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Results: Aurora Galleries International Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction, Session Two

The prices listed below are not the official results and should not be used as an indication of current market value. Prices represent those called by the auctioneer (the "hammer price"), as recorded by collectSPACE.

Lots may have been reacquired by the consignors and therefore were not sold.

Prices do not include buyer's commission (17.5%-20%). WD=Withdrawn

Session Two
Sunday, October 3, 2004, 10:00am PT
Lot 574 to 1248

574Flown "Shuttle Tile" Fragments$275
575Shuttle Wind Tunnel Model$500
577Extended Duration Shuttle Food Pack$80
578Shuttle "Food Tray"$400
579Blue Shuttle Flight Suit$250
580Space Shuttle Thermal Tile$60
581Silver Shuttle Drink Pouch$30
582Shuttle Food Pouches$75
583Shuttle "Freeze-Dried" Food Packs$200
584Shuttle Tile$125
585Flight Ready Shuttle Hardware$30
586Shuttle Turbine Flow Meter$70
587Shuttle Peanuts Pack$50
588Shuttle Memorabilia$100
589Assorted Shuttle Astronaut Autographs$275
59060 Shuttle Astronaut Autographs$375
59142 Autographed Shuttle Covers$250
592Assorted Shuttle Astronaut Autographs$100
593Autographed Shuttle Astronaut Photos$150
594"The Post-Apollo Space Program"$40
595"Scientific Uses of the Space Shuttle"$25
596"Foundations of Space Biology…Vol I"$25
5973 Reports on the Shuttle Program$35
598Shuttle Life Sciences Five Year Plan$15
599Shuttle Future Directions for Life Sciences$25
600Shuttle Payload Integration Guide$40
601NASA Shuttle Memos$15
6023 NASA Shuttle Memos$25
603Shuttle Contractor Policies/Procedures$25
6044 NASA Shuttle Reports$20
605Shuttle Spacecraft Criteria and Standard$20
606Shuttle "Space Transportation Handbook"$45
6071983, 3 Shuttle NASA Reports$65
608Shuttle Program Commemorative$10
609"JSC Strategic Game Plan"$15
610NASA Shuttle News Reference$35
6111,132 Shuttle Covers$300
612Shuttle Mission Caps$20
613Shuttle Commemorative Medallions$190
614STS Commemorative Medallions$10
615Revell Space Shuttle Challenger Model Kit$100
616Shuttle Patches STS 1 to Challenger$60
617NASA Shuttle Launch Photos$25
618100 NASA Shuttle Photos$100
619100 NASA Shuttle Lithographs$75
620Shuttle Publicity Photos$90
621Shuttle Publicity Photos$45
622Shuttle Publicity Photo$75
62359 Shuttle Pins$200
624Shuttle Boeing Rockwell Lapel Pins$100
625"Rocket Launch" Wooden Bookends$200
626Shuttle Program Treasure Trove$35
627Engle and Truly Autographs$75
628Engle and Truly Autographs$90
629Flown STS-1 U.S. Flag$475
630John Young autograph$225
631Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$300
632STS-1 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$250
633STS-1 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$300
634NASA Columbia Plaque$20
635NASA Aluminum "Halliburton" Briefcase$225
636STS-2 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$250
637STS-2 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$175
638STS-2 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$200
639STS-3 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$325
640STS-3 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$200
641STS-3 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$200
642STS-4 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$225
643STS-4 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$300
644STS-4 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$200
646STS-5 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$225
647STS-5 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$275
647ABob Overmyer's Training Notebooks$225
648STS-6 Flown Polystyrene Spheres$60
649STS-6 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$300
650Sally Ride Autograph$225
651Sally Ride Autograph$80
652Sally Ride Autograph$50
653Sally Ride Autograph$40
654Sally Ride Autograph$20
655STS-7 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$275
656STS-8 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$250
657STS-9 Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$275
658Lot of 10 NASA STS 09 Publicity photos$10
659STS 41B Flown Mission Patch$350
660Vance Brand Autograph$30
661Robert Stewart Autograph$15
662Sterling Silver Robbins Medallions$250
663Bob Crippen Autographs$50
664Mike Mullane Autograph on "Red Sky"$20
665STS 41D Sterling Ag Robbins Medallion$275
666STS-41G Silver Robbins Medallions$300
667STS 51A Silver Robbins Medallion$225
668Jake Garn Autograph$20
669Flown STS 51B "Orbit OPS Checklist"$950
670Flown STS 51B " Burn Monitor" Checklist$125
671Flown STS 51B "Burn Monitor" Checklist$90
672Flown STS 51B "Crew Patch"$125
673Bob Overmyer's Blue "Flight Suit"$475
674Flight STS 51B Audio Tapes$80
675STS 51B Candid Post-Flight Audiotapes$50
676STS 51F Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$275
677STS 51L Shuttle Testing & Warning Docs$15
678STS 51L Silver Robbins Medallion$1200
678A31 NASA Challenger Photographs$100
679STS-51L Flight Patch$80
680STS 35 Crew Autographs$50
681"Orbit OPS Checklist for STS 50"$100
682STS 54 Silver Robbins Medallions$300
683Flown STS 62 Crew Patch$250
684Flown "Payload Bay Liner" Bookmarks$325
685James D. Hassell, Jr. Autograph$20
686Robert Thirsk Autograph$15
687STS-81 "Press Information and Mission Timeline"$20
688STS-86 "Press Information"$20
689Kadenyuk Autograph$30
690"MR-6 to STS-95" Wall Display$50
691Framed NASA Display$20
692STS 105 Silver Robbins Medallion$250
693Onufrienko Autograph$20
6944 STS 107 Mission & Payload Patches$40
695STS 112 Complete Crew Autographs$150
696"Mars Pathfinder MDC Console Notebook"$150
698National Geographic "Mars 3-D"$10
69930 Geological Survey Mars Maps$175
700Mars Globe$600
7013 Mars Rover JPL Medallions$100
7023 Mars Rover JPL Medallions$700
70330 Mariner Mars Photographs$60
704von Braun Holograph Mars Manuscript$600
705von Braun Holograph Mars Manuscript$300
706von. Braun Holograph Mars Manuscript$550
707"Spirit of St. Louis" Tapestry$100
708"Wings Over America" Poster$40
709Lamont's Cockatoos and Macaws Poster$10
710"Pappy Boyington" Wooten Print$135
711Old Exterminator & Bomber" Carlin Print$60
712"The Legend Begins" Grinnell Print$60
713"The Legend Begins" Grinnell Print$50
7141984, "Flying Tigers" Smith Print$70
715"Flying Tiger" Witkoff Print$125
716"Into the Unknown" Copic Lithograph$100
717"Yeager" Copic Lithograph$150
718"Yeager's First Jet" Grinnell Lithograph$75
719"Yeager's First Jet" Grinnell Lithograph$100
720"Glamorous Glennis" Grinnell Lithograph$100
721"Yeager Goes Mach 2" Grinnell Lithograph$125
722"Free Steak at Pancho's" Machat Lithograph$375
723"Double Trouble" Lithograph$75
724"One More for Yeager" Wilbur Lithograph$100
725"Chuck Yeager and the Bell XS-1" Litho$75
726"After the Mission" Cohen Lithograph$40
727"Into the Unknown" Copic Lithograph$175
728"Thud Ridge" Laurier Lithograph$75
729"Strategic Air Command Missiles" Machat Lithos$30
730"Launch of the A-2" Machat Lithograph$325
731"AC-47 "Spooky Gunship" Machat Lithograph$300
7322 Ltd Ed Lithographs Machat Lithograph$375
7334 Ltd Ed Lithographs Machat Lithograph$80
734"Going In Hot" Phillips Lithograph$75
735"Eagle Squadron" Shaw Lithograph$75
736Jessie Willcox Smith Watercolor Print$20
737R.G. Smith Aircraft Lithographs$70
738"Malted Milk" Aeroplane Pictures$50
739Aircraft Color Foil Etch Prints$10
740WWII Aircraft Pictures$30
741Aircraft Lithographs$25
742Aircraft Prints$15
743"Me109f" Cutawary Airplane Print$75
744"JV-44" Howard Lithograph$75
745"Galland Portrait" Howard Lithograph$40
746"PAPAGEI" Howard Lithograph$45
747"In Defense of the Reich" Lithograph$150
7482 Artist Concept Paintings by Arasmith$750
749"Cosmonaut Preparing for Launch"Litho$500
750"Them" Sci Fi Movie Poster$350
751"Star Wars" Sci Fi Movie Poster$275
752"Blade Runner" Sci Fi Movie Poster$100
753"The Right Stuff" Movie Poster$300
754"The Right Stuff" Movie Poster$250
755"Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom"$100
756Group 3 Astronaut Autographs$80
757Group 4 Astronaut Autographs$60
758Group 5 Astronaut Autographs$60
759Dealers Lot of Astronaut Autographs$80
760Astronaut & Cosmonaut Autographs$80
761Asst'd Apollo Astronaut Autographs$150
762NASA Retirement Presentation Award$75
763Assoc. of Space Explorers Auto. Photo$125
764ASE Autographed Covers$150
765Cosmonaut & Astronaut Autographs$25
767Mattingly Autograph$50
768Gordon Cooper Autograph$15
769Kurt Debus Autograph$30
770Robert Gilruth Autograph$80
771Hermann Oberth Autograph$50
772Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
773Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$500
774Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
775Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
776Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$80
777Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$275
778Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
779Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$150
780Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$150
781Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$150
782Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$200
783Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
784Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
785Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
786Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$110
787Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$125
788Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
789Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$80
790Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$4000
791Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$200
792Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$275
793Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$300
794Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$275
795Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$250
796Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$450
797Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$75
798Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
799Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$80
800Dr. Wernher von Braun Notes$1900
801Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$325
802Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$550
803Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$650
804Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$325
805Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$600
806Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$50
807Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$75
808Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$80
809Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$125
810Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$85
811Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$150
812Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$125
813Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$75
814Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$150
815Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$175
816Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$300
817Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$425
818Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$250
820Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
821Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$2100
822Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$225
823Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$950
824Dr. Wernher von Braun Autograph$100
825"Space Journal"$125
826Wernher von Braun's Star Atlas$2900
826ADr. von Braun's "Birthday" BooksWD
827Chuck Yeager Autograph$200
828Chuck Yeager Autograph$125
829Chuck Yeager Autograph$200
830Chuck Yeager Autograph$75
831Chuck Yeager Autograph$40
831AChuck Yeager Autograph$60
832Stephen Coonts Autograph$20
833John & Jacqueline Kennedy Autographs$750
835Tom Wolfe Autograph Tom Wolfe$250
836Early Cosmonaut Autographs$30
8371922 French Glider Race Armband$20
838Brass Lindbergh "Robbins" Medallion$150
839Air Race Panoramic Photographs$900
8401929 Nat. Air Races Scrapbook$200
8411929 Nat. Air Races Press Photo Scrapbk$375
8421937 St. Louis Air Race Photographs$150
8431930 National Air Race Photographs$125
844Cliff Henderson's Air Races Badges$400
8451931, Biplane Wreckage Fragment$50
846Cliff Henderson's Award Medals$20
847Aviation Autographs and Photographs$75
847AAviator Autographs$225
848Autographs of the Rich (?) & Famous$3250
849Original Art Work$175
850"Checkered" Flags$600
851Tibbits Autograph$375
852Tibbots, Van Kirk, Ferebee, Nelson AG's$400
853Robert Morgan Autograph$40
854"Little Boy Atomic Bomb" Model$375
855Henry Gordon Slide Rule$175
855AGordon's Society of X-Test Pilots Card$150
856Air Force Drinking Songs$25
857Dyna-Soar Memorabilia$200
858DynaSoar Blueprints Diagrams Photos$175
859F5 & F106 Flight Test Photographs$50
860Test Pilot Autographs$200
861X-20 and T-38A Talon Prints$50
863Aviator's Helmet$125
864Prototype HGU-2A/P Helmet$400
867Black Sheep Squadron Autograph Photo$70
868Flying Tiger Autographs$90
869Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager$100
870"Pappy" Boyington Autograph$150
871R. E. Byrd Autograph$250
872J. H. Doolittle Autograph$60
873Col. Francis Gabreski Autograph$15
874Nick Harris Autograph$75
875Charles H. Hubbell Autographs$40
876Torrence Huffman Autograph$15
877Wolfgang Klemperer Autograph$20
878Chuck Yeager Autograph$80
879Chuck Yeager Autograph$30
880"Samuel Pierpont Langley" Literature$25
882"The Romance of Aeronautics" by Turner$70
883House Hearings/President's Aircraft Brd$30
884"New Elementary Physics" by Millikan$80
8851940//63, Aviation Monographs$25
886"The Exploration of Space" by Clarke$50
887"Study of Airpower"$20
887A"Aircraft Mechanic's Pocket Manual"$20
888"Flight Manual F/RF/TF-104G"$50
889"F-104A, B, C & D Flight Manual"$60
890YF-12 Experiments Symposium, Vol. I$30
891"The First Team - Pacific Naval Air .."$15
892Nat. Aero Assoc. of the USA Officers$20
893WW II "Safe Conduct" Pass Card$20
894100 Early Air Mail Covers$200
89524 Carat Gold "Inverted Jenny"$10
896Black Bird in Flight$50
897FA13 Wind Tunnel Test Photos$20
898C-54 Crash Photos$60
899Experimental Test Pilot Award$30
900Marcel Doret Autograph Photo$20
901A"Die Eroberung der Luft"$25
903Airship Shenandoah Girder$600
904Airship Shenandoah Flown Girder$500
905Flown Airship Shenandoah Girder$275
906Flown Airship Shenandoah Fragment$125
907Flown Girder Plate Airship USS Akron$500
908Footstool Made from Airship "Akron"$425
909Hull FabricUS Airship Scrap Souvenir$60
910Airship USS "Akron" Letter Openers$125
911"Investigation of Dirigible Disasters"$150
911A"Famous Airships/the World" by Sinclair$30
912US Airship Akron" by M. Burke White$1750
913Airship Akron Photo$125
914Dirigible L 32 Lattice Strut$175
915FLOWN Graf Zeppelin Cover Fabric$175
916FLOWN Graf Zeppelin Cover Fabric$150
917Flown Hindenburg Fabric$900
918Zeppelin Wooden Propeller Piece$550
919Flown Hindenburg Cover$375
920Bag Made of Graf Zeppelin Material$175
921Clara Adams Autograph$175
922Machinery Installation of Airship R101$15
9231932, German Cigarette Card Album$70
924Graf Zeppelin & Hinesburg Handbook$100
92515 Reproduction Photos of Graf Zeppelin$20
9265 Stills from the Movie "Hindenburg"$15
927Glass Slide Cutaway of a Zeppelin$60
928"The Hindenburg" Movie Medallion$25
929Zeppelin & Dirigible Memorabilia$125
930Dirigible White/Blue Decorated Dish$150
931"The Coming Race" by Lytton$60
932Around the World in 80 Days Verne 1st Ed$250
933In Search of the Castaways Verne 1st Ed$375
934Tour of the World in 80 Days Verne 1874$150
935"Der Courier des Czar" Verne 1877$75
936Philatelic History of the Civil War$10
937"The War with Germany" by Ayres$25
938"America's Munitions" by Crowell$25
939"Landings in N. Africa, Nov. 1942"$400
939A"Operation Neptune" Battle Plan$6000
940Roster of Officers U.S.S. Augusta$200
941D Day Commanders Naval Task Force$250
942Secret D Day Memo Rear Adm Kirk$250
943Secret D Day Memo Rear Adm Alan Kirk$500
944D-Day "Orders for the Day"$450
946D-Day "Special Order of the Day"$1500
947Top Secret Envelope, U.S.S. Augusta$150
948Sec Navy Frank Knox Autograph$125
949"Potsdam Agreement" - Draft Copy$2100
950Gen. George C. Marshall Autograph$325
951USS Augusta Pottsdam Conference$250
952Truman & James F. Byrnes Autographs$300
953USS Augusta "Schedule of Events"$225
954USS Augusta Photographs WW II$650
9553 "USS Augusta" Cachet Covers$250
956U.S.S. Augusta "Ships Memorandum"$125
957Atom Bomb Test "Able" Autographs$425
957AVintage Photo of Atomic Bomb "Baker"$50
958"Patton in North Africa - 1943" Poster$50
959"Patton 1885-1945" Poster$40
960ROTC Insignia and Medals$20
961"The Enemy Above" Cohen Litho$40
962WWII Japanese General. Minoru Photo$50
963National War College Coat of Arms$15
964P-40B "Flying Tiger" Fighter Model$80
965F-105 Thunderchief Model$225
966F104 Starfighter Model$150
967F-117A and X-15 Models$60
968Lockheed Constellation Model$30
969B-17F "Memphis Belle" Model$325
970F7U Cutlass Topping Model$75
971Lockheed L-1011 Aircraft Model$300
972Lockheed L-1011 Aircraft Model$175
973McDonnell Douglas Super 83 Model$50
974X-30 National Aerospace Plane Model$150
975Oblique Wing Research Aircraft Model$300
976North American P-51D Model$50
977McDonnell Phantom II Model$175
978Northrop T-38 Talon Trainer Model$90
979Boeing E 3A & Lockheed C141B Models$50
980T-33A "Shooting Star" Model$80
981Model Airplane Engines on Wooden Plaque$50
982Curtiss "Jenny" Aircraft Model$40
983McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Model$25
984McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Model$40
985Pershing 1 Missile Contractors Model$250
986Pegasus 1 Missile Contractors Model$175
987Sprint Missile ICBM Interceptor Model$175
988Walleye Missile Contractors Model$70
989Atlas Launch Vehicle & Centaur Model$75
990NASA ATLAS Rocket Payload Model$250
991US Army Corporal Rocket Model$300
992"Hawk" Rocket Model$80
993"Nike Ajax" Rocket Model$400
994"Nike Zeus" Rocket Model$275
995"Pegasus" Rocket Model$250
996"Redstone" Rocket Model$200
997"SLV-2G Agena" Rocket Model$80
998"Titan/Centaur" Engine Model$90
999"Titan Centaur" Rocket Model$30
1000"Saturn SIV" Rocket Tower Model$950
1001Saturn S-IVB Rocket Model$475
1002Three Glencoe Models$50
1003Topping U.S. Army Missile Model$100
1004NASA Telescope Model$150
1005Roentgen Satellite Model$110
1006"San Marco C" Satellite Model$30
1007Gemini Space Craft Model$950
1008Grumman Lunar Excursion Module Model$950
1009NASA Skylab Model$7750
1010Shuttle "Atlantis" Model$50
1011Shuttle "Atlantis" Model$70
1012"Sputnik" Model$60
1013Sputnik "Foton" in Space Flight$100
1015"Soyuz 10" Rocket Model Model$200
1016"Vostok-1" Model$6250
1017Vostok I Model$40
1018Vostok Model$40
1019Hand Painted "Soyuz" Rocket Model$225
1020"Soyuz and Foton" Rocket Model$75
1020A"Soyuz ST" Rocket Model$250
1021"Soyuz with Lyana" Rocket Model$150
1021A"Soyuz with Ikar" Rocket Model$75
1022"Soyuz with Molniya" Model$75
1023"Vostok-1" Model$1100
1024Space Station "Foton" Model$1600
1025Hand Painted "Soyuz Rocket Model"$125
1026"Soyuz" Space Station Model$225
1027"Soyuz" Rocket Model$80
1028"Soyuz" Rocket Model$100
1029"Soyuz" Rocket Model$90
1030"Soyuz-2" Rocket Model$175
1032"Mir" Space Station Model on a pen stand.$2200
1033Wehner Von Braun Archive Photos$70
1034Wehner von Braun Archive Photos$175
1035Wehner von Braun Archive Photos$60
1036Wehner von Braun Archive Photos$80
1037Wehner von Braun Archive Photos$80
1038Wehner von Braun Archive Photos$70
1039Wehner von Braun Archive Photos$60
1040NASA Group 6 Astronaut Photos$15
10417 NASA Full Size Medals$50
1042Twelve NASA Miniature Medals$40
1043K&E Model 4181 Slide Rule$30
1044Space Camp Uniform$20
1044A1952, "Across the Space Frontier"$40
10451968//1972 NASA Publications$40
1045B1955//1957 Journal Aviation Medicine$20
1045CMartin Caidin Space/Aviation Books$20
1045D1957 Submarine Medicine Practice$20
1045EBioenergetics of Space Book$50
1045FEarth Photographs from Space Book$20
1045G23rd Space Congress Publications$25
1045H10 NASA Books and Brochures$40
1045I1975, "COSPAR 18th Plenary Meeting"$15
1045J97 "Astrophile" Magazines$20
1045K1992-2003, Quest Magazine Complete$325
1045LSuperior Galleries Auction Catalogs$175
10469 NASA publications 1959 - 1961$175
10477 NASA Publications 1958 - 1961$25
10481960 Disney Tomorrowland Lunchbox$90
1049"We Share A Dream" Medallions$15
1050NASA Space Publications$20
1050ANASA Space Books$30
1051Zippo Cigarette Lighters$225
1052Space Memorabilia$15
1053Assorted Space Memorabilia$20
1054Mercury Gemini Apollo and Shuttle Patches$50
1055100 NASA Photographs$150
1056NASA Photographs$30
1057Moon Globe Jigsaw Puzzle$25
1058Tsiolkovsky Manuscript and Sketch$2200
1059Tsiolkovsky Manuscript and Drawing$1300
1060Tsiolkovski Handwritten Page$2200
1061Tsiolkovsky Manuscript Page$600
1062Tsiolkovsky Autograph$650
1063"On the Moon" by Tsiolkovsky$325
1064"Works on Rocket Techniques"$400
1065"Out of Earth" by Tsiolkovsky$175
1066Tsiolkovsky "The Road to the Stars"$100
1067Tsiolkovsky Monument Statue$100
1068Tsiolkovsky Monument Paperweight$70
1069Tsiolkovsky Statue$100
1070Korolev Autograph$400
1071Korolev & Bushuev Autographs$125
1072Korolev Autograph$125
1073Gagarin & Korolev Autographs$325
1074Korolev & Voroshilov Autographs$125
1075Flown Buran Tiles$150
1076Flown Buran Tile$200
1076ARussian Flown Film Canister$225
1077Russian Space Restroom$350
1078Water-Cooled Spacesuit Garment$400
1079Water-Cooled Spacesuit Garment$400
1080Russian Cardiac Monitor Harness$50
1082Russian Brown Two-Piece Flight Suit$60
1083Russian Urine Collection Bag$30
108440+ Cosmonaut Autographs$200
1085Cosmonaut Autographs$400
1086Cosmonaut Autographs$350
108725 Cosmonaut Autographs$150
108836 Cosmonaut Autographs$125
1089Cosmonaut Autographs: Garagin. Etc.$400
1090Gagarin, Popovich, Titov, Nikolaev, Leonov, Komar$400
1091Cosmonaut Autographs: Gagarin, etc$275
1091ACosmonaut Autographs$325
1092Cosmonaut Autographs on 38 Photos$200
1093Gagarin & Titov Autographs$225
1094Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev, & Popovich$200
1095Gagarin, Titov, Popovich, Tereshkova$150
1096Gagarin, Popovich, Tereshkova, Bykovski$175
1097Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev &Popovich$150
1098Cosmonaut Autographs$80
1099Gagarin & Kimarov Autographs$100
1100Gagarin, Leonov & Belyaev$125
1101Gagarin, Nikolaev, Popovich$225
1102Gagarin, Nikolaev, Popovich$100
1103Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev & Popovich$175
1104Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev, Popovich,$200
1105Klynuk, Miroslaw, Hermaszewski, Romanenko, Tamayo$75
1106Gagarin, Titov & Popovich$150
1107Flown Cover Cosmonauts Autographs$400
1108Cosmonaut Autographs$75
1110Cosmonaut Autographs Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev and$175
1111Nikolaev &Popovich Autographs$60
1112Tereshkova & Bykovski Autographs$60
1113Cosmonaut Autographs$70
1114Soyuz TM-18 Crew Autographs$60
1115Savynikh and Volkov Autographs$50
1116Soyuz 15 Sarafanov Autograph$70
1117Yaroslav Golovanov Autograph$40
1118Kovalyonok Autograph$40
1119Cosmonaut Autographs$50
1120Volkov and Chretien Autographs$125
1121Mishin Autograph$90
1122Glushko Autograph$40
1123English-Russian Space Dictionary$100
1124Mechanics of Photon Rockets$30
1125669 Russian Air Force Pins$150
112624 Rare Russian Space Pins$100
1127Russian Commemorative Space Badges$100
1128772 Russian Space Pins!$125
1129633 Russian Space Pins$175
1130Flown MIR Space Station Rare Cover$70
1132Russian Children's Space Game$275
1133Russian Children's Christmas Tin Drum$75
1134Russian Children's Christmas Tin Drum$50
11351961, Child's "Christmas/Space" Tin Drum (6.5x2.5$50
1136Unique Rocket Pen Stand$100
1137"Lunokhod" Desk Pen Holder$75
1138"Lunokhod" Desk Piece$80
1139"Rocket" Table Lamp$225
1140Russian "Space" Powder Case$30
1141Russian Centrifuge Scale Model$200
1142Rocket Lamp$100
1143Space Propaganda Presentation$60
1144"Lunokhod" (Moonwalker) Presentation$200
1145"Rocket" Table Lamp$50
1146Hand Carved Cosmonaut Figurine$40
1147Hard Carved Figurine of Yuri Gagarin$275
1148Soviet "Jet" Model$100
1149"First 5 Cosmonauts" Matrushka Dolls$200
1150"To the Stars" Heroic Figurine$40
11511966 "Cosmonaut" Calendar$100
1152Russian October Revolution Statue$100
1153Lucite Rocket Pen Stand$125
1154Space "Cigarette/Music" Box$30
1155Space Presentation Paperweight$60
1156Russian Space Alarm Clock$150
1157Russian Children's Christmas Tin Drum$30
11583 Gagarin Titov Wall Plates$60
1159Rocket Pen Holder$30
1160Soviet Space Pins/Medals$75
1161Three Cosmonaut Wings$150
1162Soyuz TM-6 Presentation Plaque$35
1163Three Venusian Plaques$275
1164Russian Heroic Wall Hanging$70
1165Russian Heroic Wall Hanging$50
1166Korolev Table Plaque$35
1167Progress-12 Presentation Memento$60
1168"Mir" Presentation Plaque$275
1169"Progress-3" Plaque$60
1170Rare Russian Space Medal$20
1171Russian-Bulgarian Presentation Plaque$50
1172"Order for Conquering Space"$15
11733 "Veteran of Cosmonautics" Medals$20
1174Romanian Cosmonaut Badge$30
1175Unique, Rare Baikonur Photo Album$2100
1176Russian Cosmonaut Biography Cards$30
1177Cosmonaut Biography Cards$20
1178Russian Cosmonaut Photographs$20
1179143 Russian Space Photographs$60
118032 Portraits of Early Cosmonauts$200
11811964, Moscow Space Museum Poster$325
11821970, Intercosmos Poster$300
1183Happy New Year Poster$225
1184Rare Industrial Poster with Sputnik$500
11851952, "Star Worlds" Poster$50
1186Poster of the First Eleven Cosmonauts$90
1187Russian Patriotic Space Poster$150
1188First Nine Cosmonauts Poster$200
11891961, "Gagarin" Space Poster$150
1190Polyot Chronograph$100
1191Polyot Chronograph$75
11924 Sets of Matchbook Presentations$30
1193Gagarin Autograph$900
1194Cosmonaut Autographs$400
1194AGagarin Autograph$200
1195Cosmonaut Autographs$150
1196Gagarin and Titov Autographs$100
1197Gagarin and Tereshkova Autographs$250
1198Gagarin and Titov Autographs$125
1199Gagarin and Titov Autographs$125
1200Gagarin and Titov Autographs$200
1201Gagarin Autograph$125
1202Gagarin Autograph$150
1203Gagarin Autograph$80
1204Gagarin Autograph$75
1205Gagarin Autograph$125
12061989, Gagarin Poster$100
1208Gagarin Autograph$80
1209Gagarin Autograph$175
1210Cosmonaut Gagarin Momento Tin Box$25
1211"Vostok-1" Table Clock$30
1212Flown Gagarin Pin$125
1213Gagarin Matchbooks$15
1214Gagarin Commemorative Gold Coin$1000
1215Vostok 1 30th Anniversary Medallion$80
1216Titov Autograph$60
1217Titov Autograph$40
1218Popovich Autograph$50
1219Tereshkova Autograph$80
1220Tereshkova Information Card$20
1221Komarov Autograph$80
1222Gagarin, Leonov & Belyaev$150
1223Leonov Autograph$10
1224Komarov Autograph$100
1225Dobrovlsky, Volkov & Patsayev$750
1226Patsayev Autograph$150
1227Volkov & Dobrovolski Autographs$175
1228Volkov Autograph$50
12293 Unusual Items Presented to Lev Demin by Fellow$40
1230Titov Autograph$40
1231Impressive Cannon Model$300
1232Presentation Statue of Icarus$325
1233Russian Lev Demin Space Paperweight$40
1234Lev Demin Presentation Plaque$30
1235Lev Demin Heroic Poster$50
1236Cosmonaut Autographs$70
1237Flown Soyuz 39 Space Mail$200
1238Soyuz-39 Presentation Memento$150
1239Levchenko Autograph$850
1240Akiyama Autograph$60
1241Japanese Flag Flown on MIR$275
1242Postal Cover Flown on MIR$150
1242ASoyuz TM 15 & TM 14 Autographs$175
1243Soyuz 22 Crew Autographs$100
1244Flown Cassette Tape$150
1245Beregovay Autograph$35
1246Solovtev Autograph$70
1247Solovyev Autograph$70
1248MIR 92 Flown Banner with Autographs$325

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