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A Close Encounter With "Gordo" Cooper

June 6, 2000 — In Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey Into The Unknown, Mercury astronaut L. Gordon "Gordo" Cooper takes readers on a tour from the early days of the space program to the future of space exploration. Part of that future, as envisioned by Cooper, are the possibilities for extraterrestrial contact.

"As a true space program 'insider,'" writes his publisher HarperCollins, "Cooper offers a unique perspective and insight to the challenges of space and tackles hot-button issues such as the secrets of Area 51 and the existence of UFOs. His controversial conclusions are well thought out and even astonishing, and they reveal his strong and unshakeable belief in extraterrestrial intelligence."

The 288-page hardcover, including 16 pages of images, was co-written by Bruce Henderson. Henderson's earlier works include Trace Evidence: The Hunt for an Elusive Serial Killer and the New York Times bestseller And the Sea Will Tell. Leap of Faith is Gordo Cooper's first book.

In addition to a national broadcast and media campaign, Cooper will embark on a five city tour to promote Leap of Faith. A schedule of book signing locations follows:

Date   Time   City   Location
7/11   7:00pm   Ridgewood, NJ   BookEnds
7/13   7:00pm   Washington, DC   OIsson's
7/14   2:00pm   Washington, DC   National Air & Space Museum
7/15   2:00pm   Fairfax, VA   Waldenbooks
7/18   6:00pm   Torrance, CA   Borders
7/19   7:00pm   Pasadena, CA   Vroman's

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