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Results - Aurora Auctions - Session One:
Space & Aviation Memorabilia

Saturday, April 23, 2005, 10:00am PT
Lot 1 to 777

Final results provided by Aurora. Unsold lots are included. Prices do not include commissions and are shown in U.S. Dollars.

Sale total: $609,538 without Buyer's Premium

11959&1961 Life Magazines NASA Chimps Able Baker Ham$40
21959&1961 Life Magazines NASA Chimps Able Baker Ham$30
3NASA Book "The Use of Nonhuman Primates in Space" 19$70
4All 7 Mercury Astronauts Autographs Alan Shepard, Go$1,000
5All 7 Mercury Astronauts Autographs Scott Carpenter,$3,250
6All 7 Mercury Astronauts Autographs Scott Carpenter,$425
7Shepard Glenn Slayton Carpenter Schirra Cooper Signe$375
8Carpenter Glenn Shepard Slayton Mercury Autographs S$650
9Cooper Carpenter & Schirra Mercury 7 Autographs Gord$50
10Cooper Carpenter & Schirra Mercury 7 Autographs Gor$40
11Carpenter Schirra Cooper Mercury Autographs Scott C$175
12John Glenn and Alan Shepard Mercury Autographs on t$90
13Scott Carpenter and Alan Shepard Mercury Autographs$20
14Deke Slayton Mercury Astronaut Autograph on a NASAUnsold
15NASA Prototype Mercury Spacesuit by I.L.C. An early$1,400
171956//1962 Mercury Program Official NASA Timelogs A$125
18NASA Project Mercury Lab Coat from the 1960's This$250
19NASA Mercury Space Suit Replica A highly authentic$16,000
20Full Size NASA Mercury Capsule Replica This replicaUnsold
21NASA Mercury Capsule Replica (Exterior Only) Most rUnsold
22Full Scale NASA Mercury - Redstone Rocket Replica SUnsold
231/12 Scale NASA Mercury Redstone Rocket Model ThisUnsold
25NASA 1960 Book Introduction to Project Mercury & Si$150
26NASA Pamphlet "Astronaut Selection Criteria" 1960'$30
27NASA 1961 4 Books on Space Flight & Guidance 1961,$40
28Project Mercury - A Chronology NASA SP-4001 1963Unsold
29NASA Book "DOD Support of Project Mercury" 1963 (De$15
30NASA SP 4201 "This New Ocean" Project Mercury 1966$125
31NASA Book 1967 Project Mercury Environmental 1967,$150
32The Original Mercury Seven Astronauts Portraits 1$50
33ORIGINAL Early Mercury Program Badge An extremely r$175
34Mercury NASA 70mm Publicity Color Negatives$20
35NASA Mercury Program 70mm. Color Transparencies$50
36Mercury and Gemini Commemorative Medallions Lot of$80
37Mercury and Apollo Commemorative Medallions A 21-pi$70
38Set of Six Mercury Commemorative Medallions issued$200
39ABMA, Mercury and Gemini Rare Photographs 113 Black$425
40Lot of 50 Project Mercury and Shuttle Photographs L$175
40ALot of 30 Project Mercury B&W PhotosUnsold
41Marx-Atomic Cape Canaveral Missile Base Toy A fanta$325
422 Mercury Space Hallmark Christmas Ornaments$175
43Space Mates Mercury Rocket Ship Shower Set This ado$90
44Mercury Space Capsule Coin Bank$10
45Rocket Bank A wonderful rocket bank (13" high) that$70
47Mercury Astronaut Alan Shepard Autograph on a (8 x$125
48Mercury Astronaut Alan Shepard Autograph on the fro$90
49Mercury Astronaut Alan Shepard Autograph on a 3rd a$165
50Mercury Astronaut Alan Shepard Autograph on the tit$50
511945, Navel Academy Year Book Class of Alan Shepard$90
52NASA Mercury Space Program Publicity Photographs$325
53Challenge of the Cosmos Radio Broadcast A 33 1/3-$100
54Project Mercury Film Flown on MR 4 Grissom$250
55Project Mercury 4 Liberty Bell Grissom Flown Screw$375
56Mercury Astronaut Virgil Grissom Autograph on a (8$250
57Mercury Astronaut Virgil Grissom Autograph on a (8$850
58Buck Buckingham Autograph on a color photographed f$40
591961, "Liberty Bell 7" (36pp, soft cover, stapled).$100
60Results 2nd U.S. Manned Suborbital Space Flight$80
61MR-4 Press Kit (14pp, stapled). Dated July 13, 1961$15
62MR-4 Launch Cover with a 2nd manned suborbital cach$30
63Segment Mercury MA 6 Glenn's Umbilical Hose$475
64Senator Astronaut John Glenn Autopen Autograph$10
65Mercury Astronaut John Glenn Autograph on a 4c Proj$20
66Mercury Astronaut John Glenn Autograph on a USS Noa$325
67Mercury Astronaut John Glenn Autograph on NASA publ$100
68Mercury Astronaut John Glenn Autograph on a FDC com$20
69Mercury Astronaut John Glenn Autograph on the front$10
70John and Annie Glenn Autographs on the title page o$125
71John Glenn's Sophomore Year College Yearbook (155p$30
721962 Astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr."" (NASA, 40pp, so"$200
73Results 1st U.S. Manned Orbital Space Flight$85
74Friendship 7 Cookie Jar (11.75 including lid) Shap"$100
75Astronaut John Glenn Commemorative Tall Water Glass$30
7620 Glenn Mercury MA 6 NASA Publicity Photographs$40
77Lot of 2 Mercury 6 Souvenir Records including "John$60
783 Original "Astronaut" Jigsaw Puzzles Three wonderfUnsold
79Astronaut John Glenn by Hot Wheels An unopened blisUnsold
80Project Mercury Flown Heat Shield Sections Lot of t$350
81Project Mercury Flown Heat Shield Plug (.25 x 1.50"$350
82Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Autograph in bold$20
83Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Autograph on a co$15
84Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Autograph on the$20
85Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Autograph on the$15
86Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Autograph on the$15
871962 "Astronaut M. Scott Carpenter, Aurora 7" (NASA$30
8820 Mercury 7 Carpentern NASA Publicity Photographs$175
89Astronaut Scott Carpenter Commemorative Plate (9" d$20
90Mercury Astronaut Wally Schirra Autograph on a colo$30
91Mercury Astronaut Wally Schirra Autograph on a coveUnsold
92Mercury Astronauts Schirra and Cooper Autographs Bo$75
93Mercury Astronaut Wally Schirra Autograph on his (w$100
94Mercury Astronaut Walter Schirra Autograph on a Mer$60
95Results of 3rd U.S. Manned Orbital Space Flight$175
961962, The Six Orbits of Sigma 7, Schirra's Space F"$80
971968, "First U.S. Manned Six-Pass Orbital Mission"$200
98Lot of 3 Sigma 7 Commemorative Medallions issued byUnsold
99Flown Mercury 9 Faith 7 Heatshield Fragment Small f$80
100Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$375
1014 Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper AutographsUnsold
102Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper AutographUnsold
103Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper AutographUnsold
104Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$125
105Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$90
106Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$300
107Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$100
108Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$40
109Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$150
110Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$75
111Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$90
112Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$80
113Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$125
114Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper AutographUnsold
115Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$40
116Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$80
117Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$60
118Mercury 9 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$100
119Wernher von Braun Autograph on a Mercury 9 cover$250
120 Triumph of Astronaut Gordon Cooper and Faith 7$50
121Lot of 23 Project Mercury 9 Covers$125
122Gordon Cooper's 35mm "Return of a Hero" Film 1963,$125
123Project Gemini Spacesuit Neck Ring Excellent condi$425
124Project Gemini Spacesuit Neck Ring Excellent condi$500
125Gemini Era Spacesuit Assembly Wrist Disconnect (4"$600
126Project Gemini Era Spacesuit Gas Connector (2.50"$350
127Project Gemini Era Pressure Suit Indicator (1.50"$400
128NASA Gemini Spacesuit Oxygen Valve$150
129Cernan, Collins, Gordon and Aldrin Autographs on a$300
130Astronauts Cooper, Lovell and Aldrin Autographs A$300
1311960's "Gemini Program Mission Four" NASA Book (12$60
132Gemini Spacecraft Handling Dolly Instructions (1$50
1331964, "NASA Project Gemini Familiarization Manual"$350
134Gemini Rendezvous and Docking Configurations (19$1,000
135Earth Photographs from Gemini Vol. I & II includ$60
1361968, "Earth Photographs from Gemini VI through XI$70
1371969, "Project Gemini A Chronology" (308pp, soft c$50
1381959//1966, Life Magazines Gemini Astronauts$100
139Set of 10 Gemini Series Bronze Medallions issued b$175
1403 Gemini Commemorative Medallions issued by SpacecUnsold
14150 NASA Gemini Program Publicity Photographs$350
142Gemini Program US Air Force Publicity Photographs$15
143Flown Fragment of Gemini 3 Heatshield A (.25 x .25$125
144Gemini 3 Astronauts Grissom Young Autographs$950
145Gemini 3 Astronauts Grissom &Young Autographs$175
146Gemini 3 Astronaut John Young Autograph$60
147Flown Fragment of Gemini 4 Heatshield$125
148Gemini 4 Astronauts White & McDivitt Autographs$500
149Gemini 5 Backup Astronaut Elliot See Autograph$175
150Gemini 5 Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph$125
151Gemini 5 Press Kit (1965, Approx 30pp, stapled). I$50
153Gemini 6A Astronaut Wally Schirra Autograph$150
154Gemini 7 Astronaut Frank Borman Autograph$80
155Gemini 7 Astronaut Jim Lovell Autograph$50
1561965, "Mission Operation Report Gemini VII Flight$200
157Fragment of Flown Gemini 8 Heatshield Fragment (.5$325
158Gemini 8 Neil Armstrong Dave Scott Autograph$800
159Gemini 8 Astronaut Dave Scott Autograph$75
160Gemini 8 Mission Chart$125
161Gemini 9A Astronauts Stafford Cernan Autographs c$80
162Gemini 9A Astronauts Stafford Cernan Autographs o$75
163Gemini 10 Astronaut John Young Autograph$300
164Gemini 11 Flown Gold-Plated "Fliteline" MedallionUnsold
165Flown Gemini 11 Silver Plated Fliteline MedallionUnsold
166FLOWN Gemini 11 Dick Gordon Orbital Track Chart$1,600
167Gemini 11 Dick Gordon FLOWN Star Chart$1,100
168Gemini 11 Astronaut Charles Conrad Autograph$75
169Gemini 11 Astronaut Charles Conrad Autograph$40
170Gemini 12 Flown US Flag Aldrin Lovell Autographs$1,400
171Gemini 12 Astronauts Cooper & Cernan Autographs onUnsold
172Gemini 12 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph$225
173Gemini 12 Mission (12pp, soft cover, stapled.)"$20
174Gemini 12 Mission Chart$100
175Apollo Lunar Module "Lunar Surface Sensor Probe"$4,000
176A Whole Roll of Unused Kapton Foil (48" width, 184$300
177NASA Apollo Program Medical kit$1,000
178NASA Apollo Program Spacecraft Water Dispenser$1,000
179Lunar Module "Landing Strut Segment" (34x9") A met$1,500
1802 Pieces NASA Apollo CPR 488 Foam Insulation$50
181Apollo A6L Prototype SpacesuitUnsold
182Apollo A6L Prototype Spacesuit Zipper(?) This zippUnsold
183Apollo A6L Spacesuit Pulley Assembly Crotch$70
184Apollo A6L Spacesuit Gas Connector Complete with i$2,750
185Apollo A6L Spacesuit Sleeve PlenumUnsold
186Apollo A6L Spacesuit Patch Assembly Still in its oUnsold
187Apollo A7L Spacesuit Checklist and Scissors Pocket$400
188Apollo A7L Spacesuit Checklist Pocket (10 x 7") A$375
189Apollo A7L Spacesuit Thermal Insert Tether AccessUnsold
190Apollo A7L Spacesuit Flange (2.5" diameter) Possib$80
191Apollo A7L Spacesuit Metal Angle Fitting (3x2.5x1"$200
192Apollo A7L Spacesuit Oxygen Hoses (18") A pair of$175
193Apollo A7L Pressure Gauge Grommet Used to create aUnsold
194Apollo A7L Spacesuit Component (9x6x2") Made of Be$200
195Apollo A7LSpacesuit TMG Connecting Cover (Approx.$375
197Apollo A7L Spacesuit White Glove Liner Bearing the$100
198Apollo A7L Spacesuit Elbow Joint Some faults but r$600
199Apollo A7L Spacesuit Thigh Cable Still in its origUnsold
200Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Rubber Knee Joint (10" high$400
201Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Left Wrist Core Bearing part$50
202Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Beta Cloth Tube Component (1$80
203Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Right Boot Assembly Complete$650
204Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Lunar Boot Lining & Insulati$500
205Apollo A7LB Lunar Spacesuit Interior Boot Assembly$900
206Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Shoulder Joint (7" high X 27$500
207Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Connector (5.5 x1.5 x 2.75")$125
208Apollo AL7B Spacesuit Assembly Wrist Disconnect (r$275
209A6L Apollo Spacesuit Component Wrist Ring (blue) O$800
210A7L Apollo Spacesuit Wrist Ring (red) Bearing iden$500
211A6L Apollo Spacesuit Component Wrist Ring (blue) T$1,100
212A7L Apollo Spacesuit Component Wrist Ring (blue) B$1,800
213A7L Apollo Spacesuit Component Wrist Ring (red) Be$2,500
214Apollo Spacesuit Pant Leg (26" long) This pant leg$600
215Apollo Beta Cloth Chamber Suit Consisting of a jac$1,000
216NASA Apollo Program Yellow Over Booties$550
217NASA Apollo 3-Piece Prototype Lunar Sample Tool$500
218NASA Apollo 2-Piece Prototype Lunar Sample Tool$400
219Chrysler "Space Division" Hardhat this fiberglass$125
220NASA Artificial Respiration Breathing ApparatusUnsold
221NASA Apollo Program Prototype Tripod Legs$225
222NASA Apollo Program Vacuum cleaner bagUnsold
223NASA Apollo Program Toolkit Jackscrew$175
224NASA Apollo Program Clean Room Shoe/Leg Covers$80
225NASA Countdown Clock (19x 18.5 x7.5") This countdo$650
225A1965//1979 Apollo Program Spacecraft Work Logs$200
226NASA Sign (10.50 x 6.75") This red and white mat b$40
227KSC "Pressurized Use Air Lock Instructions" Sign ($80
228Apollo Day 1 Meal C This is a complete meal, still$475
229Apollo Food A complete meal. This lot includes 3 A$500
230Apollo Food Three pouches of Apollo era food, incl$450
231Apollo Food Three pouches of Apollo era food, incl$475
232Apollo Food Breakfasts of champions, these three p$550
233Apollo Food Two pouches of Apollo era food, and on$425
234Apollo Food Apollo era package of pineapple fruit$200
235Apollo Food Finally, some chocolate. A package of$225
236Apollo Food A package of vintage Apollo Era Beef S$175
237Apollo Food A pouch of Apollo era food containing$175
238Apollo Food A nice dessert after a long day on the$250
239Apollo Food Confused about what to eat while in yo$300
240Apollo Food Day-8 Apollo era meal, vacuum packed a$200
241Apollo Food Three pouches of Apollo era food, incl$600
242Apollo Food This lot includes corn chowder (7047),$475
243Apollo Pudding, Cranberry Orange Sauce and Gum Thi$325
244Apollo Era Grapefruit Drink (15.5x3.5") Serial No.$225
245Beef and Chicken Apollo Era Meal Entrees This lot$425
2467 Apollo Era Drink Containers This lot consists of$600
247Apollo Era Germicide Tablets Here is a seldom seen$275
248Apollo Era (?) Peanut Butter and Jelly This lot co$80
249Apollo Capsule Replica Shown here on exhibition atUnsold
251Lot of 18+ Apollo Program Astronaut Autographs$4,500
252Lot of 12 Apollo Program Astronaut AutographsUnsold
253Lot of 7 Apollo Program Astronaut Autographs$250
254Aldrin, Bean, Gordon, Scott, Duke & Cernan Autogra$450
255Bean, Duke, Gordon and Schweickart Autographs on$550
256Armstrong, Cernan, Irwin and Mitchell Autographs o$500
257Astronauts Lovell, McDivitt and Cernan Autographs$125
258Astronauts Charlie Duke and Dick Gordon Autographs$70
259Astronauts Alan Shepard and Charlie Duke Autograph$150
260Astronauts Ron Evans and Charlie Duke Autographs o$70
261Apollo Astronaut Dave Scott Autographs on three di$200
262Steps to Saturn, 1960 (105pp, soft cover, stapled)$100
263Apollo/Saturn V Systems Familiarization, 1950 (App$200
264Apollo Spacecraft News Reference, 1960's (North Am$200
265Complex 37 Safety Plan for SA-7, 1960's (10pp, sof$300
266Saturn SA-5, SA- 7 and Saturn V Apollo Moon Rocke$30
267Life Support Systems For Apollo, 1960's (approx.$30
268Saturn Illustrated Chronology, 1961 (7pp, soft cov$50
269Testing of Organic Materials For Apollo C/M, 1963$40
270NASA Support Manual Apollo Spacecraft, 1963 NASA"$30
271Saturn I Countdown Manual, 1963 (NASA SA-5, 80pp,$80
272Apollo Spacecraft 008 Thermal-Vacuum Test, 1963 "$60
273Saturn I, Block II Instrumentation Systems, 1964$15
274Saturn Illustrated Chronology, 1964 (NASA MHR-3, 1$70
275Apollo ACE-S/C Study Guides, 1964//1968 This lot c$250
2764 NASA Contractors Manuals, 1964//1970 Including N$25
277Apollo AES Preliminary Definition Phase, 1965 AESUnsold
278Saturn Technical Information Handbook, 1965$70
279Explosive Ordnance Systems for the S-IVB, 1965 "E$40
280Flight Television Operations For Saturn, 1965 "Fli$150
281Ranger VII Photographs of the Moon, 1965 (200pp, s$40
282Saturn I Countdown Manual, Volume II, 1965 (NASA,$125
283Saturn Illustrated Chronology, 1965 "Saturn Illust$150
284Apollo/Saturn V Development/Operations Plan, 1965$30
285Lot of 4 Apollo Program Manuals, 1965//1969 Includ$225
2864 Different Chrysler-Space Saturn IB Manuals, 1965$850
287Apollo Flight Control Operational Handbook, 1966 "$125
288Apollo/Saturn Crawler Reference Handbook, 1966 "Ap$90
290Spacecraft Operations Checkout Procedure, 1966 (47$225
291Apollo Program Summary, 1967 (North American Aviat$70
292Apollo Spacecraft & Systems Familiarization, 1967$125
293CM Preservation and Renovation, 1967 (AX67-27, 18$30
294Interpretively Simulated Lunar Module Guidance, 19$60
295Apollo Spacecraft Operations Checkout Procedure, 1$150
296Saturn/Apollo Launch Operations, 1968 (NASA, appro$30
297Apollo/Saturn Support Room Operations Plan, 1968 ($80
298Crew Equipment Course, 1968 (soft cover, bound.) I$80
299LVO for Space Vehicle Countdown Demo Test, 1968 "L$80
300LM Descent Engine Technical Manual, 1968 (TRW, 87$325
301Lot of 3 Contractor Study Guides on Lunar Module,$300
302Advanced Spacecraft Landing System Analysis, 1969$60
303Apollo Postretrieval Procedures Reprint, 1969 (SM2$50
304Apollo/Saturn V Ground Safety Plans, 1969 "Apollo/$150
305Lunar Module LM 10 through LM 14, 1969 (Grumman, a$500
306Man's Capability for Self-Locomotion on the Moon,$80
307Mission Operation Report Apollo Supplement, 1969 ($125
308Spacecraft Operational Trajectory for Mission G, 1$50
309Characteristics of the TRW LM Descent Engine, 1969Unsold
3107 NASA "Fact Books", 1969//1973 A lot of seven sma$40
311Mission Operation Report Apollo Supplement, 1970 ($30
313Northrop Grumman Lunar Module Brochure, 1970's Exq$375
314NASA Lunar Photographs From Apollo 8, 10, & 11, 19$100
315Proceedings Of The Second Lunar Science Confer., 1$40
316NASA Mission Summaries: Apollo 14 & 16, 1971//1972$30
317Proceedings of the Third Lunar Science Conference,$30
318Apollo 17 AS 512 Post Launch Report, 1972$30
319The Apollo Spacecraft Volume II, 1973 (NASA SP-400$100
320Proceedings Of The 4th Lunar Science Conference, 1$50
321Proceedings Of The 5th Lunar Science Conference, 1$50
322Apollo Expeditions to the Moon, 1975 (NASA SP-350,$40
323Proceedings of the Sixth Lunar Science Conference,Unsold
324NASA Thesaurus Lot OF 2 Volumes, 1976 (Both NASA S$50
325Proceedings Of The 7th Lunar Science Conference, 1$40
326The Soviet - American Conference On Geochemistry,Unsold
327Proceedings of the Eight Lunar Science Conference,$50
328Proceedings Of The 9th Lunar & Planetary Confer.,$30
329Apollo Over The Moon A View From Orbit, 1978 (NASA$150
330Moonport - Apollo Launch Facilities & Operations,$70
331Stages to Saturn, 1980 (312pp., hard cover, NASA S$125
332Stages to Saturn (NASA SP-4206, 511 pp., hard cov$300
333Lunar And Planetary Science XVI, 1985 (3 volumes sUnsold
334Lunar And Planetary Science XVII, 1986 "Lunar AndUnsold
335Where No Man Has Gone Before, 1989 "Where No Man H$50
336Lunar And Planetary Science XXI, 1990 "Lunar And PUnsold
337Lunar And Planetary Science XXIII, 1992 "Lunar AndUnsold
338Lunar And Planetary Science XXIV, 1993 "Lunar AndUnsold
339Man on the Moon autographed by Andrew Chaikin, 199$40
340Lunar And Planetary Science XXV, 1994 "Lunar And PUnsold
341Lunar And Planetary Science XXVI, 1994 "Lunar AndUnsold
342MSC Manned Lunar Roving Vehicle, c. 1960's (Approx$200
343Apollo, c1970's (64pp., soft cover, stapled, NAS$90
344JFK Era Life Magazine, 1963 (December 3, 1963) pro$20
345NASA Space Horizons Magazine, 1965 (99 pp., soft c$70
34612 Apollo Era Life Magazines, 1965//1970 covering$50
347Apollo Related Magazines, 1967//1971 including 14$30
348NASA "Apollo", 1967//1971 (NASA EP-100, 64pp, soft$70
349Vintage Lunar Orbiter Spacecraft Model (13 x 27")$800
350Apollo / Saturn V Model (including base 13.5") Mod$60
350ARevell Saturn V Model 1/96 Scale model kit in ori$125
352Apollo Spacecraft Model (21 x 6") A four part, N$150
352AEarly "LEM" Prototype Model Very early prototype$475
352BLunar Module Model (10x10x6") Grumman contracto$425
353Assorted Apollo Restricted Access Badges Apollo 10$90
354Lot of Four NASA Badges including a Saturn Operati$50
3557 Recovery Covers Seven "recovery covers for missi$150
356Tom Sims Apollo Whiskey Decanter (9.75 x 5") WondeUnsold
357Apollo Ale handed out at the 25th Anniversary Cele$40
358Apollo Lager Beer Bottle Beautiful cobalt blue bot$25
359Conquest of Space Beer Stein (10 x 5") Ceremic s$30
360Set of 19 Apollo Tumblers including 11 Apollo 11 "$25
3613-D View-Master and 14 Reels, including Apollo Ti$175
3625 Apollo Launch-Team Tie Tacs A nice assortment of$225
363NASA/Grumman "Moon Landing" Lapel Pins Silver-toneUnsold
364Full Set of Apollo Mission Commemorative MatchbookUnsold
3659 Assorted Apollo Mission Medallions A modest coll$70
366Saturn and VAB Commemorative Coin A unique commemo$30
367Complete Set of Manned Apollo Mission Patches Embr$30
368Compact Size Fisher Space Pen (Black ink, ball poi$70
369Fisher Astronaut Turtle Space Pen Calling all turt$150
370NASA Apollo Publicity Lithographs Autopen Signed A$70
371Launch Vehicle Support Equipment NASA Photographs$200
372Astronaut "Team" Photograph A (12 x 8") black and$30
37310 Sets of NASA Apollo Publicity Photos 10 sets of$125
374NASA Publicity Photographs Lot of 15 NASA (8 x 11"$125
375NASA Publicity Lithographs Lot of 16 NASA (8 x 10"$25
376Apollo Era Photographs Lot of 2 (16 x 20") color pUnsold
377Tang Sign Used in Apollo "The Earth to the Moon"$60
378Lot of 3 Apollo Hallmark Christmas Ornaments inclu$90
379Lot of 3 Tools Used to Open the Apollo 1 Hatch Aft$9,000
380NASA Astronaut Spacesuit Cable/Air Hose Cutting ToUnsold
381Apollo 1 Astronaut Gus Grissom Autograph$700
382Apollo 1 Astronaut Gus Grissom Autograph$1,600
383Apollo 1 Astronaut Ed White Autograph$475
384Apollo 1 204 Review Board Autographed Photograph$80
385Mission Operation Report Apollo 1 Saturn Flight$70
386Apollo1 Saturn 201 Mission Reliability Analysis$20
387Report of Apollo 1 204 Review Board$500
388Apollo Program Book "Murder on Pad 34", 1968 (253p$60
389Starfall by Astornauts Wife Betty Grissom, 1974$60
390Apollo 204 Review Board Photographs Lot of four NAUnsold
39120+ NASA Apollo 1 Publicity Photographs$300
392Original Handwritten Test Logs for Apollo 4 & 6, 1$90
393Technical Information Summary Apollo 5, 1967 (R-AS$70
394NASA Publicity Apollo 6 Photographs Lot of 15 diff$50
395Technical Info Summary Apollo 6 Saturn V, 1968 (MS$70
396Apollo 7 Schirra, Cunningham and Eisele Autographs$175
397Apollo 7 Schirra, Eisele and Cunningham Autographs$100
398Apollo 7 Shirra, Cunningham and Eisele Autographs$325
399Apollo 7 Cunningham & Schirra Astronaut Autograph$100
400Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Schirra Autograph$150
401Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Schirra AutographUnsold
402Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Schirra Autograph$125
403Apollo 7 Astronaut Donn Eisele Autograph$175
404Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham AutographUnsold
405Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham AutographUnsold
406Apollo 8 Flown Heatshield Plug$1,100
407Flown Fragment of Apollo 8 Heatshield Very$80
408Apollo 8, ASTP and Skylab Manned Flight Awareness$300
409NASA Book "Apollo 8 Mission Profile", 1968 (21pp.,$30
410Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$400
411Apollo 13 Lovell, Mattingly, Haise & Swigert Autog$700
412Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell and Anders Autographs$500
413Apollo 8 Borman Lovell Anders & Kraft Autographs$375
414Borman, Lovell and Anders Astronaut Autographs on$650
415Borman, Lovell and Anders Astronaut Autographs on$475
416Astronaut Frank Borman Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10Unsold
417Astronaut Frank Borman Autograph on a NASA black aUnsold
418Astronaut Frank Borman Autograph on a FDC bearing$40
419Astronaut Frank Borman Autograph on a FDC bearingUnsold
420Astronaut James Lovell Autograph on a NASA (8 x 10$40
421Astronaut Bill Anders Autogaph on a color NASA pho$375
422Test Operations Order Countdown and Launch CSM 103Unsold
423Apollo/Saturn V Launch Mission Rules Apollo 8 Fina$150
424Apollo 8: Voyage to the Moon, 1969 Oversize maga$80
425Apollo 8 "Christmas Clip" 16mm Film A reel of 16mm$30
426McDivitt, Scott and Schweickart Astronaut Autograp$150
427McDivitt and Schweickart Astronaut Autographs on lUnsold
428Scott and Schweickart Astronaut Autographs on a (1$225
429Scott and Schweickart Astronaut Autographs on a mu$40
430Apollo Flown Body Sensor encased in a block of cle$450
431Apollo Flown Body Sensor encased in a block of cle$750
432Apollo Flown United States Flag (12 x 7.75") SilkUnsold
433Dave Scott Autograph on an Apollo 9 Mission PatchUnsold
434Apollo Astronaut David Scott Autograph on front co$250
435Apollo Astronaut James McDivitt Autograph on a NAS$25
436Apollo Astronaut James McDivitt Autograh on a (5 xUnsold
437Apollo Astronaut James McDivitt Autograph in his t$50
438Apollo Astronaut David Scott Autograph on a color$80
440Apollo Astronaut David Scott Autograph on an uncan$80
441Apollo Astronaut David Scott Autograph on a JFK Sp$40
442Apollo Astronaut David Scott Autograph in silver S$60
443Apollo Astronaut Russell Schweickart Autograph on$40
444Apollo Astronaut Russell L. Schweickart AutographUnsold
445Propulsion and RCS Subsystem Study Guide, 1968 (ap$400
446Saturn V Flight Manual SA 504, 1968 (MSFC-MAN-50$150
447Countdown and Mission Profile Apollo IX, 1969 (2$30
448Final Apollo 9 Flight Plan, 1969 (approx. 200 pp$125
448ADave Scott Autograph on an Apollo 9 Patch Banner$150
449Apollo 9 Moneyclip (2x1" unopened) A silver-toned$80
450Stafford, Young and Cernan Astronaut Autogphs on a$400
451Stafford, Young and Cernan Astronaut Autographs on$425
452Gordon Cooper and Tom Stafford Astronaut Autograph$70
453Apollo Astronaut Thomas Stafford Autograph on an o$70
454Apollo Astronaut Thomas Stafford Autograph on a NA$40
455Apollo Astronaut Stafford & Cassutt Autographs on$200
456Apollo Astronaut Thomas Stafford Autograph on titlUnsold
456AApollo Astronaut Gordon Cooper Autograph on a NAS$175
457Countdown and Mission Profile Apollo 10, 1969 (3$30
458Apollo 10 Mission Report, 1969 (NASA MR-4, 12pp.$30
459Apollo Rotation Control Handle #2 (4.5 x 2.5") Thi$42,500
460Apollo Flown Silk US Flag on presentation board anUnsold
461Flown Silk US Flag signed Armstrong, Collins & Ald$21,000
462Apollo Flown U.S. Silk Flag (6x4") on a multicolor$6,000
463Apollo Flown 28mm Sterling Silver Robbins Medallio$4,500
464Lot of 5 Apollo Flown Pieces of Kapton Foil Five A$375
465Apollo Flown Piece of Kapton Foil on an Apollo 11$125
466Apollo Flown Gold Kapton Foil Fragment A very smal$225
467Apollo Flown Film (.50 x .25") mounted on an Under$400
468Apollo Flown Film (.50 x .25") mounted on an Under$475
469Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Medallion Uncirc$60
470Apollo 11Flown Manned Flight Awareness Medallion T$60
471Apollo 11 Flown Manned Flight Awareness Medallion$60
472Flown Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Medallions Lot of$225
473Apollo Astronaut Collins Solid Gold Rolex Watch ThUnsold
474Apollo 11 Hydrogen Loading Indicator Lights mounte$500
475Apollo 11 Lunar EVA Suit with Mannequin This repli$20,000
476Astronaut Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin Autographs$1,500
477Astronaut Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin Autographs$1,100
478Astronaut Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin Autographs$2,400
479Apollo Astronaut Armstrong and Aldrin Autographs O$800
480Astronaut Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins Autogra$75
481Astronaut Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins Autogra$200
482Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on a Nov$1,800
483Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on a NAS$450
484Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on a bla$700
485Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on a NAS$650
486Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on a col$800
487Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on an Ju$500
488Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on a Apo$425
489Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Autograph on a whiUnsold
490Apollo Astronaut Michael Collins Autograph on an o$160
491Apollo Astronaut Michael Collins Autograph on a bl$350
492Apollo Astronaut Michael Collins Autograph on a coUnsold
493Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on 1969, "$200
494Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a colorUnsold
495Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a authenUnsold
496Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a NASA c$100
497Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a black$275
498Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a NASA c$125
499Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a NASA c$80
500Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autographs on two dif$200
501Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on a walnut$125
502Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Chris Calle Autographs onUnsold
503Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on an Apoll$150
504Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on the insi$110
505Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autographs in two sep$175
506Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on the titl$125
507Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Autograph on the titl$50
508Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Museum Display Ite$35
509Freshmen Annual for Astronaut Neil Armstrong, 1944$200
510Apollo 11 Mission Report, 1969 (8pp, no cover, sUnsold
511Apollo 11 Technical Crew Debriefing Vol. I, 1969$150
512Mission Report Apollo 11 & "Log of Apollo 11", cUnsold
513Prelaunch Mission Operation Report, 1969 (104pp.Unsold
514Press Kit Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission, 1969$70
515U.S.S. Hornet Apollo 11 Recovery Mission, 1969 (Unsold
516Proceedings Of The Apollo Lunar Science Confer, 19$25
517Buzz Aldrin's "The Return", 2000 (first edition,$40
518Lot of 4 Books on Apollo 11 including "Apollo 11"$375
519Science Magazine, Issue 3918, January, 1970 SummUnsold
520One Earth and Stars by space artist Detlev van R$375
521Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Portrait in Pencil$550
522Man's First Step by Norman Rockwell, 1967 (20 x$100
523Heading Out by Michael Collins, 1999 An ORIGINAL$250
524Moon Globe of Apollo Landing Sites (10" diameter)Unsold
525100 Apollo Astronaut Neil Armstrong Pennants 100 v$100
526Lot of 2 Apollo 11 Landing Commemorative DrinkingUnsold
527Apollo 11 CSM Wine Decanter (11x4") A beautiful ca$75
528Apollo 11 Commemrative Glass This glass features a$12
529Apollo 11 8mm Film Documents the "Man on the Moon"$15
530Apollo 11 New York Times Front Page "Mat" From Jul$225
531Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Manned Flight Medallion$30
532Apollo 11 Medallion and "Certificate of Participat$20
533Apollo 11 Memorabilia including a color NASA foota$60
533ALot0533A: Conrad Bean & Gordon Autographs Bean Dr$750
534NASA Color and B+W Glossy Apollo 11 Collection Lot$150
535Apollo 11 Commemorative Plaque (4x6x0.75") depicti$40
536First Man on the Moon 45 RPM record by MGM Reco$90
537Flown Apollo 12 Operations Checklist (144pp, soft$5,500
538Gordon Auto on Flown Apollo 12 Entry Checklist (24$5,000
539Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN CSM Malfunction Procedures$5,500
540Apollo 12 FLOWN Data Instrumentation Panel Card$2,100
541Apollo 12 FLOWN Instrument Panel Data Card$1,200
542Two Apollo 12 FLOWN Instrument Panel Data Cards$1,800
543Apollo 12 FLOWN Instrument Panel Data Card$1,100
544Apollo 12 FLOWN Instrument Panel Data Card$650
545Apollo 12 FLOWN Instrument Panel "Data Card"$1,300
546Apollo 12 Flown United States FlagUnsold
547Apollo 12 Flown Embroidered US Flag$1,200
548Apollo 1 Flown Space Treaty w/ Alan Bean Autograph$750
549Dick Gordon's Apollo 12 Era Flight SuitUnsold
550Apollo 12 Flight Scroll$125
551Apollo 12 Astronaut Conrad, Richard & Bean Auto$150
552Apollo 12 Astronaut Conrad, Gordon and Bean AutoUnsold
553Apollo 12 Astronaut Conrad, Gordon and Bean Auto$125
554Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autograph$125
555Apollo 12 Astronaut Conrad, Gordon & Bean Auto$400
556Apollo 12 Astronaut Conrad and Gordon Autographs$80
557Apollo 12 Astronaut Conrad and Bean Autographs$75
558Apollo 12 Astronaut Gordon and Bean Autographs$250
559Apollo 12 Astronaut Bean(2x) and Gordon AutographsUnsold
561Apollo 12 Astronaut Charles Conrad Autograph$40
562Apollo 12 Astronaut Charles Conrad AutographUnsold
563Apollo 12 Astronaut Richard Gordon Autograph$50
564Apollo 12 Astronaut Richard Gordon Autograph$20
565Apollo 12 Astronaut Alan Bean Autograph$80
566Apollo 12 Astronaut Alan Bean Autograph$40
567Apollo 12 Astronaut Alan Bean Autograph$50
568Apollo 12 Soviet/American Space Art Book, 1990$40
569Apollo 12 Press Kit, 1969$40
570Apollo 12 Preliminary Science Report, 1970$375
571Apollo 12 "Apollo: An Eyewitness Account", 1998Unsold
572Beta Cloth Apollo 12 Crew Patch$80
573Apollo 12 Richard Gordon's Key to Jefferson ParishUnsold
574Apollo 12 Commemorative MedallionUnsold
575Apollo 12 Medallion$30
57612 Surveyor III NASA Photographs on Apollo 12$30
578Apollo 13 Flown Piece of Aquarius and Autographs$400
579Flown Swatch of Apollo 13 Stowage Locker Strap$175
580Flown Apollo 13 LM Webbing with Autographs$850
581Apollo 13 Lovell, Mattingly, Haise & Swigert Autos$600
582Apollo 13 Lovell, Swigert and Haise Autographs$850
583Apollo 13 Lovell, Swigert and Haise Autographs$500
584Apollo 13 Lovell, Haise and Swigert Autographs$400
585Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell Autograph$150
586Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell Autograph$100
587Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell Autograph=$375
588Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell Autograph$70
589Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell Autograph$300
590Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell Autograph$50
591Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell AutographUnsold
592Apollo 13 Astronaut Fred Haise Autograph$80
593Apollo 13 Astronaut Fred Haise Autograph$100
594Apollo 13 Book "Apollo ACE-S/C Manual", 1964$75
595Apollo 13 A Successful Failure, 1970$50
596Apollo 13, by John Sayles, 1994Unsold
597Apollo 13 Original Movie Trailer "The Right Stuff"Unsold
598Apollo 13 Commemorative Decanter$50
599Apollo 14 Flown United States Silk Flag$1,500
600Apollo 14 Flown Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$2,850
601Apollo 14 Flown "Safety Line"$325
602Apollo 14 Flown Lunar Safety Line$400
603Flown Fragment of Apollo 14 Film$90
604Apollo 14 Astronaut Mitchell EVA Training Gloves$25,000
605Apollo 14 Shepard, Mitchell and Roosa Autographs$300
606Apollo 14 Shepard, Roosa and Mitchell AutographsUnsold
607Apollo 14 Shepard, Mitchell and Roosa Autographs$125
608Apollo 14 Shepard, Mitchell and Roosa AutographsUnsold
609Apollo 14 Alan Shepard & Edgar Mitchell Autographs$100
610Apollo 14 Astronaut Alan Shepard Autograph$325
611Apollo 14' Astronaut Stuart Roosa Autograph$225
612Apollo 14 Astronaut Stuart Roosa Autograph$30
613Two Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Autographs$50
614Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Autograph$30
615Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Autograph$60
616Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Autograph$40
617Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Autograph$250
618Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Autograph$150
619Apollo 14 Saturn V (SA-509) Flight Manual, 1969$275
620Apollo 14 Operations Handbook Lunar Module 8$425
621Apollo 14 Test and Launch Countdown, 1970$175
622Apollo 14 Preliminary Science Report, 1971$125
623Apollo 14 Technical Crew Debriefing, 1971$150
624Apollo 14 Lunar Landing Mission Brochure$40
625Apollo 14 Breccia Necktie$20
626Apollo 14 Commemorative Dish$30
627Apollo 15 Lunar Module Attitude Control HandleUnsold
628David Scott's Apollo 15 Lunar HeadsetUnsold
629Apollo 15 Flown Portable Life Support System Cord$3,500
629AApollo 15 Flown United States Silk Flag$3,000
630Apollo 15 Flown United States Silk Flag$3,250
631Apollo 15 Lunar Rover License Plate$8,500
632Flown Apollo 15 Lunar Module Utility Light Cord$2,100
633Apollo 15 Jim Irwin's EVA Training Glove$1,100
634Apollo 15 Dave Scott's Apollo Era Flight Suit$1,300
634ADave Scott Apollo 15 Geological Field Traning Kit$1,250
635Apollo 15 Unflown Robbins Medallion$375
636Scott, Worden, Irwin, Gordon, Schmitt and Brand Au$500
637Apollo 15 Scott, Worden and Irwin AutographsUnsold
638Apollo 15 Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$350
639Apollo 15 Scott, Irwin and Worden AutographsUnsold
640Worden, Irwin, Gordon, Schmitt and Brand Autograph$450
641Scott, Worden, Irvin, Schmitt and Brand AutographsUnsold
642Apollo 15 Astronauts Scott and Worden Autographs$250
643Apollo 15 Astronauts Scott and Irwin Autographs$90
644Apollo 15 Astronaut David Scott Autograph$50
645Apollo 15 Astronaut David Scott Autograph$60
646Apollo 15 Astronaut David Scott Autograph$60
647Apollo 15 David Scott and Herman Oberth AutographsUnsold
648Apollo 15 David Scott &Herman Oberth Autographs$60
649Apollo 15 Astronaut David Scott AutographUnsold
650Apollo 15 Astronaut David Scott Autograph$90
651Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden Autograph$40
652Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden Autograph$125
653Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin Autograph$175
654Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin Autograph$1,300
655Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin AutographsUnsold
656Apollo Astronaut James Irwin Autograph$90
657Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin Autograph$195
658Apollo 15 Scientist Dr Ernst Stuhlinger AutographsUnsold
659Apollo 15 Saturn V Launch Vehicle Flight, 1971$100
660Apollo15/Saturn V Consolidate Instrumentation PlanUnsold
661Apollo 15 Moon Book, 1972$60
662Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report, 1972$200
663Apollo 15 Commemorative Medallion$30
664Apollo 15 Panchromatic NegativeUnsold
665Plaque Presented to Apollo 15 Dave Scott$60
666David Scott Autograph on Apollo 15 Banneer$250
667Apollo Flown Silk US Flag Autographed by John You$1,750
668Duke Autograph and Flown Fragment of Safety NettinUnsold
669Duke Autograph and Flown Fragment of Safety Nettin$325
670Duke Autograph and Flown Fragment of Safety Nettin$400
671Duke Autograph & Flown Fragment of Safety Netting$700
673Apollo 16 "CM POST EVA" Checklist An unFlown check$125
674Apollo 16 Entry Checklist (12.75x6") Dated April 3$150
675Astronaut Young, Mattingly and Duke Autographs on$175
676Astronaut John Young and Charles Duke Autographs o$75
677Astronaut Young Autograph$400
678Apollo Astronaut John Young Autograph on a color N$375
679Apollo Astronaut John Young Autograph on a 8x10" b$125
680Apollo Astronaut Charlie Duke Autograph on a colorUnsold
681Apollo Astronaut Charlie Duke Autograph on a Apoll$50
682Five Apollo Astronaut Charles Duke Autographs in fUnsold
683Three Apollo Astronaut Charlie Duke Autographs on$90
684Apollo 16 Mission Report, MSC-07230, 1972 (Appro$200
685On The Moon With Apollo 16, 1972 (90pp., stapledUnsold
686Saturn V Launch Vehicle Flight Evaluation Report,$60
687Apollo 16 Preliminary Science Report, 1972 (NASA$100
688Apollo 16 "Press Kit", 1972 (NASA, 172pp., stapled$200
689Apollo 16 Saturn V Launch Vehicle Flight Report, 1$80
690Apollo 16 Panchromatic Negative A 2nd generation lUnsold
691Apollo 16 Panchromatic Negative A 2nd generation,Unsold
692Apollo 16 70mm Color Transparencies Nine 70mm coloUnsold
693Beta Cloth Apollo 17 Mission Patch (9" square) beaUnsold
694Apollo Flown Film (.50 x .25") mounted on an Under$200
695Apollo 17 "Saturn Boost" Checklist Apollo 17 "Satu$80
696Apollo 17 LMP Boost/Abort Checklist (8x7") Dated A$150
697Apollo 17 Interface Mock-up Traverse Gravimeter (8$800
698Astronaut Cernan, Schmitt and Evans Autographs on$325
699Astronaut Cernan and Schmitt Autographs on separat$125
700Apollo Astronauts Cernan and Schmitt Autographs on$30
701Apollo Astronaut Evans and Schmidt Autographs on a$75
702Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on an off$250
703Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on a phot$200
704Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on a colo$40
705Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on an ove$60
706Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on a NASA$50
707Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on the ti$40
708Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on the ti$25
709Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on the ti$30
710Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Autograph on second$40
711Apollo Astronaut Ron Evans Autograph on a 16th SpaUnsold
712Apollo Astronaut Ron Evans Autograph on the front$50
713Apollo Astronaut Harrison Schmitt Autograph on a cUnsold
714Apollo Astronaut Harrison Schmitt Autograph on a N$80
715Apollo Astronaut Harrison Schmitt Autograph on a N$90
716Apollo Astronaut Harrison Schmitt Autograph on a N$50
717Apollo 17 Final Lunar Surface Procedures Vol. 1:$150
718On the Moon with Apollo 17"", 1972 (EP-101, 111 pp"Unsold
719Apollo 17 Saturn V Launch Vehicle Flight Report, 1$250
720Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report, 1973 (677p$50
721.99 Proof Silver Medal Honoring Apollo 17 A silver$80
722Apollo 17 Panchromatic Negative A rectified masterUnsold
723Apollo 17 Panoramic Photographs (48 x 5") Lot of t$50
724Apollo Flown Manned Flight Awareness Medallion sti$30
725Skylab Medallion Skylab medallion (1.5" diameter)$20
726Skylab Parasol Fragment A small square piece (0.5"Unsold
727Sklyab Fecal Collection Bag Although somewhat dete$125
728Skylab NASAdent Toothpaste and Toothbrush lot incl$20
729Skylab Urine Collection Device Original, and in un$70
7306 Skylab Food Tins Lot of six meals including file$150
731Skylab Experiment Briefing (30pp, soft cover, th$30
732Skylab "CSM Logistics Training" Handbooks, 1970 (N$150
733Skylab Study Guide, 1971 (approx. 600+ pp., soft$750
734Skylab Experiments, 1972 (210pp, soft cover) Thi$25
735Lot of 5 Skylab NASA Publications, 1972//1973 1973$150
736Skylab Flight Plan, 1973 (approx. 450+ pp., soft$125
737Skylab LC-39 Operational Fallback Plan, 1973 (NA$30
738Rocket Scientist Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger Autograph on$30
739Skylab A Chronology, 1977 (NASA, SP-401, 461 pp.$50
740Skylab Covers x7 Included are launch and recovery$90
742Four Skylab Patches Skylab I, II and III embroider$30
743Skylab Publicity Photographs Lot of 60+ NASA (8 x$50
7449 Washers Flown Aboard Spacelab 2 Nine 0.5" diamet$125
74513 Bolts Flown Aboard Spacelab 2 (Part number NA00$150
74616 Bolts Flown Aboard Spacelab 2 Sixteen 1" long b$150
74711 Bolts Flown Aboard Spacelab 2 Eleven 0.5" long$75
748Skylab Astronaut Bean, Garriott and Lousma Autogra$40
749Skylab Astronaut Bean, Garriott and Lousma Autogra$125
750Saturn IB/V - Instrument Unit, 1966 (NASA 8-1400$100
751Skylab 2 Sticker and Patch includes Skylab II red,$400
753Skylab Astronaut Gibson, Carr and Pogue AutographsUnsold
754Skylab Astronaut Ed Gibson Autograph on a (5 x 3")Unsold
755Saturn IB Launch Vehicle Flight Evaluation Report$70
756Flown US/Soviet Space Accord This historic documenUnsold
757Flown Segment of ASTP Parachute A segment (16") of$200
758Flown ASTP Manned Flight Awareness Medallion and a$125
75910 Astronaut and Cosmonauts Autographs Stafford,Unsold
760Slayton, Brand, Stafford, Leonov & Kubasov Autogra$70
761Stafford, Slayton, Brand, Leonov, & Kubasov Autogr$150
762Slayton, Brand, Leonov and Kubasov Autographs on a$50
763ASTP Astronaut Tom Stafford Autograph on a NASA co$30
764Astronaut Deke Slayton Autograph on the title page$90
765Lot of 3 Limited Edition Lithographs Signed by Leo$125
766Alexei Leonov Autograph on an 5.5x6" beta cloth AS$250
767UDT Recover Team Autographs on an Apollo-Soyuz UDT$40
768Gerald R. Ford Autograph on a block of 2 10c Apoll$125
769Apollo Soyuz Test Project, AP73-10, c1970's (41p$30
770Apollo Soyuz (NASA EP-109, 131 pp., hard cover)$80
771Apollo Soyuz "The Partnership", 1978 A History of$40
772NAA Flight Record Award for Apollo Soyuz Crew This$225
773FAA Flight Record Award for Apollo Soyuz Crew ThisUnsold
774Soviet and English Apollo Soyuz "Press" Badges (1Unsold
775Beta Cloth Apollo Soyuz Mission Patch (5.5" square$40
776Beta Cloth Apollo Soyuz Mission Patch (5.5" square$40
777Apollo Soyuz Matrushka Dolls A colorful collection$20

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