling Silver Medallion$2500
197Flown Sterling Silver Medallion$1200
198James McDivitt and Ed White II Autograph$450
199James McDivitt and Ed White II Autograph$700
200James McDivitt & Ed White Autographs$1100
201James McDivitt & Ed White II Autographs$650
202Ed White's Handwritten Draft Letter$1100
203Ed White II Autograph$750
204Ed White II Autograph$600
205Ed White Autograph$800
206Ed White Autograph$950
207Ed White Autograph$650
208Ed White Autograph$500
209Jim McDivitt Handwritten Note$55
210Michael Collins Autograph$175
211"Overseas Travel Order" Carbon$375
212"Gemini Orbit Chart GOC-4 (GT-4)"$100
213NASA Color Photographs of Gemini IV$300
214Bradford Exchange GT-4 Plate$50
215Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$800
216FLOWN Gemini 5 Checklist Page$875
217Flown Heat Shield Plug$550
218Gordon Cooper & Charles Conrad Autograph$150
219James Webb Letter to Slayton Crew Patch$1900
220Michael Collins Autograph$125
221Gemini V Photographs$15
222Flown Gold Plated Sterling Medallion$3750
223Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$900
224Flown Heat Shield Plug$800
225Wally Schirra & Tom Stafford Autographs$200
226Michael Collins Autograph$150
227NASA Color Photographs of Gemini VI$90
228Schirra, Lovell, Borma, & Stafford Autos$175
229Flown Gold Plated Sterling Medallion$4250
230Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$900
231Schirra, Lovell, Borman, Stafford Auto$275
232Michael Collins Autograph$150
233"Gemini Mission Chart (GMC-7)"$50
234Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$850
235Dave Scott Autograph$650
236Neil Armstrong & Dave Scott Autographs$2250
237Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott Autographs$800
238Neil Armstrong & Dave Scott Autographs$800
239Dave Scott Autographs$500
240Dave Scott Autographs$75
241Dave Scott Autograph$90
242Dave Scott Autograph$70
243Dave Scott Autograph$70
244Dave Scott Autograph$125
245Michael Collins Autograph$115
246Gemini VII Color Photographs$250
247Gemini VIII Photographs$275
248Flown Gold Plated Sterling Medallion$2100
249Flown Sterling Silver Medallion$800
250Flown Heat Shield Plug$750
251Flown Heat Shield Plug$600
252Flown Heat Shield Plug$850
253Flown Nylon Tie Line$125
254Tom Stafford & Gene Cernan Autographs$175
255Tom Stafford & Gene Cernan Autographs$150
256Tom Stafford Autograph$100
257Michael Collins Autograph$125
258"Gemini Mission Chart (GMC-9)"$60
259Gemini IX NASA Photographs$125
260Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$800
261Flown 25mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$1700
262Flown Heat Shield Plug$700
263John Young and Michael Collins Autograph$1000
264John Young & Michael Collins Autographs$2500
265Michael Collins Autograph$175
266Gemini X Photographs$100
267"Gemini Mission Chart (GMC-10)"$75
268Flown Gold Plated Sterling Medallion$1500
269Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$800
270"Experimental Procedures", Flown Page$325
271Flown Heat Shield Plug$750
272Flown Nylon Tie Line$75
273Charles Conrad & Dick Gordon Autographs$250
274Richard Gordon Autograph$75
275Richard Gordon Autograph$40
276Richard Gordon Autograph$40
277Richard Gordon Autograph$100
278Michael Collins Autograph$125
279Gemini XI Photographs$60
280Flown 25mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$1900
281Flown US Flag$1900
282Flown Heat Shield Plug$850
283James Lovell & Buzz Aldrin Autographs$400
284James Lovell Autograph$125
285Michael Collins Autograph$150
286Gemini XII Color Photographs$125
287Blue/White Glass Candy Dish$150
288FLOWN Apollo Pressure Transducer$500
289Flown 35mm. "National Space Club" Medal$200
290"Lunar Retrieval Tool"$7500
291"Fuel Handler's" Protective Suit$450
292Apollo Era Beta Cloth "Equipment Bag"$225
293White Beta Cloth Equipment Bag$650
294Apollo Era Beta Cloth "Arm Shield"$70
295Freeze Dried Space Breakfast "Bar"$90
296Saturn IB Fountain$2750
297Saturn 1B Propellant Control Valve$250
298Apollo Saturn Propellant Control Module$225
299Saturn 1B High Pressure Bellows Assembly$100
300Saturn V Fuel Tank Vent Bellows Assembly$150
301Saturn V Liquid Control Unit$100
302Saturn V Auxiliary Motor Driven Liquid H$150
303AApollo CM Selector Valve$375
303BAeroJet General AJ10SPS Thruster Engine$9500
304Apollo CM Helium Solenoid Valve$175
305Apollo Signal Amplifier$225
306Apollo Command Module Separation Monitor$150
307Apollo Pressure Relief Valve$150
308FLOWN Apollo Command Module Double (Redu$125
309Apollo CSM Helium Heat Exchanger$350
310Lunar Module Hardware with Documents$125
311Apollo Temperature Transducer$175
312Gene Kranz Autograph on the title page o$140
313Guenter F. Wendt Autograph on a black an$50
314NASA Autopen-Signed Crew Lithographs Lot$100
315Autopen Autographs Reference collection$800
316Procedure Manuals for Authors of NASA Re$35
317Apollo Technical Memoranda (1963/1964/19$25
318"Human Performance During A Simulated Ap$25
319"Lunar Surface Stay Constraints and Miss$60
3201965, "Power Driven Articulated Dummy (F$35
321A1966, Lot of 2 Copies of "An Administra$70
321BDave Scott Autograph on a "Apollo Opera$425
3221968, "The First (and Second) Internatio$50
323"Aerospace Physiological Training Outlin$40
324"Saturn Illustrated Chronology-Saturn's$800
325A"You Were There" Handbook (Catalytic-Do$30
325B1968, "Saturn IB News Reference" (132 p$225
326"The Apollo Spacecraft-A Chronology" (19$90
3271969, "The Apollo Spacecraft-A Chronolog$70
3281970, NASA Summary Report Apollo History$20
328A1969, "A Man on the Moon" (North Americ$25
329'Science, Vol. 167, no. 3918" (1970, 369$20
3301973//1978, "The Apollo Spacecraft-A Chr$475
331NASA Space Programs Accident/Incident Su$50
332Apollo Program (Phase I Lunar Exploratio$70
333"Apollo Operations Handbook, Block II Sp$700
3341971, "Lunar Rover Training Program for$125
3351971-81, Proceedings of the Lunar & Plan$375
3361971, "Earthbound Astronauts: The Builde$50
3371973//1990, "Lunar Science Conference" A$70
338"Biomedical Results of Apollo" (1975, NA$90
339Lot of Three Different "Lunar Science In$40
340"Interdisciplinary Studies by the Imbriu$40
3411977, "The Soviet-American Conference on$20
342"Introduction to the Apollo Collections"$60
3431978, "Catalog of Pristine Non-Mare Mate$40
3441978, "The Apollo Spacecraft-A Chronolog$90
3451979, "NASA "Lunar and Planetary Mission$40
346"Lunar Photographs from Apollo's 8, 10 a$80
3471979, "Chariots for Apollo" (NASA, 538 p$125
348Original Research Files for "Chariots fo$550
349Original Manuscript for "Chariots for Ap$100
350Master Working and Critique Copies of NA$175
351AComplete Set of Apollo 11-17 Mission Re$100
351BGrumman "Apollo News Reference" (188 pp$500
352"Apollo News Reference" (North American$325
353Astronaut Space Records Requests for Apo$50
354"Stages of Saturn-A Technological Histor$125
355A1980, "Stages of Saturn-A Technological$150
355B1982, "Managing NASA in the Apollo Era"$50
3561983, "Handbook of Lunar Soils" (NASA JS$50
357"Regolith Breccia Workbook" (1983, NASA$65
358"Electrical Power System Course No. A206$400
359Balance of Collection Lot of 15+ handboo$70
360ASaturn V Flight Manual (Marshall SFC-MA$1500
360BNASA Organization Charts 1964, 1966, 19$40
361Deke Slayton's NASA Security Badges Lot$750
362Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of 10+$300
363Deke Slayton's Contractor ID Badges Lot$125
364ADeke Slayton's ID Badge Balance Lot of$300
364B"I Saw the Moon Launch" Plaque Wooden p$65
364CApollo/Space/Russian Space Pins A misce$100
365Beta Cloth Crew Patches Lot of five diff$275
366Beta Cloth U.S. Flag (6x4") on a larger$100
367Apollo & Skylab Patches, Pins & Decals L$125
3681963, Flight Director Controller-Radar-P$100
3691963, "IMU Attitude-Ball, F.D.I. Relatio$60
370Circular Celestial Star Chart (radius 9.$150
371"Apollo Command Capsule SCS Manual Contr$175
3721962, "Geologic Map and Sections of the$50
373"Live Data From the Moon" Lot of five di$70
374"Live Data From the Moon" Lot of five di$70
375"Live Data From the Moon" Lot of five di$80
376"Live Data From the Moon" Lot of five di$75
3771969, "Apollo Manned Lunar Landing" Map$70
3781979 Indianapolis 63rd International 500$20
379Balance of Collection including an Apoll$60
380NASA Publicity Photos Lot of about 200+$425
381"Conquest of the Moon" Photographs A box$425
381ALot of 17 NASA Color Photographs of 196$125
38233 Color 8x10" Photographs from the Apol$425
383Lot of 21 NASA Photographs from the Apol$200
385"May 16, 1919" Manned Flight Awareness P$20
386"May 21, 1927" Manned Flight Awareness P$20
387NASA "Lunar Orbital Data" & "The Moon" P$150
388NASA "Lunar Chart" (37x26") A striking m$50
389"Apollo Entry Flight Simulation Flown by$225
390"Standard Annual Astronaut Physical Exam$100
391Little Joe II Model Encased in a Lucite$100
391BOriginal "Unofficial Plan" Document wri$150
392Deke Slayton's NASA Security Badge A whi$400
393Gus Grissom's "Lunar Geology Hammer & Fi$900
394Gus Grissom, Ed White & Roger Chaffee Au$4250
395Autopen Crew Lithograph A NASA 8x10" col$150
396Ed White & Roger Chaffee Autographs on aWD
397Gus Grissom Autograph on an 8x10" black$450
398Michael Collins Autograph (violet ink) o$150
399"Investigation into Apollo 204 Accident"$450
400"Temporary Firing Room Access" ID Badge$175
401Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Robbins Meda$850
402Original January 28, 1967 Newspapers Lot$50
403Deke Slayton's NASA Security Badge A gre$175
404Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of two$125
405Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badge A green lam$90
406"Technical Information Summary" Manual ($90
407Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badge A bright gr$90
408Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$2000
409Flown (?) $1.00 Bill (Series 1963A) that$375
410Flown LMP Flight Checklist Page autograp$1200
411Wally Schirra, Donn Eisele & Walt CunninWD
412Wally Schirra, Donn Eisele & Walt Cunnin$750
413Wally Schirra Autograph on a black and w$50
414Wally Schirra Autograph on a color 8x10"$90
415Wally Schirra Autograph on black and whi$70
416Donn Eisele Autograph on a 1986 note to$125
417Walt Cunningham Autograph on a color 8x1$60
418Walt Cunningham Autograph on a color 8x1$90
419Walt Cunningham Autograph on title page$45
420Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$125
421Guenter F. Wendt Autograph on a black an$50
422Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of thr$175
423NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$85
424Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with light$70
425Grumman "Signature" Print (24x20") A fas$125
426"Apollo 7 Mission Report" (1968, NASA MS$55
427Flown US Flag & Crew Patch (6x4") mounte$11000
428Flown US Flag (6x4") mounted on a presen$2500
429Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$7000
430Flown (?) $1.00 Bill (Series 1963A) that$450
431Large FLOWN Heat Shield Core Sample from$1300
432Flown Gold Foil (1x1") encased in a clea$400
433Flown Heat Shield Plug (1x1", triangular$1100
434Flown Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$175
435Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Ande$1000
436Frank Borman, James Lovell & Bill Anders$1400
437Frank Borman, James Lovell & Bill Anders$275
438Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Ande$550
439Frank Borman, James Lovell and William A$225
440Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Ande$125
441Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Ande$650
442Frank Borman, James Lovell & Bill Anders$600
443Frank Borman, James Lovell & Bill Anders$600
444Frank Borman, James Lovell & Bill Anders$550
445Frank Borman, James Lovell & Bill Anders$80
446Frank Borman, James Lovell & Bill Anders$65
447Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$125
448Original Mission Commentary Tape Transcr$200
449"Analysis of Apollo 8 Photography and Vi$60
450"Apollo 8 Mission Report" (1969, NASA, 2$55
4511970, "Apollo 8 and 9 Mission Reports" ($20
452NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$500
453Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges A blue lam$150
454Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$100
455Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$700
456Flown (?) $1.00 Bill (Series 1969) that$250
457Flown Utility Light Cord & Electrical Wi$800
458James McDivitt, Dave Scott & Rusty Schwe$250
459James McDivitt, Rusty Schweickart & Dave$175
460James McDivitt, Dave Scott and Russ Schw$225
461James McDivitt, Dave Scott & Rusty Schwe$1400
462Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$125
463Pre/Post Flight Original Press Conferenc$85
464"Apollo 9 Mission 5-Day Report" (1969, N$40
465Complete Set of Apollo 9 Contact Prints$350
466NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$150
467Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges A yellow l$70
468Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$50
469"Certificate of Appreciation" An unusual$90
470Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$3750
471Flown (?) $1.00 Bill (Series 1969C) that$350
472Flown Utility Light Cord (.75") encased$600
473Flown Gold Foil (1.5x.33") The multicolo$125
474Tom Stafford, John Young & Gene Cernan A$175
475Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan$375
476Tom Stafford, John Young & Gene Cernan A$750
477Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan$1250
478Tom Stafford Autograph on the mat (11x14$100
479Tom Stafford Autograph on the wooden bas$175
480Tom Stafford & Michael Cassutt Autograph$40
481Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$100
482Original Mission Commentary Tape Transcr$325
483"Analysis of Apollo 10 Photography and V$80
484NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$125
485Apollo X Souvenir Brass Bowl A footed br$50
486Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of two$90
487Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$50
488"Certificate of Appreciation" An unusual$75
489Flown U.S. Flag (6x4") mounted on a mult$20000
490Flown U.S. Flag (6x4") mounted on a mult$27500
491Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$8500
492Flown (?) $1.00 Bill (Series 1969) that$1700
493Flown 70mm. Film Fragment A small piece$1300
494"Moon Landing/July 20, 1969/USA" Proof C$325
495Flown Heat Shield Plug (2x1") encased in$1900
496Flown "Crew Emblem" Spacecraft Parts Tag$500
497Flown Hatch Plug (1x.25") The multicolor$850
498Flown Hatch Plug (1.5") encased in a cle$1200
499Flown Electrical Ablative Plug (.33x.33"$200
500Flown Gold Foil (1x1") encased in a clea$650
501Flown Gold Foil (1x1") encased in a clea$700
502Flown Gold Foil (1x.5") The multicolor a$350
503Flown Gold Foil (.75x.75") The multicolo$275
504Flown Gold Foil (15x20mm) mounted on a w$275
505Flown Gold Foil (13x13mm) mounted on a g$350
506"Delayed in Quarantine" Handstamp on a N$100
507Flown "US Flags" Spacecraft Parts Tag &$475
508Flown Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$125
509Flown Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$80
510Lunar Module Plaque (7.5x7.5") This engr$5000
511Buzz Aldrin's Mustard-Colored Flight Sui$1500
512"Apollo Lunar Surface Camera Illuminatio$1000
513Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$1300
514Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Al$1600
515Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz$1200
516Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buzz Al$1400
517Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$1600
518Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz$1600
519Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$1900
520Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$1600
521Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$1700
522Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$1700
523Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$600
524Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz A$550
525Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin Autographs$850
526Neil Armstrong Autograph on a matboard ($2000
527Neil Armstrong Autograph on a STRIKING c$750
528Neil Armstrong Autograph on cover of the$950
529Neil Armstrong Autograph on each of threWD
530AJames McDivitt, Ed White and Neil Armst$2250
530BNeil Armstrong Autograph on a Belgium s$530
531Neil Armstrong Autopen Autographs indivi$50
532Michael Collins Autograph on a 5.75x3.75$125
533Michael Collins Autograph on a 5.75x3.75$125
534Michael Collins Autograph on a 5.75x3.75$125
535Michael Collins Autograph (gold ink) on$275
536Michael Collins Autograph on a 4x5.75" c$125
537Michael Collins Autograph (blue ink) on$350
538Michael Collins Autograph on a German ne$100
539Michael Collins Autograph on a U.S.S. Ho$400
540Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$475
541Michael Collins Autograph on a white clo$125
542Michael Collins Autograph on a printed "$75
543Michael Collins Autograph on a 1967 parc$125
544Michael Collins Autograph on a 1967 parc$125
545Michael Collins Autograph on a 1967 parc$100
546Michael Collins Autograph on a 1967 parc$75
547Michael Collins Autograph on a 1967 parc$75
548Michael Collins Autograph on a printed "$125
549Michael Collins Autograph on a printed p$75
550Michael Collins Autograph on a printed "$80
551Michael Collins Autograph on a printed p$80
552Michael Collins Autograph on a printed p$100
553Michael Collins Autograph on a printed p$80
554Michael Collins Autograph on a 1967 parc$80
555John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin Autographs on$100
556Buzz Aldrin Autographs on each of two di$175
557Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a NASA 8x10" co$125
558Buzz Aldrin Autograph beneath a color ph$80
559Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a NASA 8x10" co$100
560Buzz Aldrin Autograph on the cover of a$125
561Apollo 11 Tumbler Autographed by Buzz Al$75
562Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a limited editi$110
563Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes Autographs o$60
564Buzz Aldrin Autograph on the title page$60
564A"The Development of Cryogenic Storage S$30
565Buzz Aldrin Autograph on the title page$50
566Alan Bean Autograph on a Print of "One P$125
567Guenter F. Wendt Autograph on a color 8x$100
568Guenter F. Wendt Autograph on a color 8x$70
5691965, Grumman "Lunar Excursion Module Fa$200
570"Apollo Familiarization" Manual (1968, 5$70
571"Final Apollo 11 Flight Plan, AS-506 / C$300
572Press Kit An original NASA 250 page loos$225
573Apollo 11 "Press Kit" 10th Anniversary S$60
5741969, "Apollo 11 Mission Report" (NASA M$60
5751969, "Apollo 11 Mission Report" (NASA,$125
576"The Apollo 11 Adventure" Book (1970, NA$500
5771970//76, Electron Microscope Studies of$35
5781970, "Mineralogy and Petrology of the A$50
5791977, "Apollo 11 Lunar Sample Informatio$55
580"The First Lunar Landing" (1979, NASA EP$30
581Lot of Five Different Lunar Rock Handboo$100
582"LM Ascent Monitoring Chart-Sheet 3B" Ch$125
583Apollo Lunar Orbit Chart (41x12") An imp$125
584A"Apollo Earth Orbit Chart, Sheet 2 of 3$40
584BApollo 11 Orbital Charts Three Earth or$80
58570mm. Color Transparencies A group of ni$275
586NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$850
58710 Apollo 11 Color Photographs These NAS$150
588Michael Collins' 18kt. Gold Lunar Module$45000
589Original Recording Tape A reel of 3M rec$125
590Apollo 11 Souvenir Brass Bowl A brass bo$50
591Apollo II Replica Volcanic Basalt Fragme$275
592Apollo 11 MSC Commemorative Plaque Dodso$70
593Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of two$600
594Grumman "Lunar Landing" Tie Tac A scarce$225
595Manned Flight Awareness Medallions Lot o$125
596Flown Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$70
597Medallic Arts 60mm. Bronze Medallion iss$80
598Apollo 11 Copper McDonnell Douglas Contr$125
599Bradford Exchange Apollo 11 25th Anniver$50
600Manned Flight Awareness Poster (17x22")$30
601Grumman "Signature" Print (24x20") A fas$50
602"Radio-Terre" LP Record This two LP edit$30
603Apollo II Lunar Sample Scarf (20x20") Th$35
604Flown "Earth Orbit Chart" (19.5x9") This$2500
605Flown Beta Cloth Crew Patch (6.5x6.5") p$2250
606Flown 30mm Sterling Silver Robbins Medal$1900
607Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$1300
609Charles Conrad, Dick Gordon & Alan Bean$450
610Flown Gold Foil (17x22mm) mounted on a w$90
611Flown Gold Foil (17x22mm) mounted on a g$75
612Flown Gold Foil (1.25x.5") The multicolo$80
613Flown Gold Foil (1x.33") The multicolor$100
614Pete Conrad, Richard Gordon & Alan Bean$425
615Pete Conrad, Richard Gordon & Alan Bean$400
616Pete Conrad, Richard Gordon & Alan Bean$400
617Richard Gordon Autograph on a final "Apo$225
618Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$150
619Original Mission Commentary Tape Transcr$175
620"Contingency Checklist" (NASA, 55+pp., 3$200
6211971, "Minerology and Petrology of the A$50
6221972, "Compositions of Major and Minor M$70
622BLot of 7 Apollo 12 Orbital Charts A bea$125
623NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$200
624Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of two$225
625Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") without cut$225
626Grumman "Signature" Print (24x20") A fas$50
627Flown 32mm Sterling Silver Robbins Medal$1600
628Flown US Flag (6x4") mounted on an 8x9.5$1300
629Flown US Flag (6x4") mounted on an 8x9.5$1300
630Flown "Interval Timer Knob" (1.5x.5") en$1900
631Flown Heat Shield Plug (1.5x1") encased$1100
632Flown Gold Foil (1x1") encased in a clea$350
633Flown Hatch Plug (1x.25") The multicolor$425
634Flown Gold Foil (1x.75") The multicolor$250
635Apollo Era CO2 Absorber Element Canister$600
636James Lovell, John Swigert, Ken Mattingl$1800
637James Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$450
639AJames Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$600
639BJames Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$650
640James Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$650
641James Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$650
642James Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$800
643James Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$425
644James Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise$600
645James Lovell, Ken Mattingly and Fred Hai$550
646James Lovell Autograph on the mat (16x20$50
647James Lovell Autograph on a NASA 8x10" b$60
648James Lovell Autograph on the wooden bas$125
649Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$150
650Guenter F. Wendt Autograph on a color 8x$100
651Eugene Kranz Autograph on a color 8x10"$150
652Sy Liebergot Autograph on a black and wh$70
653Final "Apollo 13 Flight Plan" (NASA, 250$250
655"Lunar Orbital Science Flight Chart "D",$70
656Lunar Orbital Science Flight Chart, Char$50
657NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$375
658Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badge A laminated$200
659Beta Cloth Crew Patch (8x8") with cuttin$90
660Apollo XIII Gold Tone Cufflinks A matchi$20
661"From the Earth to the Moon" Baseball Ca$40
662Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$3500
663Flown "Lunar Surface" 70mm. Unexposed Ca$1300
664Flown Gold Foil (12x21mm) mounted on a w$375
665Flown Gold Foil (15x17mm) mounted on a g$125
666U.S. Lunar Surface Flag This is the actu$20000
667Lunar Module Plaque (7.5x7.5") This engr$1800
668Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa and Ed Mitche$600
669Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$125
670Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$250
671Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$400
672Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell AuWD
673Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell AuWD
674Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell AuWD
675Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$325
676Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa, Ed Mitchell Aut$350
677Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell AuWD
678Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$550
679Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$600
680Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$600
681Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$400
682Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$550
683Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$625
684Alan Shepard, Stu Roosa & Ed Mitchell Au$600
685Stu Roosa Autograph on a NASA 8x10" colo$70
686Edgar Mitchell Autograph on the title pa$35
687Bill Anders Autograph on an Apollo 14 "V$150
6881971, "Manned Flight Awareness" Receptio$100
6891971, "Manned Flight Awareness" Receptio$125
690Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$125
691"Saturn V Flight Manual, SA 509" (Marsha$500
6921971/78, Lunar Rock Handbooks/Reports Lo$35
693"Apollo / Saturn V Space Vehicle Countdo$125
694Apollo 14 "Press Kit" (NASA, 108 pp.) An$40
695Ed Mitchell Autograph (blue ink) on a NA$200
696"Lunar Orbital Science Flight Chart "A",$40
697NASA "Lunar Orbital Science Contingency$35
698"Lunar Orbital Science Flight Chart "A",$35
699"Lunar Orbital Science Flight Chart "A",$50
700"Lunar Orbital Science Flight Chart "A",$60
701"CSM Orbit Monitor Chart, Sheet 2 of 4"$40
702NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$225
703Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of thr$700
704Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$70
705Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$50
706Flown Umbilical Cord mounted on a wooden$8000
707U.S. Flag Flown to Lunar Surface Silk US$7500
708FLOWN Lunar Rover License Plate The ulti$8000
709Flown United States Flag Silk flag (5.75$4750
710FLOWN Yugoslavian Flag (4x6") carried to$5000
711FLOWN "Phases of the Moon" Apollo 15 Cov$6500
712"Moon Landing" Proof Cancellations Lot o$350
713Flown $2.00 Bill (Series 1953B) mounted$1200
714Flown Utility Light Cord (1.5") encased$600
715Flown Gold Foil (.75x.75") The multicolo$300
716Dave Scott's Apollo Era Flight Suit This$2250
717Dave Scott, Al Worden and Jim Irwin Auto$150
718Dave Scott, Al Worden & Jim Irwin AutogrWD
719Dave Scott, Al Worden & Jim Irwin Autogr$700
720Dave Scott, Al Worden & Jim Irwin Autogr$600
721Dave Scott, Al Worden & Ed Mitchell Auto$600
722Dave Scott, Al Worden & Jim Irwin Autogr$600
723Dave Scott, Al Worden & Jim Irwin Autogr$550
724Dave Scott, Al Worden & Jim Irwin Autogr$550
725Dave Scott, Al Worden & Jim Irwin Autogr$500
726Dave Scott, Al Worden and Jim Irwin Auto$225
727Dave Scott and Jim Irwin Autographs on a$175
728David Scott Autograph on Apollo 15 CSM T$425
729Dave Scott Autograph on a NASA 8x10" col$125
730Dave Scott Autograph on a 8x10" black an$90
731Dave Scott Autographe on a NASA 8x10" bl$35
732Dave Scott Autograph on a Black and Whit$40
733Dave Scott Autographs on Two Reception I$100
734Dave Scott Autograph on a Full Sheet of$40
735Dave Scott Autograph on a "Hadley Rille"$50
736Dave Scott Autograph on "Apollo 15 At Ha$90
737Dave Scott Autograph on an "Apollo 15 Mi$50
738Dave Scott Autograph on "Apollo 15 Preli$150
739Dave Scott Autograph on "Apollo 11" AC E$60
740Dave Scott Autographs on a Fisher "Space$40
741Dave Scott Autograph on a 'FIND YOURSELF$60
742Jim Irwin Autograph on a NASA 8x10" blac$80
743Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$125
744Dave Scott Autograph on "Apollo Operatio$600
745"Final Apollo 15 Flight Plan Re Final Fl$50
746"Final Apollo 15 Change A Flight Plan, A$75
747"Apollo 15 Final Flight Mission Rules Re$35
748"Final Apollo 15 Flight Plan, Final Chan$60
749"Apollo 15 LM-10 Revision B LM Timeline$60
750"Final Apollo 15 Flight Plan, AS-510 / C$100
751"Final Apollo 15 Flight Plan, AS-510 / C$100
752"Lunar Roving Vehicle Operational Charac$250
753"Lunar Roving Vehicle Operations Handboo$250
754Briefing Transcripts. Lot of six differe$175
755Dave Scott Autograph on "Apollo 15-At Ha$80
756Dave Scott Autograph on "On the Moon wit$80
757Dave Scott Autograph on the cover of a "$125
7581972, "LRV Operations Handbook, Appendix$85
7591973, Electron Microscope Studies of Lun$25
7601985, "Catalog of Apollo 15 Rocks" NASA/$100
7611989, "The Apollo 15 Coarse Fines" by Ry$100
762A"Apollo 15 Traverse Chart" (22x29") A b$40
762B3 Apollo 15 Orbital Charts Prepared by$30
763David Scott Autograph on Apollo 15 Landi$50
764NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$750
765Color Photograph of Dave Scott on the Mo$20
766Lot of 9 Cartoons by Press Corps Incredi$750
767Plaster Fresco Presented to Al Worden by$700
768Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of thr$325
769Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$70
770Original "Ancillary Stowage Container" N$100
771Apollo 15 Medallion (2x.50) This 5-ounce$150
772Flown 35mm. Robbins Sterling Silver Meda$3750
773FLOWN Silk "Kansas State" Flag (6x9") moWD
774Flown US Flag (6x4") mounted on a presen$3000
775Flown "Mustard Seed" mounted on a 3x5" t$1600
776Flight-Ready Lunar Module Plaque (7.5x7.$3500
777John Young, Ken Mattingly and Charlie Du$1000
778John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$375
779John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$900
780John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$950
781John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$800
782John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$775
783John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$850
784John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$825
785John Young, Ken Mattingly and Charlie Du$775
786John Young, Ken Mattingly & Charlie Duke$225
787John Young Autopen Autograph Lot of nine$125
788Charlie Duke Autograph on the title page$150
789Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$125
790Eugene Kranz Autograph on a black and wh$80
7911972//80, Lunar Rock Handbooks/Reports L$30
7921976, "Electron Microprobe Analyses of M$25
793"On the Moon with Apollo 16" (1972, NASA$20
794NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$100
795Thomas Mattingly's Personal Telephone Ha$85
796Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of two$150
797"Apollo 16 Traverse Chart" (22x29") A bl$75
798FLOWN United States Silk Flag (5.5x4") m$1700
799Flown (?) $1.00 Bill (Series 1969C) that$1000
800Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schm$425
801Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schm$825
802Charlie Duke, Harrison Schmitt, and Ron$375
803Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt Autogra$125
804Gene Cernan & Ron Evans Autographs on a$50
805Gene Cernan & Ron Evans Autographs on an$60
806Gene Cernan Autograph on the mat (11.5x1$90
807Gene Cernan Autograph on a crew patch Be$225
808Gene Cernan Autograph (silver ink) on a$80
809Gene Cernan Autograph on a bookplate in$40
810Ron Evans Autograph on a crew patch Beta$225
811Apollo 17 KSC Launch Date VIP Postcard S$100
812Harrison Schmitt Autograph on the cover$150
813Michael Collins Autograph (black ink) on$125
814Dave Scott Autograph on "Preliminary Rep$50
815Dave Scott Autograph on "LRV Operations$125
816NASA "APK Retrieval" Document Lot of two$100
817Original Mission Commentary Tape Transcr$400
818"Launching to the Moon Apollo 17" by Joh$60
819"Preliminary Geologic Analysis of the Ap$40
8201976, Electron Microscope Studies of Lun$30
821"Interdisciplinary Studies of Samples fr$40
822"Apollo 17 Landing Site Geology" (NASA/U$25
823"Apollo 17 Traverse Chart" (22x29") A bl$125
824"Apollo Earth Orbit Chart" (41x13") A mu$60
825Apollo 17 "Lunar Surface Retrieval" Docu$125
826Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") Lot of five$200
827Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$50
828Beta Cloth Crew Patch (9x9") with cuttin$50
829Deke Slayton's NASA ID Badges Lot of thr$200
830NASA 8x10" Black and White Publicity Pho$950

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