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Results: Aurora Galleries International Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction, Session One

The prices listed below are not the official results and should not be used as an indication of current market value. Prices represent those called by the auctioneer (the "hammer price"), as recorded by collectSPACE.

Lots may have been reacquired by the consignors and therefore were not sold.

Prices do not include buyer's commission (17.5%-20%). WD=Withdrawn

Session One
Saturday, October 2, 2004, 10:00am PT
Lot 1 to 573

1Antique Brass/Raffia Naval Spyglass$75
2Astronomer John Dobson MotorHome$450
33 NASA Books Venus, Mars & Jupiter$25
41970 "Moon as Viewed by Lunar Orbiter"$40
51985 "Encyclopedia of US Spacecraft"$15
6"Eyewitness Space in 3D"$10
7Photos Map of Jupiter Moon Calisto$20
7A11 Maps of Jupiter Moon Calisto$50
81962, Flown "Project Stargazer" Cover$425
9Nott's "Nazca 02" Balloon Cover$70
9AAtlantic Challenge Balloon Cover$60
10Project Yeti Flown Balloon Cover$100
11Flown /Event Balloon Covers$35
12Bartin, Sullivan and Bradley Autographs$30
14Airship Stereopticon View Cards$30
15"Home Coming Jubilee" Handbill$25
16Historic Painting of DeRozier's Balloon$85
17"Valhala Aerostation" Ltd Ed Reprints$50
18Natl Geo Mag: Piccard's Balloon Flight$15
19"Zum Turbulenzproblem" by Blumenthal$20
201910//20 Ballooning Kinetascope$80
21Russian Balloonist Statue$125
22NASA Halliburton Briefcase$65
23Ranger Program Negatives$80
24NASA Mariner IV Model$250
25Mariner IV Photographs$150
2643 Mariner NASA Publicity Photos$100
27Nov '57 & Apr '61 Life Magazines$25
28Pioneer NASA Publicity Photographs$50
29NASA Satellite Publicity Photographs$100
30Umanned Missions Lunar Globe$10
31Flown V-2 Rocket Fragment$300
32Rocket 3 Rocket Mail Cover$60
32ANike Missile Barometric Nose Probe$160
32B"This is White Sands Proving Ground"$60
33"Guided Missiles Fundamentals" Handbook$30
33A4 Rocket Missile Space & Aviation Books$40
33B1960, Pershing Missile Firing Test Rpts$30
341963 "Trajectory" Magazines$20
35"Pocket Data for Rocket Engines"$50
36Delta Launch Vehicle Photo Books$150
371998, NASA Goddard Award$35
38NASA Rocket Publicity Photos$550
3926 Pages of Missile Photographs$60
40Delta Rocket Memorabilia$40
41A5 Rocket "Graphite Exhaust Rudder"$300
42A5 Rocket "Graphite Exhaust Rudder"$250
43V-1 Rocket Rear Steering Vane$650
44V-1 Rocket Fuel Injection Control Valve$135
45V1 Rocket Fragment$300
46V2 Nuts and Bolts$95
47Hermann Oberth Autograph$125
48Vengeance-Hitler's Nuclear Weapon Book$20
49"Rockets and Flights to Space" by V Ley$30
51Four 1957 - 1959 Life Magazines$125
51A1959 1961 Life Magazines Able & Baker$70
52Gus Grissom NASA Hard Hat$650
53Gus Grissom Anti-Blackout Flt Pants$175
54Mercury 7 Signed NASA Lithograph$4250
55Mercury 7 Astronaut Autographs$2000
56Mercury 7 Astronaut Autographs$80
58Mercury 7 Autographed Book$900
595 Mercury 7 Autographs on Cover$760
60Autographed Mercury Publicity Photos$150
617 Life Magazine re Mercury Astronauts$50
6216 Books: Space Flight & Human Biology$175
64Medical Results of Mercury 7 Glenn$150
66NASA Results of Mercury 6 J. Glenn$40
67Mercury Astronaut Preparation Manual$200
681963, "Project Mercury - A Chronology"$50
69NASA This New Ocean Comment Edition$65
71Mercury & Apollo Tie Tacs$175
72Mercury Crew Patches Framed$75
733" Mercury Crew Patches Framed$150
74NASA Mercury Gemini Apollo Slides$200
75Mercury NASA Publicity Photos$50
76Alan Shepard Autograph$80
77Alan Shepard Autograph$70
78NASA Mercury Photographs$125
79Virgil I. Grissom Autograph Virgil I.$325
80Virgil I. Grissom Autograph$275
81NASA Mercury 7 Results Report$70
81ANASA Mercury 7 Results Report$60
82John Glenn Autograph$90
83John Glenn Autograph$30
84John Glenn Autograph$125
85John Glenn Autograph$25
86John Glenn Autograph$20
87John Glenn Autograph$15
88NASA Mercury 6 & 7 Results Book$50
89Mercury 6 Periodicals & Covers$30
90Scott Carpenter Autograph$35
91Scott Carpenter Autograph$40
92Scott Carpenter Autograph$125
93NASA Mercury 7 Report$100
94Wally Schirra Autographs$50
95Wally Schirra Autograph$125
96Wally Schirra Autograph$125
97NASA Mercury 8 Report Schirra$45
98Gordon Cooper Autograph$50
99Gordon Cooper Autograph$20
100Gordon Cooper Autograph$35
102Mercury 9 Life Magazines$30
103Gemini B H2O2 Decomposer$200
108NASA Gemini Animation Cel$350
109NASA Gemini Spacecraft Animation Cel$225
1108 Gemini Era Life Magazines$50
11169, "Project Gemini Chronology, NASA"$175
1121969, "Project Gemini - A Chronology"$100
11357//67: 6 NASA Gemini Publications$275
1142 Books re Gemini Earth Photographs$60
115Collection of Gemini Photographs$375
115ACollection of Gemini Transparencies$325
11651 NASA Gemini Photographs$225
11756 NASA Mercury Photographs$100
118Gemini Crew Patches Framed$90
119Gemini 3" Crew Patches Framed$150
120Gemini Mission Paperweight$60
121Flown GT3 "Astronaut" Lapel Pin$850
122Grissom Young Schirra Stafford AutoG's$950
123Gemini 3 Grissom & Young Autographs$1400
124Slayton and Schirra Autographs$70
125"Gemini Missions III & IV Symposium"$45
126Gemini 4 Flown Silver Medallion$650
127Gemini 4 McDivitt & White Autographs$165
128Gemini 4 McDivitt & White Autographs$200
129Gemini 4 McDivitt & White Autographs$200
130Gemini 4 Ed White Autograph$650
131Gemini 7 Borman & Lovell Autographs$100
132Gemini 7 Borman & Lovell Autographs$45
133"Borman Visit ScrapbooK"$25
134Gemini 6 Schirra & Stafford Autographs$225
135Gemini 6 Schirra & Stafford Autographs$60
136Flown Gemini 8 Heatshield$500
137Dave Scott Autograph$60
138"Project Gemini Launch Demonstration"$125
139Flown Gemini 9 Heat Shield Plug$275
142Flown Gemini 9 Heat Shield Plug$325
143Gemini 9 Prime Recovery Ship Cover$30
144Gemini 10 Gold Plated Robbins Medallion$1400
145Flown Gemini 10 Heat Shield Plug$400
146Flown Gemini 10 Heat Shield Plug$400
147Flown Gemini 10 Heat Shield Plug$400
148Flown Gemini 10 Heat Shield Plug$400
149Gemini 10 John Young Autographs$1200
149AGemini 11 Dick Gordon Navy Patch$2500
150Gemini 11 Conrad and Gordon Autographs$175
151Gemini 11Conrad and Gordon Autographs$125
152Flown 29mm. Sterling Silver Medallion$700
153Gemini 12 Aldrin Autograph$80
154Flown Gemini B MOL Heatshield$225
155Flown Gemini B MOL Heatshield$275
156Sickness Bag from the "Vomit Comet"$125
15754 Photographs from "Vomit Comet"$110
158Apollo Prototype Spacesuit$3500
159Pad Emergency Air Pack (PEAP)$850
160Beta Cloth Prototype Spacesuit$550
161Apollo Era Rocket Nozzle$2100
162Apollo Lunar Core Sample Tool$700
163Apollo Spacesuit Upper Gas Connector$2500
1642 Apollo Spacesuit Block Assemblies$750
165Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Assembly$3000
166Beta Cloth Name Patches Apollo 11-17$3750
167Apollo Drink Packets$400
168Complete Apollo Meal Food Pouch$300
169Apollo Electrical Cable Mold Bookend$175
170Apollo Electrical Cable Mold Bookend$175
171"McKinney" Moon Rock "Bolt"$450
172Apollo A6L Helmet Feed Port Assy$2950
173Prototype Apollo Beta Cloth Space Boot$1200
174Apollo Era Space Food$125
175Apollo Food Packs$225
176Mockup Apollo Attitude Indicator$300
177Flown Apollo Strawberry Cereal Cube$225
178Three NASA Saturn/Apollo Publications$175
179Saturn S IV B Paperweight$35
180Saturn SIVB Blueprints, Checklists +++$175
181Saturn IV B Rocket Blueprints$100
182Saturn IV B Rocket Blueprint$100
183Saturn IV B Rocket Blueprint$70
184Saturn "S-IVB Test Stand" Blueprint$90
18522 Early Saturn Rocket Photos$125
186Saturn V Rocket Certification Documents$80
187Saturn V Rocket Handbooks$225
188NASA "Saturn" Rocket Book$60
189Group 2 Gemini Astronaut Photos$125
190Crew Signed Apollo XIV & XV Covers$3000
192Autographed Apollo Publicity Photos$150
193Chris Kraft Autograph$40
194Aldrin, Cernan, Collins, Gordon AG's$125
195Apollo Autopen Signed NASA Lithographs$80
196"Apollo Spacecraft News Reference"$225
197"Apollo News Reference" Handbook"$425
198Apollo Spacecraft "News Reference"$450
199Apollo Training Handbook$250
200Apollo Spacecraft Systems Handbook$225
200AApollo Optical Guidance System Book$50
201Apollo Lunar Module Brochure$200
201A1960//1975, 11 NASA "Fact Sheets"$60
202"Space Flight" by von Braun$70
2039 NASA Space Biology Books$225
204Apollo Spacecraft Chronology 3 Vol.$1000
205"Lunar Atlas" Supplement$175
205AApollo Flt. Crew Hazardess Egress Hbk.$650
206Apollo Evacuation Proceedures Book$225
207NASA Human Response to Space Book$35
208Apollo EMU Handbook$275
2092 NASA Apollo Books$100
210Apollo Acronym / Abbrev Dictionary$60
212Apollo Spacecraft Volumes I & II$150
213NASA Apollo Mission Operation Rpt$80
215NASA Apollo 15 & 16 Books$20
216Intl Space Medicine Compendium$30
217Apollo Program Summary Report$300
218NASA Biomedical Results of Apollo$70
219NASA Life Science Experience '48-75$40
220Chariots for Apollo$250
221"Stages to Saturn" by Bilstein$175
222"States to Saturn" by Bilstein$150
223"Stages to Saturn" by Roger Bilstein$50
2241994, "Moon Shot"$15
22515 Apollo Era Life Magazines$60
226Apollo Program Literature$50
227NASA Apollo LM Animation Cel$350
228NASA Apollo SM Animation Cel$325
229NASA Launch Complex Blueprint$90
230NASA Launch Complex Blueprint$100
231Apollo Spacecraft Panel Blueprint$50
231A"Apollo Lunar Orbit Chart"$70
232Helen Garriott "Earthrise" Jar$175
2332 Apollo Beverage Tumblers$10
234Lunar Globe$60
2357 Apollo Silver Medallions$200
236Boeing Apollo Medallions$175
237Apollo Memorabilia$60
238Collection of Apollo Memorabilia$25
239Apollo Crew Mission Patches Framed$550
239AMercury Gemini Apollo Mission Patches$75
240Manned Flight Awareness Award$60
240AApollo 4" Crew Patches Framed$450
241Approx. 300 NASA Photographs$275
242NASA Publicity Photographs$250
24365 Apollo, Gemini & Mercury Photos$70
244100 Apollo & Skylab Photos$200
245Apollo & Skylab Astronaut Photos$50
24656 NASA Apollo Photographs$175
24744 NASA Apollo Photos$90
24833 NASA Color Apollo Lithographs$90
24936 NASA Apollo-Shuttle Photos$30
250NASA Mercury Gemini Apollo Photos$40
25115 NASA Astronaut Photos$60
252Panoramic Lunar Landscape Photo$600
253Apollo Lapel Pins$175
2543 NASA "Excellence" Posters$70
255Grissom, White & Chaffee Autographs$4000
256Apollo 1 Grissom ID Badge$425
257NASA "Plan for Crew Egress" Report$600
258Apollo 1 NASA Literature$80
259Apollo 1 1967 Life Magazines$30
2602 Apollo 1 Crew NASA Photos$125
260AApollo 1 Crew Publicity Photos$80
261Apollo 1 Wreckage NASA Photos$400
262Apollo Saturn V Launch Plan$80
263Flown Fragment of Apollo 7 Parachute$75
264Apollo 7 Crew-Signed FD Cover$150
265Schirra, Eisele, Cunningham Autographs$275
266Schirra, Eisele, Cunningham Autographs$125
267Cunningham and Eisele Autographs$225
268Wally Schirra Autograph$25
269Donn Eisele Autograph$45
270Walt Cunningham Autograph$50
271Biomedical Evaluation of Apollo 7$30
2721968, "Apollo 7 Mission Report"$450
272AFLOWN Apollo 8 Crew Patch$4250
273FLOWN Apollo 8 Flight Awareness Medal$325
274FLOWN Apollo 8 Medallion$50
275Flown Apollo 8 Flight Awareness Medal$80
276Flown Apollo 8 Flight Awareness Medal$25
277Flown Apollo 8 Gold Foil$350
278Apollo 8 Crew-signed Lithograph$425
279Apollo 8 Crew-Signed Space Treaty$250
280Apollo 8 Crew-signed NY Times Repro$150
281Apollo 8 Crew-signed NY Times Repro$125
282Apollo 8 Crew-signed Publicity Photo$275
283Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$375
284Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$450
285Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$300
286Frank Borman Autograph$65
287Frank Borman Autographs$60
288Frank Borman Autographs$60
289Bill Anders Autograph$60
290Biomedical Evaluation of Apollo 8$50
291Apollo 8 Mission Emblems$100
2925 Apollo 8 Covers$20
293Apollo 8 Lithographs$30
295Dave Scott Training Circular Star Chart$500
296McDivitt, Scott & Schweickart Autographs$175
297Apollo 9 Crew-Signed Recovery Cover$200
298McDivitt Scott & Schweickart Autographs$125
299McDivitt Scott & Schweickart Autographs$175
300Apollo 9 Crew-Signed Launch Cover$90
301James McDivitt Autograph$40
302Scott Autograph "Apollo 9 Stowage List"$225
303Apollo 9 Mission Report$80
304"Biomedical Evaluation of Apollo 9"$40
3054 Apollo 9 Covers$25
306FLOWN Apollo 10 United States Flag$3500
307FLOWN Crew Signed High Flight Poem$3500
309Apollo 10 Firing Command Switch Button$950
310Lovell Stafford Young Cerman Autographs$275
311Apollo 10 Crew-Signed Launch Cover$600
312Apollo 10 Crew-Signed Photograph$175
313Tom Stafford & Cassutt Autographs$50
314"Saturn V Flight Manual SA 505"$250
3151969, "Apollo 10 Mission Report"$200
316Apollo 11 Mission Report$125
317Biomedical Evaluation of Apollo 10$60
318Three Apollo 10 Covers$50
319FLOWN Apollo 11 US Flag Patch$8500
320Flown Apollo 11 U.S. Silk Flag$5500
321Flown Apollo 11 U.S. Silk Flag$6000
322Flown Apollo 11 U.S. Flag$4500
323Flown Apollo 11 Beta Cloth Patch$11000
324Flown Apollo 11 CM Gold Foil$950
325Flown Water from Apollo 11$6000
326Flown Apollo 11 Heat Shield Plug$1800
327FLOWN Apollo 11 Film$300
328Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$175
329Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$300
330FLOWN Apollo 11 Film Used on Moon$475
331Flown Apollo 11 Mini Elephant Sculpture$4250
332Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$450
333Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$450
335Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$275
336Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$275
337Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$150
338Flown Apollo 11 Gold Foil$175
339FLOWN Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medals$750
340FLOWN Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medal$70
341FLOWN Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medal$60
342FLOWN Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medal$60
343Manned Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medal$150
344FLOWN Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medal$50
345Flown Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medal$40
346Flown Apollo 11 Flight Awareness Medal$50
347Apollo 11 Mike Collins Slide Rule$900
347AApollo 11 "Velcro" Launch Momento$50
348"Apollo 11 Booster Fuel"$400
349Apollo 11 Crew Signed Party Program$1400
350Apollo 11 Crew-Signed FD Cover$1300
351Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$2500
352Armstrong, Collins Aldrin Autographs$900
354Armstrong, Collins Aldrin Autographs$1200
355Armstrong, Collins & Other Autographs$500
356Neil Armstrong Autograph$850
357Neil Armstrong Autograph$700
358Neil Armstrong Autograph$3750
359Neil Armstrong Autograph$800
360Neil Armstrong Autograph$1500
361Neil Armstrong Autograph$6000
362Michael Collins Autographs$175
363Michael Collins Autographs$250
364Michael Collins Autographs$275
365Michael Collins Autographs$125
366Buzz Aldrin Autograph$65
367Buzz Aldrin Autograph$60
368Buzz Aldrin Autograph$250
369Buzz Aldrin Autograph$80
370Chris Kraft Autographs$40
371Guenter Wendt Autograph$50
372Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Telex Roll$750
373Biomedical Program Apollo 11$40
374Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Checklist$475
375Apollo 11 Medical Requirements Manual$40
376Apollo 11 Commemoratives$55
3771969, Apollo 11 Souvenir Program$30
378Current News Apollo 11 Part I & II$40
3791971, "Apollo 11 Mission Report"$225
380NASA Space Apollo Literature$100
3811/32 Scale Apollo 11 CSM Model$1100
381AApollo 11 NASA Photos Decals & Badge$350
382Apollo 11 Brass Bowl$80
383Apollo 11 Commemorative Medallion$50
384Apollo 11 Moon Rock Gag Gift$400
386Apollo 11 Paperweight$40
387Set of 6 "Apollo 11" Glass Tumblers$30
388Apollo 11 Commemorative Plaque$30
389Apollo 11 et al Matrushka Dolls$70
390Apollo 11 Commemorative Medallion$40
391Apollo 11 25th Aniversary Fisher Pen$40
392Apollo 11 Memorabilia$25
393FLOWN Apollo 12 U.S. Silk Flag$30000
394Flown Audio 12 Ear Plug$2500
395Flown Apollo 12 Aluminum Comb$1900
396Flown Apollo 12 Spoon$3750
397Flown Apollo 12 U.S. Silk Flag$3250
399Flown Texas State Silk Flag$2700
400Flown Beef Pot Roast$1600
401Flown Silver Robbins Medallion$2400
403Flown Apollo 12 Crew Patch$550
404Flown Apollo 12 Gold Foil$150
405Flown Apollo 12 Gold Foil$90
406Apollo 12 A7L Space Suit Overglove$1800
406AConrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$125
407Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Publicity Photo$80
408Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Publicity Photo$80
409Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$125
410Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$150
411Apollo 12 Conrad, Bean & Gordon Autographs$90
411AApollo 12 Conrad, Gordon & Bean Autographs$150
412Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Recovery Cover$90
413Charles Conrad Autograph$275
414Richard Gordon Autograph$60
417Richard Gordon Autograph$50
417AAlan Bean Autograph$70
418Alan Bean Autographs$125
4191970, "Preliminary Science Report"$200
4201970, "Apollo 12 Mission Report" Manual$500
421Apollo 12 Medical Requirements Manual$50
422Three Apollo 12 Covers$30
42320 NASA Apollo 12 Photographs$50
424Flown Apollo 13 U.S. Silk Flag$1900
425Flown Apollo 13 Robbins Medallion$1100
426Flown Apollo 13 Gold Foil$350
427Lovell, Haise, Swigert Autographs$1200
428Lovell, Swigert & Haise Autographs$225
429Apollo 13 Crew-Signed Cover$150
430Lovell and Haise Autographs$60
431James Lovell Autograph$100
432James Lovell Autograph$60
433James Lovell Autograph$50
434James Lovell Autograph$50
435Jack Swigert Autograph$1500
436Gene Kranz Autograph$300
437Ron Howard Autograph$200
4386 NASA Publications re Space Hazards$175
439Apollo 13 Medical Requirements Manual$40
4401970, "Apollo 13 Mission Report"$300
442Apollo 13 Photographs, Covers, Decal$200
443Apollo 13 Poster$40
444Flown Apollo 14 U.S. Flag$1900
445AApollo 14 FLOWN $20.00 Bill$3750
445BFLOWN Apollo 12 Microfilm$600
445CFLOWN Apollo 14 CM Foil$300
446FlOWN Apollo 14 Beta Cloth$325
447Apollo 14 Crew-Signed Launch Cover$550
449Shepard, Roosa and Mitchell Autographs$425
450Shepard, Roosa and Mitchell Autographs$175
452Alan Shepard Autograph$150
453Ed Mitchell Autograph$90
454Ed Mitchell Autograph$125
455Ed Mitchell Autograph$80
460"Apollo 8 Mission Report" Manual$375
461Apollo 14 Medical Requirements Manual$40
4621971, Apollo 14 Mission Report"$425
463Apollo 14 Preliminary Science Report$150
464Apollo 14 Commemorative Medallion$50
464AApollo 15 Lunar Surface Checklist$155000
464BApollo 15 PLSS Cable Used on Moon$4000
465Flown Apollo 15 Phases of Moon Cover$2600
466Apollo 15 Flown Robbins Medallion$4250
467FLOWN Apollo 15 Mission Patch$3250
468Flown Apollo 15 Gold Foil$300
469Flown Gold Foil (1x.5") with "Williamson" certifi$125
469ASterling Silver Robbins Medallion$800
470Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$250
471Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$250
472Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$500
473Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$375
474Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$120
475Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$300
476Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$400
477Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$200
479Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$200
480Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$175
481Scott, Worden and Irwin Autographs$175
482Dave Scott Autograph$75
483Dave Scott Autograph$40
484Dave Scott Autograph$150
485Dave Scott Autograph$70
486Dave Scott Autograph on Star Chart$300
487Dave Scott Autograph$110
488Jim Irwin Autograph$125
489Jim Irwin Autograph$70
489A"Geology of the Moon"$125
490Apollo 15 Medical Requirements$30
491"On the Moon with Apollo 15"$50
492"Apollo 15 Medical Operations Plan"$40
493Apollo 15 Photographs & Covers$80
494Baseball Cap with Apollo 15 Patch$20
494AReplica Apollo 15 Cuff Checklist$2100
495Flown Apollo 16 Robbins Medallion$4500
496Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$325
497Young, Mattingly and Duke Autographs$175
498John Young and Charlie Duke Autographs$800
499Ken Mattingly Autographs$325
500Charlie Duke Autographs$70
501Charlie Duke Autographs$125
502Charlie Duke Autograph$75
503Charlie Duke Autograph$100
504Charlie Duke Autograph$60
504ACharlie Duke Autograph$40
504BCharlie Duke Autograph$50
504CCharlie Duke Autograph$80
504DCharlie Duke Autograph$60
505Apollo 16 Medical Operations Plan$45
507Apollo 16 Medical Operations Plan$30
5081972, "Apollo 16 Mission Report"$375
509Apollo 16 "Preliminary Science Report"$125
5101972, Apollo 16 Mission Profile$25
511Apollo 16 Preliminary Science Report$25
512Apollo 16 Mission Insignia on Beta Cloth$80
513Apollo 16 Photos, Covers & Badge$225
514FLOWN Apollo 17 Crew Patch & Flag$2600
515Flown Apollo 17 US Flag$1500
516Flown Apollo 17 U.S. Silk Flag$1600
517Flown Apollo 17 Gold Film$200
518Flown Apollo 17 Gold Film$175
519Apollo 17 Spacesuit Cooling Assembly$5000
520Cernan, Evans & Schmitt Autographs$350
521Cernan, Evans & Schmitt Autographs$100
522Cernan, Evans & Schmitt Autographs$425
523Cernan and Evans Autographs$125
524Cernan and Evans Autographs$150
525Cernan and Evans Autographs$90
526Duke, Schmidt and Evans Autographs$40
527Gene Cernan Autograph$150
528Ron Evans Autograph$50
529Apollo 17 Medical Requirements$30
5301973, "Apollo 17 Mission Report"$375
531Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report$100
531A1999, "The Last Man on the Moon"$20
532Apollo 17 Photos Covers Decals Brochure$225
534Flown Skylab Insulation$175
535FLOWN Skylab U.S. Silk Flag$450
535ASkylab Drinks, Rack & Container$750
536Set Skylab Beta Cloth Name Patches$1700
536ASkylab "Fecal Collection" Plastic Bag$150
536BSkylab "Vacuum Cleaner" Plastic Bag$75
537Skylab "Training" Food Tin$60
538Skylab Parasol Material$90
539Skylab Astronaut Autographs$250
540Autographed Skylab Publicity Photos$90
541Skylab 4 Voice Transcription$150
54214 Reports/Publications on Skylab$125
543Five Skylab Manuals/Handbooks$125
544Skylab Saturn Configuration Document$70
5451973, "Skylab Mission Reports"$275
5461973, "Skylab News Reference"$30
548Skylab 2 Voice Transcription$70
549Skylab - A Chronology$70
55075 NASA Skylab Publicity Photos$60
551NASA Skylab Playing Cards$40
552Skylab Mission Patches$40
553Conrad, Kerwin and Weitz Autographs$175
554Flown Skylab U.S. Silk Flag$1500
555Owen Garriott Autograph$20
556Skylab 3 Voice Transcriptions$40
556AFlown "Electric Light Wires"$200
556BFlown ASTP Foil$80
556CDeke Slayton 18k Gold Omega Watch$6750
557ASTP U.S. Crew-signed Photo$50
557A"ASTP Final Launch Checklist"$90
558ASTP Full Crew Autographs$450
558AUS+Soviet ASTP Crew Autographs$125
558BStafford, Brand, Slayton Autographs$90
559Slayton, Brand and Stafford Autographs$60
559ASlayton, Brand and Stafford Autographs$100
559BBrand Stafford Slayton Hartsfield Autographs$70
559C6 Astronaut & 1 Cosmonaut Autographs$60
559DLeonov and Kubasov Autographs$70
560Tom Stafford Autograph$35
561Nixon and Ford Autographs$200
561A1975, ASTP Press Book$30
562ASTP Preliminary Science Report$70
563"ASTP Mission Evaluation Report"$150
564"ASTP Summary Science Report Vol I"$70
565"ASTP Summary Science Report Vol II"$175
566ASTP Award Certificate Timacheff$40
567Russian ASTP Press Badge$110
568Balance of ASTP Collection$50
569"DKS" Special ASTP Patch$650
570ASTP Patches$40
57131 NASA ASTP Photographs$30
572ASTP Mission Sign$60
573ASTP Matrushka Dolls$125

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