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Results - Aurora Auctions - Session Two:
Space & Aviation Memorabilia

Sunday, April 24, 2005, 10:00am PT
Lot 778 to 1725

Final results provided by Aurora. Unsold lots are included. Prices do not include commissions and are shown in U.S. Dollars.

Sale total: $609,538 without Buyer's Premium

778Flown Insulation from Shuttle Wing Large piece (25$150
779Shuttle Keel Strut MLI Blanket (14.5x20") A Shuttl$60
780Power Meter (8.25 x 11.25 x 7.25") Sticker on topUnsold
781Shuttle SRB Pilot Line Parachute This (3' diameter$100
782Shuttle Control Panel Piece (11.5x8.5") A portion$250
783Shuttle Interior Water Flow Meter Model number 551$90
784Shuttle Vertical Stabilizer Wind Tunnel Model (27.Unsold
785Shuttle Era Right-Handed Glove Assembly A right-ha$1,400
786Shuttle Era Left-Handed Glove Assembly A left-hand$2,100
787NASA Flight Suit A green flight suit with a NASA m$275
788Shuttle Challenger Fit Check Tile (6 x 8 x1") Thes$50
789Shuttle Challenger Fit Check Tile (6.5 x 6 x1.75")$75
790Large Prototype "Fit Check" Shuttle Tile A curved$60
791Protective Cover Crew Module-Interior Flight DeckUnsold
792Tool Kit Pouch (25x12.5") A fold-out plastic pouch$375
793Kennedy Space Center Saturn IVB "APS Chamber Press$375
794Kennedy Space Center "3B2" Time Base Panel A piece$350
795Space Shuttle Cockpit Replica & Movie Set This higUnsold
796Space Shuttle Mid Deck Level Replica The Space ShuUnsold
797Space Shuttle Cockpit Stretch Section Replica ThisUnsold
798Space Shuttle Airlock Tunnels Replica (Not pictureUnsold
799Space Shuttle (RMS) Remote Manipulator System ArmUnsold
800Space Shuttle Movie Props including books, bottle,Unsold
801Full-Sized Manned Maneuvering Unit Replica This re$32,625
803Shuttle EVA Spacesuit Replica - 1 ONLY This suit ($32,625
805Shuttle Orange Lift Off and Landing Flight Suit MoUnsold
806Space Shuttle Meal Tray A complete Shuttle meal in$2,750
807Shuttle Era Rice Krispies Meal Package This Shuttl$600
808Kerwin, Lounge, Clifford and Brandenstein Autograp$125
809Crew Autographs from STS-41D, STS-36, STS-30, STS-$30
810Hartfield, Hilmers, McArthur, Brand, Covery, Bughl$150
811Autographed Shuttle Publicity Lithographs Lot of 1$150
812Autographed Shuttle Publicity Lithographs Lot of f$90
8137 Astronaut Autographs of Different Covers includiUnsold
814Engle, Haise, Fullerton, and Truly Autographs on a$25
815Haise, Engle, Truly & Fullerton Autographs on each$60
816Covey, Hauck and Lounge Autographs on a color (8 x$90
8171992, "Free Enterprise" by Mike Machat A multicoloUnsold
818Fulton and Ferry Flight Crew Autographs Columbia,$70
818AFulton and Ferry Flight Crew Autographs Similar LUnsold
819Lot of 2 Bruce McCandless Autographs on two oversi$25
8201970, "Flight Test Results Pertaining to the Space$25
8211973, "Launch Processing System"$20
8221974, "Space Shuttle System Summary, SSV74-32" (20$30
8231975, Shuttle Configuration & Operation System Def$350
8241979, Shuttle Support Equipment/Facilities (SE/FACUnsold
8251980's, "Spacelab" and "Spacelab News Reference" ($30
8261980's, "Space Shuttle News Reference" (NASA, appr$15
8271980's//1990's, STS Cargo Handbook Lot of 12 books$25
8281982, "The Space Shuttle Operator's Manual" (740pp$30
8291984, "Space Shuttle Transportation System" (Rockw$40
8301984, Horizontal Payload Removal (NASA, OMI NO. -$60
8311988, "National Space Transportation System Refere$20
8321989, "EVA Catalog Tools and Equipment" (JSC-20466$70
8331990, "Space Shuttle Entry Handbook" (approx. 300p$125
8341992, "Space Shuttle - This History of Developing$40
8351996, "Photographic Survey of the LDEF Mission" NA$50
8361953//1965 Magazines Lot of 14 magazines relating$20
837Futuristic Shuttle Movie Prop Future Shuttle - The$60
838Space Shuttle Model 1/50th Scale (Not pictured) ThUnsold
838ASpace Shuttle "Columbia" Contractor's Model (9 xUnsold
838BSpace Shuttle "Discovery" Model (16x7") A Beauti$475
838CSpace Shuttle "RS-1C" Boeing/Grumman Contractor'$650
838DWooden Canard Design Shuttle Concept Model (26x1$3,250
839FLORIDA Shuttle Commemorative Sample License Plate$3,000
840Columbia Commemorative Glass This glass features a$75
841Lot of Two Space Shuttle Coffee Cups Included in t$60
84246 Collector's Spoons Lot of 46 collectors spoons$40
843G.I. Joe Shuttle Astronaut and "Heroes of Space" A$30
8448 Assorted Patches An interesting lot of patches.$50
8458 Shuttle Experiment Patches (3-5" diameter) Inclu$50
846Patches! Patches! Patches! Wow! A treasure trove o$40
847Shuttle Publicity Photographs Wow! Lot of 800 + NA$80
84841 NASA Shuttle Photographs A collection of color$175
849NASA Early Shuttle Publicity Lithographs Lot of 60$90
850NASA Publicity Shuttle Crew Lithograph Collection$30
8511979//1983 Shuttle Facilities Photographs A collec$70
852FLOWN Flag (5.5 x 4") mounted an a special award c$50
853Flown STS-1 Tire Cross Section This 0.5" high cros$225
854Flown STS 1 Medallion Bronze medallion whose obver$325
855Lucite Presentation Memento Containing Flown Secti$60
856FLOWN Shuttle Tile (.25 x .25") encased in a clear$275
857STS 1 Ejection Seat Safety Pin Spare catapult valv$250
858Bob Crippen Autograph on a (5 x 3") white ruled ca$200
8591976, "Space Transportation System Flight 1 OverviUnsold
8601981, "STS-1 First Space Shuttle Mission Press Kit$60
861Swiss Shuttle Postcard with launch and landing by$30
862Flown Silk Flag Silk flag (5.5x4") mounted on a co$150
863Joe Engle and Richard Truly Autographs on a NASA c$375
864Joe Engle Autograph on a copy of 1985, Space Shutt$70
865Space Shuttle Columbia Commemorative Wine This bot$15
866STS-4 Shuttle Countdown Procedures (1982, 615pp, t$60
867Flown Tile (5x5") from STS-5. Includes note that r$100
86825th NASA Anniversary Medallion Made from Metal Fl$325
869Joseph Allen Autograph on the fifth page of his ($40
870Joseph Allen Autograph on a NASA color lithograph$20
871Lot of 2 Robert Overmyer Hand-Written Notebooks Th$60
872Story Musgrave Autograph and FLOWN Payload Liner F$200
873Flown Polystyrene Spheres (10 micrometers) mounted$50
874Story Musgrave Autograph on a color (8 x 10") NASA$70
875Story Musgrave Autograph on a color (8 x 10") phot$20
876Story Musgrave Autograph on a color NASA photograpUnsold
877Donald Peterson Autograph on a NASA color lithograUnsold
878John Fabian Autograph on a NASA color lithograph ($30
879Sally Ride Autograph on a NASA color publicity litUnsold
880Sally Ride Autograph on the title page of her (wit$50
881Sally Ride Autograph on an (8 x 10") official NASAUnsold
8821986, "To Space and Back" by Sally Ride (96pp., ha$30
883Truly, Brandenstein, Gardner and Bluford Autograph$15
885Guion Bluford Autograph on a NASA color publicity$200
886William Thornton Autograph on a NASA color lithogrUnsold
887Richard Truly Autograph on a NASA color lithograph$25
888Merbold, Parker, Shaw, Garriott and Lichtenberg Au$25
889McCandless Urine Collector Used by Bruce McCandles$140
890Brand, Gibson, McCandless, McNair and Stewart Auto$475
891Bruce McCandless Autograph on an official NASA ove$60
892Bruce McCandless Autograph on an official NASA ove$300
893James van Hoften Autograph on a NASA color lithogr$70
894Steven Hawley Autograph on a NASA color lithographUnsold
895Richard Mullane Autograph on a NASA color lithograUnsold
896Mike Mullane Autograph on the title page of 1997,Unsold
897Mike Mullane Autograph on the cover of his film "T$30
898Judy A Resnik Autograph Autographed size 6 cover p$25
899Access Badges, Buttons, etc. A nice lot of mostly$30
900SpaceHab Large Stowage Bag (17 x 8 x 10") White$100
901SpaceHab Large Stowage Bag (17 x 8 x10") Similar$125
902James Buchli Autograph on a NASA color lithograph$175
903James Buchli Autograph on a color NASA publicity pUnsold
904Karol Bobko Autograph on a NASA color lithograph ($25
905Margaret Seddon Autograph on a NASA color lithograUnsold
906Statue of Liberty Copper Flown Aboard STS 51D OffiUnsold
907Frederick Gregory Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10") co$80
908Flown??? Checklist (5x8") Three checklists, foundUnsold
909Flown(???) Checklist Three checklists, found in Ro$100
910Candid STS-51B Post-Flight Audiotapes Lot of nine$100
911Coca Cola "First Taste in Space" A clear Lucite di$150
912Karl Henize Autograph on an Ames Research Assess 2Unsold
913John Lounge Autograph on a NASA color lithograph ($20
914David Hilmers Autograph on a NASA color lithographUnsold
915Scobee, Smith, McNair, Onizuka and Resnik AutograpUnsold
916Greg Jarvis Autograph in black Sharpie on a blackUnsold
917Judy Resnik Autograph on a "First Woman Astronaut$900
918Ronald E. McNair Autograph on a Mercury 6 launch c$50
9191986, "Report of the Presidential Commission on th$40
9201993, "A Journal For Christa" (191 pp., hard cover$100
921STS-61G "Post Insertion Flight Data Flies" (NASA J$25
922Flown Shuttle Tile (approx. 6.5x4.5 x 3.75") Piece$30
923Flown Shuttle Tile (8 x2 x 7.5") Fragment of a flo$950
924Flown Shuttle Tile (6 x 6 x 2") Flown Shuttle tile$175
925FLOWN Shuttle Tile (8 x 8") This Shuttle tile "No.$650
926STS-27 Crew Autographs on a NASA color publicity c$425
927Michael Coats, John Blaha, James Bagian, James Buc$40
928Blaha, Gregory, Thornton, and Carter Autographs on$50
929Frederick Gregory Autograph on a NASA color lithogUnsold
930Donald Williams Autograph on a NASA color lithograUnsold
931Mike Mullane Autographs on a color (8x10") STS-36Unsold
932Mike Mullane Autograph on a color (8x10") NASA pubUnsold
933John Casper Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10") color liUnsold
934Loren Shriver Autograph on a NASA color lithograph$25
935Richard Covey on a NASA color lithograph (8 x 10")Unsold
936Michael Coats Autograph on a NASA color lithographUnsold
937Bryan O'Connor Autograph on a NASA color lithograpUnsold
938Sid Gutierrez Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10") colorUnsold
939Sid Gutierrez Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10") colorUnsold
940John Blaha Autograph on a NASA color lithograph (8Unsold
941Brian Duffy Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10") color liUnsold
942Mae Jemison Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10") color pu$30
943Dr. Mae Jemison Autograph on the inside page of 20$40
944Mae Jemison Autograph (silver ink) on the first pa$40
945Cameron, Oswald, Cockrell, Foale, and Ochoa Autogr$70
946Flown Piece of Payload Bay Liner (1.5" square) lam$75
947Flown US Mir Flag Set of 2 STS-71 marked a number$50
948Flown Piece of Payload Bay Liner Small section of$600
949FLOWN "Payload Bay Liner" (1.5 x 1.5") The multico$50
950Gibson, Precourt, Baker, Dunbar, Harbaugh, Thagard$40
951Gennady Strekelov Autograph on a NASA color photog$150
952STS 071 Mission Patch Photograph shows the inside$30
953STS-84 crew and Russian Mir Crew Autographs on a c$100
954Flown MIR Banner Flown aboard the seventh mission$70
955Lot of 6 Flown Packets of Seeds in Space II Lot in$250
956Wilcutt, Edwards, Anderson, Railly, Dunbar, Sharip$75
957Flown Pieces of Tile from John Glenn's Shuttle Fli$100
958John Glenn Autograph on color NASA portrait lithog$325
959John Glenn Autograph on the second page of his (wi$30
960Flown Piece of "Horse Collar" A scrap (3.25x3.3")Unsold
961Flown Material Fragment from STS-92 Small fragment$50
962Lonchakov, Parazynski, Rominger, Guidoni, Ashby, H$25
963Patrick Forester Autograph on a color (8 x 10") NA$50
964Massimino, Linnehan, Carey, Altman, Currie, GrunsfUnsold
965Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion (No. 334) in its$70
966STS 107 Signed Lithograph Rick Husband, William Mc$425
967STS 107 Crew Autographs Husband, McCool, Anderson,$3,250
968Laurel B. Clark Autograph TLS on quarto sheet. Ins$1,800
969Kalpana Chawla Autograph on an STS-87 launch cover$125
9702 STS 10 Medallions Two medallions commemorating t$60
971STS 114 "Return to Flight" Teddy Bear A very cute$50
972Space Station Strut Prototype A hinged strut (19 x$30
973International Space Station (ISS) Science Module R$100
974International Space Station (ISS) Connecting NodeUnsold
9751969//1970, Lot of 2 North American Rockwell ReporUnsold
976Shepherd, Krikalev and Gizenko Autographs on an IS$40
977Usachev's ISS Maroon Flight Suit Not flown$60
978Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov Autographs Offic$150
979Leroy Chiao, Salizhan Sharipov, and Yuri Shargin A$25
980Expedition Crew 12: William McArthur, Valeri Toka$20
981Mars Rover Replica Mars Rover 6 Wheeled/ Radio con$30
9821963, "Nova Launch Facilities Study, Phase 1 Repor$300
9831978 "The Martian Landscape by the Viking Lander I$30
985Volcanic Features of Hawaii; Comparison With MarsUnsold
9861985, "The Mars One Crew Manual) (Approx. 200pp, s$30
987Mars Pathfinder Commemorative Cover This beautiful$20
98816 NASA Photographs of Mars A collection of 16 pho$20
989Mars Rover by Hot Wheels An unopened blister-pack$40
990Complete Set of 3 Postcards Flown Aboard Space Shi$1,200
990AMike Melvill autograph Melvill, Vice President/G$125
991Mike Melvill Autograph Melvill, Vice President/Gen$60
992Brian Binnie Autograph Binnie, the Program Busin$40
993Burt Rutan's Autograph on a color (24 x 36") X-Pri$250
994Model of Space Ship One and White Knight Magnifice$600
995Estes SpaceShipOne Model A wonderful and unopened$30
996Lucite Block Etched with X-Prize Logo An elegant ($30
997Flown Helium Balloon "Zanussi" Signed Cover Zanuss$60
9981997//2002, Lot of 2 Flown/Event Balloon Covers LoUnsold
999Flown Virgin Atlantic Fabric Plus Original VirginUnsold
1001The Chase de Vere Atlantic Challenge Flown CoverUnsold
10022003, First Flown Cluster Balloon Mail Cachet CovUnsold
10032004, Flown AX-2 Balloon Material (5.75 x 5.75")$50
1004Four Flown Pieces of the Bud Light Spirit of Free$275
100520th Century Barothermograph French manufacture,Unsold
1006Col. Joseph W. Kittinger Autograph on "Excelsior$150
1007Joe Kittinger Autographs on each of 2 covers incl$60
10081979," Double Eagle" (278 pp., hard cover, first$75
10091958, "Thaddeus Lowe - America's One-Man Air Corp$60
10101933, Century of Progress Commemorative Cover 193$125
10112004, Cluster Balloon Flight Signed Cache Cover S$45
1012Captive Balloon Cache Cover Beautiful, black andUnsold
1013c1930's, Heroic Stratonaut's Memorial (6x3") A br$65
1014Balloon Letterhead Kit includes 5 blank sheets ofUnsold
1015The Hindenburg Flight Flown Cover Set The Hindenb$175
1016Original Fabric from the LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin II$80
10171911, "All About Airships" by Ralph Simmonds (374$50
1018Lot of 4 Airship Books PLUS Historical Glass Slid$50
10191933//1936, 6 German Language books on Airships "$90
1020USS Macon Cover with a 1934, "Tacoma welcomes theUnsold
1021Graf Zeppelin Porcelain Plate An exquisite, 192$225
10223 Zeppelin Soda Pop Bottles circa 1930's includin$50
1023Lot of 13 Zeppelin Postcards 12 black and white GUnsold
1024Fabric from the Original Wright Flyer A scrap of$50
1025Fire Extinquisher A vintage bronze-toned metal Da$1,100
10261980//2003, 4 Books on the Wright Brothers A wondUnsold
10271899//1948, "The Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wri$175
1028Newspaper Reporting the First Flight of the Wrigh$90
10291928//1978, Two Books on Lindbergh 1928, "We" (31Unsold
1030Spirit of St. Louis Lighter A fun commemorative$40
1031Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis" Model (18 x 10")$70
1031AOneida Fork Engraved "Amelia Earhart" An Oneida h$150
10321924, "Trans-Polar Flight Expedition" Postcard (4$25
1033Early American Style "Day at the Air Field" Leo B$25
10341910//1935, A lot of Five Early Aviation books InUnsold
10351911, "The Conquest of The Air" and "All About Ai$80
10361913//1936, Lot of 4 Aviation Books including "Wo$90
10371917, "Aviation and Aeronautical Engineering Vol.$30
10381917//1943, Lot of Eight Early Aviation Books IncUnsold
10391920's, "Handbook of Instructions for Douglas Obs$30
10401922, Aero Club of America "Organization of Aeron$20
10411929//1930, Lot of Two Sikorsky Amphibion S-38 Pu$50
10421930, "The Packard Diesel Aircraft Engine" (16 pp$125
10431930//1942, Lot of 3 books relating to Aviation i$25
10441937, "Sikorsky Amphibian Aircraft S-43" (24 pp,Unsold
10451940's, "Pilot Training Manual for the CG-4A Glid$60
1046Wright Cyclone Piston and Connecting Rod A pisto$80
1047AWright Cyclone Piston and Connecting Rod Similar$70
1048Robert Morgan Autograph on a (8 x 10") black andUnsold
1049Robert Morgan Autograph on a (8 x 10") black and$50
1050Robert Morgan Autograph on an limited edition lit$90
1051Boeing B-17F "Memphis Bell" Bomber Model (15 x 23$450
10522001, "Formidable Fortress" by Robert Baily Autog$150
1053B-25 Access Panel (10 x 6.75") A metal access pan$50
10541988, "Alcohol Busters of Formosa" by S.W. Fergus$75
1055Paul Tibbets Autograph on the dedication page his$25
1056Enola Gay Crew Tibbets, Van Kirk, Ferebee, and Ne$150
1057Two Spitfire Artificial Horizons (4.5" diameter)$75
1060Two Pilot Scarves 2 pilot scarves for the 452nd A$25
1061VMA-214 Blacksheep Squadron Patch (3.5x5.75") Rob$60
10622002, "Pappy" by Jim Laurier Autographed by Black$125
10631996, "Fighting Tigers" by Robert Taylor Autograp$80
1064The Decisive Moment by Roy Grinnell A multicolo$80
1065The Legend Begins Roy Grinnell Autograph Tex Hill$80
1067James H. Doolittle Autographs on a (8 x 10") and$60
1068Chuck Yeager and C.E. "Bud" Anderson Autographs o$75
1069The Last Mission Autographed by Chuck Yeager and$125
1070C.E. "Bud" Anderson Autograph on a (8 x 10") blac$40
1071Hot Pursuit Autographed by P 51 Pilots (1991, 3$250
1072The Eyes of Eagles Autographed by Chuck Yeager,$125
10731995, "Last Man Home" Autographed by P 51 Pilots$175
1079Gunther Rall Autograph on the first page of his 2$50
1080ME 262 ModelUnsold
1081Pilot's Handbook of Flight Instructions for XC-9$21,000
10841943, USAF Fighter Operation Orders Directive "S$50
1085Wings for the Navy - A History of the Chance VougUnsold
10861944, "Civil Air Patrol Handbook" (236pp, soft co$40
1089Army Maintenance Instructions P 59 A & B 1944, "E$20
10901945, "Sea Surface Indications of Wind Velocity"$550
1092Famous Fighters of the Second World War by WilUnsold
1094B-52 Control Wheel (15 x 9") Control wheel for thUnsold
1095B-52G Identification Plate This metal (3 x 4.50")$800
1097B-2 Fuel Level Control Valve (Approx. 10 x 7") Me$40
1099Two B2 Photographs with Test Pilot Autographs Bol$40
1102B2 & Other Aircraft Themed Glasses and Mugs An as$30
1103B-2 "Spirit" Bomber Model (20 x 8") A black PhiliUnsold
1104Vintage "The Bomber" Aircraft Game (5 x 3.50") Th$200
1106F-11 "Angle of Attack" Vane Cover Circa 1960's/19Unsold
1107Lockheed P-80 Trim Tab (15 x 4.5") A metal trim t$40
1109YF22 Fuselage Panel (12 x 10 x 13") A light green$25
1110YF22 Internal Support Strut (25 x 12") metal stru$225
1113Yf22 Fuselage Bracket (13.75 x 2.75") A white, meUnsold
1114Lockheed YF22 Fragment A pale green piece (16x7.5$30
1117F-100D Panel Cover (15.5 x 14") AC power relay an$60
1118F-015 Eagle Vent (9.5" diameter) A vent from the$75
1120F-86E Wing Assembly Part (5.5 x 7 x 9") part of aUnsold
11211958, "Flight Handbook USAF Series F80 RF80, Navy$70
1122Max Beall Fighter Pilot Drogue Chute Vietnam-era$30
1123Ejection Seat Handle (16" long) An important piecUnsold
11241965, "NATOPS F-8 Flight Manual" (NAVWEPS 01-45HHUnsold
11251967, "NATOPS Flight Manual" (NAVAIR 01-45HHB-501$40
1126Lot of Two Lockheed Starfighter Pilot Checklists$20
11281976, "F-15 Spin Workshop" (Approx 150pp., soft c$50
11291978, "NATOPS AV-8A Flight Manual" (NAVAIR 01-AV8Unsold
1130Assortment of Fighter Aircraft Operating Manuals$20
1131F 5E and F20 Northrop Fighter Brochures A press k$20
11325 Pilot "Yearbooks" A collection of (approx. 60ppUnsold
1133Hawk Kellogg's Pep Cereal Premium 1950 Jets Model$60
1134F-14 Fighter Contractor's Model (10 x 10"). A gUnsold
1135USAF F-15 Eagle Contractors Model (10 x 7") McDon$90
1137Nike Zeus Missile Model (28 x 4.5") Contractor'sUnsold
1138F-100 " Super Sabre" Contractor's Model (13.5 x 1$250
1139U.S. Air Force Autographs Lot of 45 mostly (5 x 3$125
1140XB-70A Valkyrie Fragment A metal fragment from th$50
1141Neil A. Armstrong, Robert Rushworth, John Mc Kay,$70
1142X 15 Pete Knight, Joe Engle and Bill Dana Autogra$3,750
1143Test Pilot Neil Armstrong Autograph on a black an$200
1143ACharles Conrad Autograph on a DC-X first flight$900
1144Lot of two Limited Edition Lithographs by Mike Ma$150
1148Bill Dana Autograph on a (8 x 10") color publicitUnsold
1149Lakebed Liftoff by Mike Machat A multicolor lim$30
1150Chalmers "Slick" Goodlin Autograph on a (8 x 10")Unsold
1151X 15 Pete Knight Autograph on a (8 x 10") black a$40
1152Milt Thompson Autograph on a (8 x 10") black and$30
1153Chuck Yeager Autograph on a black and white photo$70
1154Chuck Yeager Autograph on the inside page of the$50
1156Chuck Yeager Autograph on a FLOWN FD cover (No. 6$40
1157Yeager's Conquest - Mach 1 by Roy Grinnell Pres$125
1158Bell X-1 Supersonic Research Plane Press Kit 13-p$125
1159X 1 A B D Pilot Handbook "Pilot's Handbook of Fli$100
1160X Planes "Early Experimental Research Aircraft" ($30
11611961, "The X-15 Research Airplane" (12pp, soft co$70
11621965, "Utilitiy Flight Manual USAF Series X-15" (Unsold
11631965, "X-15 Pilot Rescue" Manual (NASA, 80pp, sofUnsold
11651969, "Lifting Body Joint Operations Plan" (NASA,$150
1165A1165 A: Lot of Two Flight Research Center Pilot Books iUnsold
11661991, X 15 30th Anniversary Book "Proceedings ofUnsold
11671992, "Soviet "X" Planes" (160pp, soft cover). A$100
11682000, "Hypersonics Before The Shuttle: A Concise$25
1169Douglas D855 Skyrocket X Plane 1/71 scale Model P$40
1170X-15 Model (15 x 7") A matt black North AmericaUnsold
1171X-15 Model (12.5 x 6") North American X-15 contra$550
1172X-15 Model (18 x 7") North American Aviation, Inc$100
1173X-30 Black "Stealth" NASA Contractor's Model 1/50$400
1174X-33 1/50 "Next Generation Shuttle" - This model$5,000
1174ALot of 3 Limited Edition Lithographs YF 22, F 1$6,000
11754 X-Plane Patches A modest assortment of four pat$75
1177Lot of 5 X-1A Photographs Five vintage Bell X-1A$50
1178M2-F2 Lifting Body Accident Reel of Film Wow! ColUnsold
1179X-35 in Glass (3 x 2 x 2") A rectangular shaped g$200
1180FLOWN U-2 Fragment This unusual (5.50 x .50") fraUnsold
1183Lockheed U-2 Oil Cooler Intake Plug A great piece$60
1184U-2R Fuselage Assembly Panel This metal (7 x 7")Unsold
11851970, "Operation Overflight" by Francis Gary Powe$25
1186Lockheed A-12 Flight Recorder System Spherical in$50
1187FLOWN A-12 Fragment This unusual (8 x 1.50") titUnsold
1188FLOWN A-12 Fragment This unusual (3 x 2.50") tit$60
1190Three SR-71 Rudder Structures Three metal segment$60
1191SR-71Skin Panel (approx 17 x 7") A rare, unpainte$100
1192SR-71A Windshield De-Icer Duct Insulation Any pla$150
1193SR-71 Wave Guide (18 x 4") Metal wave guide from$100
1194SR-71 Water Separator Bracket and Tubing (approx$50
1195SR-71 Heat Shield Fitting Fragment (Approx. 7 x 4$30
1196FLOWN SR-71 Wing Fragment Unusual (9 x 2.50") winUnsold
1197SR-71 Access Panel Access panel 209U from the SR-$150
1198SR-71 Model (13 x 7") SR-71 Blackbird model mount$500
11991983, "F-111A Flight Manual" (Approx. 350pp, thre$125
1200F-111A Model (11 x 5") General Dynamics and Grumm$40
1201FLOWN F-117A Fuel Cap (4.25") Removed from the "B$90
1202F-117A Digital Watch A digital wristwatch with$90
1204Rare Top Secret Skunk Works Coffee Cup During theUnsold
12051948, "Flight Log" United Air Lines flight log, w$300
1206Douglas Control Wheel (13.5 x 9") A black controlUnsold
1207American Airlines Flatware Wow! Do you remember '$400
12081960's, Lot of 15 Black and White Commercial Airl$80
12091930, "The Official Aviation Guide of the Airways$70
12101930's, Lot of Five Pan Am Time Tables (circa 193Unsold
12111964, "Hungry Tiger" (277pp, hard cover, dust jac$225
12121985, "Eastern Air Lines An Illustrated History"Unsold
12131996, "Bill and Moya Lear - An Unforgettable FligUnsold
1214Boeing Aircraft Window Cutout Aluminum Serving TrUnsold
1216DC 8 and Boeing 720 Commercial Airlines Ashtrays$40
1217Lot of 18 Collectible Airplane Lithographs In theUnsold
1218Canadian Pacific Poster Chesley Bonestell ArtUnsold
12191987, "Voyager - The Skies Yield" by Craig Kodera$125
1220Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager Autographs on VoyagerUnsold
1222Accelerometer Junction Box (6.5 x 3.25") Metal ju$50
12231958, Airplane Seat Harness Assembly (50 x 3") MaUnsold
1224RB 51 Landing Gear Operation Placard (7.75 x 4.75Unsold
12251948, "Supersonics-The Science of Inaudible SoundUnsold
12261950's, "How to Fly a Piper Cub" (32pp, soft coveUnsold
12271954, "Men, Money and Mud" (64pp, soft cover, sta$25
1228Lot of 4 Foreign Language Technical Books on Avia$50
12291987, "Lockheed" by Bill Yenne (247pp, hard withUnsold
12301990, "Unclassified Northrop MCair YF-23A Utility$25
12311992, "Aeroplani Caproni" (240pp, hard cover, dus$40
12321998, "Sikorsky" (128pp, soft cover, bound) The s$40
12331998, Images of America Sikorsky (128 pp., soft cUnsold
1234Gulfstream IV Flight Management System Pilot Manu$50
12351908//1909, La Revue de l'Aviation Magazines (No.Unsold
12361910//1911, "Flugspost" Publications Lot of four$225
1240Lot of 11 "Spaceflight" Magazines (1964//1969). P$60
1241Boeing 747 Instrument Panel Diagrams Published in$70
1242Lot of 2 Albums of German Cigarette Cards includiUnsold
1243Lot of 2 Lockheed Coffee Mugs including "The Exce$80
1244Aviator's Watch A small antimagnetic wristwatch m$15
1245Early Lockheed Aircraft Photographs A collection$40
1246A3 Rocket Graphite Rudder (approx 8.5 x 2 x 5.5")$90
1247V2 Rocket Wing Structure Fragment (19 x 5") A pie$275
1248A4 V2 Rocket Graphite Rudder Fragment (9.5 x 3.75$75
1249A4 V2 Rocket Graphite Rudder Fragment (2.5 x 2.7Unsold
1250A4 V2 Rocket Graphite Rudder Fragment (8.5 x 5.5Unsold
1251A4 V2 Rocket Graphite Rudder Fragment (6 x 4.5 x$175
1252V2 Rocket Fuel Nozzle (7 x 7") This fragment of aUnsold
1253A5 Rocket Fragment (8.5 x 5.5 x 2") This fragmentUnsold
1254A5 Rocket Fragment (8.5 x 5.5 x 2") This fragmentUnsold
1255V2 Rocket Fragments Two skin pieces of a V2 RockeUnsold
1256V2 Rocket Component An electrical part (6 x 2") f$175
1257Metal V2 Fuel Tank Fragment From Peenemunde Metal$200
1258Metal V2 Fuel Tank Fragment From Peenemunde MetalUnsold
1259Metal Fragment from Peenemunde Metal fragment (7Unsold
1260Metal Fragment from Peenemunde Metal fragment (6Unsold
12611942 Dornier Do 217 Propulsion Engine Blueprint NUnsold
12621955, Rocket R25 Documentation "Versuchsrakete R2Unsold
1263A3 Rocket Blueprint Mimeograph (37.5 x 16.5) A viUnsold
1264Round Peenemunde Access Badge ( 2x 1.75") recover$100
1265Round Peenemunde Access Badge #33461 (2" diameterUnsold
1266Oval Peenemunde Access Badge #13188 (2 x 1.75") rUnsold
1267Launch Site 7 Peenemunde Access Badge Fragment (aUnsold
1268Peenemunde Pruefstand 7 V2 Launch Site Access BadUnsold
1269Oval Peenemunde Office Personnel Access Badge # 1Unsold
1270Peenemunde Secret Rocket Launch Site Access Badge$225
1271Peenemunde Night Access Badge Rare access badge (Unsold
1272Nine Various Name Signs Recovered from PennemundeUnsold
1273Peenemunde Metal Tags Two metal tags (1.5 x. 5")Unsold
1274Peenemunde Metal Equipment Fragments Perhaps from$125
1276Peenemunde Machine Tags A lot of five different mUnsold
1277Train Ticket Tokens from Pennemunde A lot of fiveUnsold
1278Konrad K. Dannenberg Autograph on a black and whiUnsold
1279Original Otto Albus Artwork A 1953 signed sketch$650
1280Original Otto Albus Artwork A 1953 signed sketch$125
12811962, "Peenemunde to Canaveral" by Dieter K. Huze$80
1282V2 Rocket 1/19 Scale Estes Model Kit (1974) This$400
1283German Secret Rocket Flying Wing Prototype Model$50
1284Wie Satelliten Entwicklungslandern Helfern Konnen$325
12851939, " Weltraum" Robert Goddard Rockets (20pp, n$75
12861942, Three Issues of "Weltraum" Magazine (each 8$30
1287Incredible Collection of V1 Rocket Photographs Co$60
12881932 Lot of 3 Rocket Car Photographs Three black$350
12891940's Lot of 14 V2 Rocket Photographs Collection$90
1290Rocket Launch Photographs A collection of nine bl$325
1291Vintage Dornier DO Photographs A collection of 19$225
1292Lot of 3 Rocket Plane Photographs Vintage black aUnsold
12935 Deathcards - V2 Rocket Concentration Camp WorkeUnsold
1294Flown Jupiter Rocket Nose Cone Distributor An o$50
1295Titan Hardhat Vintage hard-hat with a blue Tita$900
1296V2 Rocket Conductivity Checker Rare piece of V2 e$60
1297Monitor (5 x 7 x 9") Monitor housed in a black me$60
1298Inert Polaris Solid Rocket Fuel Sample (4.2 x 1.5Unsold
1299Inert Polaris Solid Rocket Fuel Sample (4.2 x1.5"Unsold
1300Rare Collection of 16 Saturn Decoder Diagrams (ciUnsold
13011958, 2 ABMA Firing Lab Telemetry Diagram Two det$40
1302Werner von Braun and Ernst Stuhlinger AutographsUnsold
1303Kurt Debus Autograph on a vintage NASA (8 x 10")$125
1304Kurt Debus Autographs on each on two February 4,$50
13051968, Kurt Debus Autograph on "10th Anniversary L$90
1306Hermann Oberth Autograph on a black and white (3.$50
1307Hermann Oberth Autographs An exceptional collecti$50
1308Hermann Oberth Autograph on a letter dated Februa$125
1309Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger Autographs on each on 3 diff$60
1310Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger Autograph on page 1 of the J$75
1311Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger Autograph on both the inside$30
1312Ernst Stuhlinger Autograph on a first day cover b$90
1313von Braun Hand Written Note Note written to his s$50
1314von Braun Handwritten Corrections and Modificatio$175
1315Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph on a 13 June 1973$225
1316Maj. General J.B. Medaris Autograph on a (8 x 10"$600
131716mm Film "Rocket Flight to the Moon" circa 1940$125
13181915//1974, Lot of 2 books on Robert Goddard and$35
13191931, "The Conquest of Space" by David Lasser (26$60
13201940's, Kwajalein Crossroads Orientation Booklet$475
13211948, "Rocket Development - Liquid-Fuel Rocket Re$50
13221950's "Introduction to Redstone" (36pp, soft cov$850
13231960, "The Missilemen" By Mel Hunter (192pp, hard$40
13241960//1961, Lot of 2 Books on Russian Rocketry in$80
13251963, "A Proposed Program for the Evaluation of t$50
13261964, "Agena" Rocket Booster Lockheed BookUnsold
13271964, Guided Missiles Fundamentals (Air Force Man$75
13281968 and 1970, "Major NASA Launchings" (Approx. 1$25
1329Brochure Hermann-Oberth-Gesellschaft Company (cir$30
13301976, "USAF Range Instrumentation Handbook" (apprUnsold
1331Oberth signed "Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen"$30
1332Missile Space Launches & Cape Canaveral OperationUnsold
13331995, "LLV Flight Data" Manual (1995, Lockheed Ma$30
1334Wernher von Braun Space Visionary Rocket Engineer$30
1336Large Scale Model of Atlas K Rocket (86" high x 1$225
1348USAF "Atlas ICBM" Rocket Model (15x3") A grey pla$2,500
1349Delta Launch Vehicle Model (21 x 2.5") A McDonnel$325
1350Delta Rocket Model (18.5 x 3") A Douglas Improved$90
1351Thrust Augmented Delta Model (29 x 4") A NASA/Dou$60
1352US Army Pershing Missile Model on its mobile laun$450
1353Talos Missile Model (8.5 x 4") A rare Bendix Miss$425
1355USAF "Titan" Launch Vehicle Model (12 x 2") An at$175
1356Titan III Rocket Model (22 x 4.5") The Martin Mar$150
13574 Photographs of Werner von Braun Four different$900
13581933, "Rocket Flight No. 2 on May 14, 1933" Vinta$200
1359Five Early NASA White Sands Rocket Photographs 3Unsold
1360Lot of 16 Photographs of Missiles and Rockets incUnsold
136129 Photographs of Wernher von Braun A wonderful c$100
1362Four von Braun Photographs A collection of four b$250
1363LM-2E Long March Rocket Model (16 x 3") A strik$75
1364LM-2E Long March Rocket Model (15 x 3") A strik$50
1365Soyuz Rocket Model (9.25 x 1.25") A chromed alumi$60
1366Soyuz Rocket Model (17 x 1.75") A striking two-pa$75
1367H-1 Rocket Model (9.75 x 1.3") Hand-painted H-1$150
1368Vostok Rocket Model (12 x 3.5") A wonderful tab$375
1369Peacekeeper FTM-1 Missile Diagram (48 x 11") A hi$200
1370U.S. Navy "Polaris" Missile Model (2.5 x 14") A tUnsold
1371Sparrow II Missile Model (6.5 x 3") A white Dou$325
1374Dragon Missile Model (3.5"). A khaki plastic Mc$40
1375U.S. Army "Pershing" Missile Model (13 x 2"). A rUnsold
1376F-18 Model Pen Holder A metal F-18 Hornet (7.5 x5$80
1377Computer Board from Viking Mission??? Circuit bo$25
13781981, "The R.A.E. Table of Earth Satellites 1957$150
13791981//1993, Lot of 2 NASA Publications on Satelli$150
13801986, "Cargo Systems Manual TDRS-Tracking and DatUnsold
13821960's "Pioneer in Space" (20pp, soft cover, stapUnsold
1383Voyager 1 and 2 Atlas of Six Saturnian Satellite$50
13841997, The Story of Explorer - America's first sat$50
13851967, "Surveyor V - A Preliminary Report" (NASA S$30
13861971, "The Mariner 6 and 7 Pictures of Mars" (NAS$50
1387Large Explorer XII Model (5.5 x 3") A vintage 1/8$40
1389Unnamed "Deep Space" Satellite Model (18 x 10.5)$250
13901980 "GEOS" Environmental Satellite Model (4 x7")$150
1391Intelsat VI Contractor's Model International Tele$225
1392Grumman Orbiting Astronomical Observatory Model ($90
1393Telestar Satellite Model (2") A highly detailed$400
1395Shen Zhou Satellite Model (approx 12 x 3.75") Bea$150
1396KoreaSat I Satellite Model Lockheed Martin Astr$225
1397Russian Model of a Satellite (6 x 11") Exquisite$175
1398Sputnik "Foton" in Earth Orbit (11" high) A beaut$1,000
1399Sputnik "Foton" Model Detailed model (7 x 4") of$300
1401Sputnik Model An desktop model of Sputnik launc$300
1402Vintage "Sputnik" Model An interesting red and bl$125
1403Last Flight From Rabaul WWII Japanese Ace SakaiUnsold
14042000, "Spirit of Flight" by Roy Grinnell A multicUnsold
1405One of Four That Day by Roy Grinnell A strikingUnsold
1406Original Political Cartoon by Jeff Koterba (11.25$150
14071996, "The Sword and the Shield" by Jim Laurier ($175
14082002, "Black Sheep At Munda" by Jim Laurier A strUnsold
1409Yeager Goes Mach Two by Mike Machat (24 x 18")$150
14102003, "Outrun the Thunder" by John Shaw A multico$200
1411Tex Hill by John Shaw A striking black and whit$150
1412Curtis SBC-4 Scout Bomber by R. G. Smith (19 x$80
1413Vought F4U-4 Corsair by R. G. Smith (19 x 15",Unsold
1414Douglas A-D4 Skyraider R. G. Smith Print (19 x$50
1415P-51 Mustang by Robert Taylor (24 x 20") A multUnsold
1416Lot of Three Limited Edition Lithographs includin$75
1417Lot of two Limited Edition Vietnam Aviation Litho$275
141812 NASA Lithographs A wonderful collection of litUnsold
1419Aircraft Prints (14 x 11") A nice lot of LockheedUnsold
1420Mars Polar Lander by space artist Detlev van RaUnsold
1421Original DARA Logo Design Original DARA logo desiUnsold
1422Mirror in Space by space artist Detlev van Rave$275
1422A"Earth is Watching" Alan Bean Painting$25,000
1423Sign of the Zodiac - Libra by space artist DetlUnsold
1424Sign of the Zodiac - Leo by space artist DetlevUnsold
1425Sign of the Zodiac - Taurus by space artist DetUnsold
1426Sign of the Zodiac - Scorpius by space artist DUnsold
1427Sign of the Zodiac - Pisces by space artist DetUnsold
1428Sign of the Zodiac - Sagittarius by space artis$225
1429Sign of the Zodiac - Gemini by space artist DetUnsold
1430Sign of the Zodiac - Cancer by space artist DetUnsold
1431Sign of the Zodiac - Aries by space artist DetlUnsold
1432Sign of the Zodiac - Virgo by space artist Detl$250
1433Sign of the Zodiac - Aquarius by space artist DUnsold
1433A"Sign of the Zodiac - Sagittarius" by space artUnsold
1434Poster of Don Wiles Pencil Sketches An oversize p$125
1435Chelsey Bonestell Illustrated Book Golden Gate Br$40
1437Our Solar System by space artist Detlev van Rav$500
1438Chandra X-Ray Telescope in Space by space artisUnsold
1439Orbiting Astronomical Observatory NASA Goddard GrUnsold
1440Voyager I & II Publicity Lithographs Wow! Lot of$50
14411951, "The Conquest of Space" (160 pp., hard cove$60
14441976, "Hubble Space Telescope Public Affairs PlanUnsold
14451978, "The Voyage of Mariner 10" NASA SP-424 (224Unsold
14461978, "The Voyage of Mariner 10" NASA SP-424 (224Unsold
1447Encyclopedia of Space Travel and Astronomy (19Unsold
1448Pioneer First to Jupiter, Saturn, and Beyond N$30
14491980, "Pioneer First to Jupiter, Saturn and BeyonUnsold
14501982, "Voyages to Saturn" (NASA SP-451, 227PP., sUnsold
1451NASA Map of Neptune Moon Triton Map I-2153 1992,$125
1452Norman Hilberry's Argonne Nuclear Lab Wattmeter N$125
1453Cutie Pie Hanford Nuclear Lab Geiger Counter DeUnsold
1454Lewis L. Strauss Autograph on cover page of "Men$30
14551978, "Nuclear Energy" (64 pp., hard cover) autogUnsold
14561963, "The Century of Science" First Edition (313Unsold
1457Tom Stafford (x2) and Wally Schirra (x2) Autograp$175
1458NASA Publicity Autopen Signed Crew Photo's Outsta$375
1459Astronaut Autographs Shepard, Bean,Schmitt Cernan$1,000
146145 NASA Photographs 45 Official NASA photographs$275
1462Richard Nixon Autograph on a (3.75 x 2.5") card e$400
1463Autographed KSC Photograph on a NASA (8 x 10") blUnsold
14641953//1958, Lot of Four NACA Reports including "E$25
14651949//1958, Lot of 96 "National Advisory Committe$125
14661948//1991 Lot of Eleven Books on Space A wonderf$75
14671953//1971, Lot of 9 Space Books An interesting l$80
14681958//1964, Lot of 4 Books by Willy Ley 1957 "Spa$50
14701958//1999 20 Books Relating to Space and Aeronau$125
14711962, "Mike Mars Flies the Dyna-Soar" (188pp, har$30
14721962//1966 Lot of 6 Space Books including "Gravit$20
14731962//1994 Lot of Eight Books Authored by Astrona$75
14741963, " Manned Space Flight Team" (NASA EP-11, 14$35
14751963, "The Human Parameter in Space Flight (A StUnsold
14761963//1986 Four Books on Space Exploration A modeUnsold
14771964, "Historical Origins of NASA'S Launch Operat$30
14781964//1974, 5 NASA Manuals "KSC-NASA Supplement tUnsold
14791965, "Pictorial History of Cape Kennedy 1950-196$70
14801966, "Development of a Small Animal Payload and$70
1481Evaluation of Fasteners for Space Book 1966, "Eva$40
14821966, "John F. Kennedy Space Center" (28pp., soft$30
1483Committee on Aeronautical & Space Sciences US SeUnsold
14841967//1969, Lot of 3 NASA Fact Brochures includin$20
1485Orders of Magnitude - A History of NACA and NASA$30
14861976, "Origins of NASA Names, NASA SP-4402" (227p$20
14871978, "NASA Budget Estimates Vol I - III$40
1488Environmental Impact Statement Kennedy Space Cent$40
14891980//1981 Nine Assorted Books on Space An eclectUnsold
1490The Eagle Has Wings: American Space Exploration$50
14911983, "All We Did Was Fly To The Moon" (143 pp.,$30
14921985, "Guinness Space Flight Records" (168pp, sofUnsold
1493Space Patches: From Mercury to the Space Shuttle$75
14941988, "The National Air and Space Museum" (498 pp$80
14951988, 3 Volume Set of NASA Historical Data "NASA$15
1496A1496 A: 1992, "Monitoring NASA Communications" by AnthUnsold
1496B1496 B: Lot of 16 Quest Magazines (2000//2004) A great$60
14972001, "NASA New Millennium Problems and Solutions$30
1498NASA Merritt Island & Kennedy Space Center Pictor$25
1499Bound Set of NASA Technical Notes NASA published$696
1500Reprint of A. A. Michelson's "Velocity of Light"Unsold
150127 Life Magazines A wonderful collection of Life$150
15021982//1991 "Spaceport News" Magazines An almost c$90
1503Founding Documents of the IAF In 1949, the GFG frUnsold
1504Collection of Documents from the Second IAF CongrUnsold
1505James Michener Autograph First Edition "Space" on$800
15065' Boeing 737 Movie Prop Model Boeing 737 (approxUnsold
1507Cessna T-37 Model (10 x 9") Heavy plastic contr$125
1508Lockheed S-3B Viking Model (12 x 8.5") Wooden Loc$75
1509North American T-28A Model (12 x 16") North Ameri$75
1510Vertol Helicopter Model (11 x 4") Boeing model mo$125
1511Hughes 269A Rotor Blade Contractor's Model CutawaUnsold
15121/16 Scale Martian Law TV Series Helicopter ModelUnsold
1514Mirage w/ Israeli Markings Mirage w/ Israeli MarkUnsold
1515MIG w/ Soviet markings This model is made to appeUnsold
1516MIG Fighter Model (12 x 7") A striking polished a$225
1517Moon and Mars Movie Props Mars & Moon (Pair) ApprUnsold
1518Space Photograph Collection Lot of 85 mostly uncoUnsold
1519Space Lithographs and Glossies Collection of 75 t$75
1520NASA Publicity Lithographs Collection of 42 rare$325
1521NASA Publicity Lithographs Lot of 60 NASA lithogr$70
1522NASA Portrait Publicity Lithographs Lot of 30 min$100
1523NASA Publicity Lithographs Lot of 65 lithographs$325
1524NASA Publicity Lithograph Portrait Collection Lot$125
1525Lot of 20 NASA Publicity Photographs (8 x 10") in$125
1526UFO Classic style Flying Saucer Movie Prop This mUnsold
1527Martian Law TV Series Robot Martian Law Robot (TVUnsold
1528Star Trek James Doohan Autographs on two of his b$30
1529Star Trek "U.S.S. Enterprise" Model A model (9.5xUnsold
1530Star Trek Star Ship Enterprise 6' Model Built of$13,750
1531Original Gene Roddenbery Star Trek Phaser An orig$5,000
1532Lot of 2 Star Trek Hallmark Christmas Ornaments i$40
1533Buttons! Buttons! Buttons! A dealers lot of red,$225
1534Unbelievable Treasure Trove of 128 NASA Access an$750
1535Lot of 79 NASA Badges A treasure trove of 79 NASA$400
1536Space Exploration Memorabilia Trading Cards and M$100
1537Lot of 4 Early Educational Space Card Games inclu$60
1538NASA Cup and Saucer Heavy white china with a gold$85
15392 Large Size NASA "Meatball" patches Two (8" diam$225
1540Three NASA Research Patches An assortment of thre$30
1541Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Handwritten Manuscript and$2,000
1541A1541 A: Tsiolkovsky Handwritten Page A small (5.5 x 8")$375
1541B1541 B: Tsiolkovsky Autograph (10 pp, soft cover) on 19$2,500
15421960, "The Road to the Stars" (358pp, hard cover,$150
1543Model of Tsoilkovsky Monument This attractive mod$175
1544Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Statue (3.5 x 2.5") A heav$40
1545Tsiolkovsky Statue (10 x 3.5") A heavy metal cast$60
15461962, "The Rocket of Tsiolkovsky" (31x22") This m$425
1547Sputnik 1 40th Anniversary Flown Cover No. 812/1,$150
1548KV-2 EVA Gloves A pair of EVA gloves with green r$850
1549Soyuz Program "Sleeping Bag" As used post Soyuz 1Unsold
15509 Space Badges Three sets of three metal badges d$175
1551Gagarin Autographed Cover Postmarked at Moscow th$250
1552Gagarin /Vostok 1 40th Anniversary Flown Cover No$30
1553Gagarin/Vostok 1 40th Anniversary Flown Cover No.$40
1554Two Gagarin Autographs on two black and white pos$200
1555Gagarin Autograph on a postcard on which he wrote$175
1556Gagarin Handwritten Letter Letter handwritten to$950
1557Gagarin and Titov Autograph on a 2nd Anniversary$125
1558Yuri Gagarin Autograph on a black and white portr$150
1559Gagarin Autograph on black and white photograph p$125
1560Gagarin Autograph on a (4 x 6") color postcard. T$150
1561Presentation of 28 Matchbooks commemorating Yuri$50
15621962, "I Am Eagle" (212pp., hard cover, dust jack$30
1563Andriyan Nikolayev Autograph on a official vintagUnsold
1564Gagarin, Titov and Tereshkova Autographs on a scaUnsold
1565Tereshkova Autograph on a color (6 x 8") photogra$30
1566Leonov and Belyayev Autographs on (6 x 4.5") blac$60
1567Dobrovolsky, Volkov and Patsayev Autographs on a$400
1569Flown Soyuz-18 Cover signed by Klimuk and Sevasty$100
1570Flown Red Banner (10") signed by Romanenko and Gr$175
1571Grechko Romanenko Dzhanibekov Makarov Autographs$40
1572Banner Flown Soyuz 27 Dzhankbekov Makarov SignedUnsold
1573Flown Soyuz 28 Salyut 6 Soyuz 30 Cover Signed sig$175
1574FLOWN Soyuz Salyut Cover with Ryumin Autograph El$50
1575Lyakhov Ryumin Autographs on Soyuz 32 Salyut Cove$30
1576Flown Soyuz 36 Cover Autograph by Farkash Elegant$30
1577Flown Soyuz 36 Cover Signed Kubasov Popov & Ryum$50
1578Cosmonaut Bela Magyari Autograph on a color photoUnsold
1579Banner Flown Soyuz 37 Autographs Gorbatko & Taun$125
1580Flown Soyuz 38 Salyut Soyuz 37 Cover Crew Autogra$40
1581Soyuz 38 Flown Banner Signed Romanenko Tamayo (9.$125
1582Flown Soyuz 39 Banner Signed Dzhanibekov & Gurra$125
1583Flown Soyuz 39 Cover A beautiful, multicolor cove$40
158412 Cosmonaut Autographs on Soyuz 39 Flown Cover o$100
1585Soyuz 39 Russian Mongolian Flight Presentation Pl$90
1586FLOWN Cover with Lebedev and Ryumin Autographs El$30
1587Cosmonaut Valentin Lebedev Autograph on the autho$25
1588Flown Salyut 7 Banner Berezovoy & Lebedev Signed$125
1589FLOWN Soyuz T 6 TM 7 Cover Chretien Signed Flown$50
1590Lyakhov, Popov & Dzhanibekov Autographs on Cover$25
1591Flown Soyuz-T 6 Salyut 7 Cover Autographed Elegan$30
1592Flown Soyuz T 11 & T 10 Cover This beautiful, mul$40
1593Flown Soyuz TM 3 Cover Cosmonaut Signed from Soy$60
1594Soyuz TM 3 MIR Russian Syrian Presentation Plaque$200
1595Soyuz TM 6 Russian-Afghanistan Presentation Plaqu$200
1596Flown Soyuz TM 9 Cover This was the only Soviet s$40
1597Flown Soyuz TM-10 cover Strekalov & Manakov Signe$90
1598FLOWN Soyuz TM 14 MIR & Soyuz TM 15Cover with So$40
1599FLOWN Soyuz TM 15 and Soyuz TM 14 Cover with Togn$70
1600FLOWN Cover with Manakov & Poleshchuk Autographs$40
1601Flown Cover Autographed by Ten Cosmonauts Beautif$275
1602FLOWN Soyuz TM 16, MIR & Soyuz TM-17Cover with H$30
1603FLOWN Cover Autographed by Soyuz 18 Crew Autograp$70
1604Flown Soyuz TM 27 Russian Flag Signed by Crew (4.$200
1605Flown Soyuz TM 28, MIR &TM 27 Cover Extremely rarUnsold
1606Flown Soyuz TM 30 US $1.00 Bill Matted and framed$400
1607Flown Mir Soyuz TM 15 Cover from the MIR space st$70
1608Flown MIR Cover Autographed Titov Leonov Savinykh$90
1609MIR 2 Space Station HEX Bolt (2.25") This bolt is$10
1610Mir Model (9x8.5") A 1:144 scale of the Mir spa$550
1611Cosmonaut Leonid Sedov Autograph on a Russian posUnsold
1612Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov's Autograph on a "greetin$50
1613Soviet Rocket Scientist Korolev Handwritten NoteUnsold
1614Soviet Rocket Scientist Korolev Handwritten NoteUnsold
1615Soviet Rocket Scientist Korolev Autograph on a bl$475
1616Korolev, Gagarin and Nikolaev Autographs on a (9.$225
1617Korolev and Gagarin Autographs on a black and whi$350
161883 Cosmonaut Autographs on Postcards & Covers On$250
161959 Cosmonaut Signed Photographs and Postcards Lot$350
1620Gagarin, Titov Tereshkova & Cosmonaut Autographs$300
1621Early Cosmonaut Autographs Shonin, Nikolaev, Vol$400
1622Gagarin, Titov, Nikolayev and Popovich Autographs$175
1624Cosmonauts Dzhanibekov and Gurragcha Autograph onUnsold
1625Cosmonauts Berezovoy and Lebedev Autographs on an$200
1626Cosmonauts Popov and Prunariv Autographs on an 1Unsold
1627The Opening of the World by Lyapunov TsiolkovskUnsold
16281958//1974, Lot of 4 Books on the Soviet Space Pr$30
16291971, "Conquest of Outer Space In the USSR 1967-1$50
16301971//1999, Two Books on Russian Space Flight 197$50
16311976, "Spacecraft Designer: The Story of Sergei K$50
16321981, "Difficult Space Roads" by V. A. Shatlov ($50
16331957//1975, Magazines on Russian/Soviet Aeronauti$90
16341962, "Soviet Union" Magazine Nikolayev & Popovic$15
1636Large Scale Soyuz Model This exquisite model (28"$2,100
1637Vostok Model (2.5 x 2"). The red plastic Vostok s$50
1638Lunakhod Lunar Rover Commemorative Desk Pen A strUnsold
1654Cosmonaut Training Center Centrifuge Scale Model$225
1661To the Stars Heroic Figurine (4 x 9.5") Similar$70
1662Korolev Statue (12" x 3.50") An impressive plastiUnsold
1663Sputnik Music Box (7 x 5 x 4") A striking hemis$175
1664Sputnik Table Clock (3") A round, gold colored$50
1665Sputnik and "Vostok-1" Models (4 x 2.5) Lot of$100
1666Belka and Strelka Porcelain Statue (2.5 x 2.25")$60
1667Vostok Model (2.5 x 2") An attractive, golden gUnsold
16681961, "Vostok" Tin Container (4.50 x 1) A round m$70
1669Replica of Heroic Monument to Gagarin (7x15.5") A$175
1670Gagarin Lacquer Box (3.5 x 5 x 1") A black lacqUnsold
1671Hand Carved Figurine of Yuri Gagarin Beautiful (6$50
1672Porcelain Figure of Yuri Gagarin (4.5") This striUnsold
1673Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Presentation Award (6.50 x$50
1674Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Busts (5") Lot of two simiUnsold
1675Titov Bust (5") An early hollow-cast metal bust o$30
1676Popovich Bust (5") An early hollow-cast metal bus$40
1677Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova Bust (5") A metal$50
16781959, "Moon Race" Fountain Pen and Pen Holder A s$75
1679Lunakhod Desk Pen Holder (6.5 x 8") This brass/$50
16801961, "Venusian Fountain Pen and Pen Holder A str$50
1681Cosmonaut in the Moon Figurine (2.5 x 3") This adUnsold
1682Hand Carved NASA Astronaut Figurine (7.2" high) HUnsold
1683Hand Carved Mercury Astronaut Figurine (7.2" high$40
1684Hand Carved Gemini Astronaut Figurine (7.2" high)$40
1685Hand Carved Apollo Astronaut Figurine (7.2" high)$40
1686Hand Carved US Shuttle Astronaut Figurine (7.2" h$30
1687Baikonur Monument Rocket Table Lamp (5" high) A cUnsold
1688Soviet Rocket Table Lamp (13 x 5") An gold/brown$175
1689Unusual Sputnik Space "Perpetual Calendar" (3.75"$50
1690Cosmonaut Table Calendar (1.75 x 2") A round, g$50
1691Lot of Laika Sputnik & Vostok Smoking Accessories$50
1692Space Sputnik Gagarin "Cigarette / Music" Box (4.Unsold
1693Soviet Salyut Spacecraft Presentation Award (8 x$40
1694Presentation Award (8 x 4") Presented (1983) by t$250
1701Cosmonaut Plaque An impressive (7 x 16") raisedUnsold
1702Great Group of 7 Soyuz Vostok Space Wall BannersUnsold
1703Russian-Bulgarian Soyuz Flight Presentation Plaqu$225
17043 Commemorative Space Table Medals Neil Armstrong$70
1705Lot of 4 "Inside Baykonour" Photographs (color 8$20
17062 Boxed Sets of Russian Space Exploration Pins (b$50
1707Full Set of Three Cosmonaut Wings (3 x 1.25") Ori$125
1708Gagarin Tsiolkovsky Baikonour Cosmonaut Post Card$275
1709The Sun &"Sun's Activity & Reveals on Earth" PoUnsold
17101963 Soviet Astronomy Poster "Radio Astronomy" &Unsold
17111963, "Stars" and "Planets" Poster (33x23") StrikUnsold
17121963, Soviet Russian Astronomy Poster 1963, "PraUnsold
17131963, Soviet Russian "Moon" Poster (33 x 23") Bl$75
17141963, "The Day of the Cosmonauts" Poster (19x23")$550
17151978, Soyuz TM 3 / TM 2 Poster (35x22.5") Multico$200
17171981, Socialist Soyuz Internationalism Poster (25Unsold
17181985, Soviet Russian Patriotic Space Poster (34 x$125
17191987 Czechoslovakia Flight of Soyuz 28 Poster (19Unsold
17201989, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Poster (38 x 26.5")$125
17211989, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Poster (36 x 23") P$125
1722Soviet Russian Soyuz 36 & 35 Poster (35 x 25.5")Unsold
1723Shen Zhou 5 Taikonaut Yang Liwei Autograph on a$175
1724Shen Zhou 5 Yang Liwei Autographs & Launch Covers$1,400
1725Shen Zhou Taikonaut Patches Two embroidered patch$150

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