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The Return Of Buzz Aldrin

May 12, 2000 — Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, will embark on an ambitious 18-state, 43-city, 2-month tour tomorrow to promote the release of his new technothriller The Return according to his publisher Forge (a division of Tom Doherty Associates). The 358-page hardcover is scheduled to hit shelves nationwide May 15.

Beginning in Florida, where he twice launched into space, Aldrin will also visit museums, planetariums, universities, military bases and stores located in Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington and in the capital, Washington, DC.

Read an excerpt from The Return

Appropriately, Aldrin's trip will end where he completed what may be his most famous tour — to the Moon — in Texas.

In The Return, Aldrin and co-author John Barnes tell the story of Scott Blackstone, a former NASA astronaut and the agency's choice to manage its new Citizen Observer program. Tasked with flying everyday Americans to orbit, Scott's project is cancelled before it can even begin after a tragedy with the Space Shuttle.

When it appears that the loss may have been intentional, Scott, along with those who share his ideas are forced to mount a daring rescue of the International Space Station, of the space program and of American idealism itself.

The release marks the second collaboration for authors Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes, who first joined together in 1996 to write Encounter With Tiber. Barnes is the award winning author of Orbital Resonance, A Million Open Doors, Mother of Storms, and many other titles. Aldrin's previous work includes his autobiography Return to Earth and Men From Space, in which he describes his voyage to the Moon as well as his thoughts on the United States' future in space.

While touring with The Return, Aldrin is also scheduled to appear on over 20 television broadcasts, including the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Note to collectors: According to his office, Aldrin will only sign copies of The Return during this tour. He will not autograph memorabilia or copies of his other books.

Here are the dates and locations for Aldrin's tour:

Date   Time   City   Location
5/13   2:00pm   Lake Buena Vista, FL   2 R's: Reading & Riting
5/15   7:00pm   San Diego, CA   Mysterious Galaxy
5/16   6:30pm   Pasadena, CA   Vroman's
5/18   1:00pm   New York, NY   Borders Books & Music
5/18   7:00pm   New York, NY   Museum of Natural History
5/19   12:00pm   Philadelphia, PA   Barnes & Noble
5/20   2:00pm   Dayton, OH   Wright Patterson Air Force Base
5/20   4:30pm   Dayton, OH   Books & Co.
5/22   7:00pm   Cincinnati, OH   Joseph-Beth Booksellers
5/24   5:30pm   Chicago, IL   University Club of Chicago
5/25   7:00pm   Chicago, IL   Borders Books & Music
5/31   7:00pm   Lexington, KY   Joseph-Beth Booksellers
6/01   4:00pm   Fort Knox, KY   Fort Knox Military Base
6/01   7:00pm   Louisville, KY   Hawley-Cooke Booksellers
6/02   4:00pm   Fort Campbell, KY   Fort Campbell
6/03   12:00pm   Nashville, TN   Davis-Kidd Booksellers
6/03   6:00pm   Jackson, TN   Davis-Kidd Booksellers
6/05   12:00pm   Cape Canaveral, FL   Kennedy Space Center
6/05   7:00pm   Winter Park, FL   Borders Books & Music
6/06   12:00pm   West Palm Beach, FL   South Florida Science Center
6/06   7:00pm   Sebastian, FL   Performing Arts Center
6/07   7:30pm   Boca Raton, FL   Liberties
6/08   1:00pm   Davie, FL   Buehler Planetarium
6/08   7:00pm   Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Borders Books & Music
6/09   8:00pm   Miami, FL   Miami Museum of Science
6/10   2:00pm   Annapolis, MD   Waldenbooks
6/10   7:30pm   Bailey's Crossroads, VA   Borders Books & Music
6/11   1:00pm   Huntsville, AL   US Space & Rocket Center
6/12   1:30pm   Washington, DC   Grand Deli
6/13   12:00pm   Washington, DC   Pentagon Books
6/13   7:00pm   Washington, DC   Olsson's
6/14   11:00am   Washington, DC   Air & Space Museum
6/15   7:00pm   Baltimore, MD   Bibelot
6/16   12:30pm   Cambridge, MA   Barnes & Noble
6/16   7:00pm   Cambridge, MA   MIT Center for Space Research
6/17   2:00pm   Boston, MA   Borders Books & Music
6/23   1:00pm   Jersey City, NJ   Liberty Science Center
6/23   6:00pm   New York, NY   Columbia University
6/24   4:00pm   Alexandria, VA   Barnes & Noble
6/26   7:00pm   Seattle, WA   Museum of Flight
6/27   7:00pm   Seattle, WA   University of Washington
7/01   2:00pm   Los Angeles, CA   Brentanos
7/02   1:00pm   Santa Monica, CA   Museum of Flying
7/05   7:30pm   Menlo Park, CA   Kepler's Books
7/06   12:30pm   Moffet Field, CA   Space Camp
7/06   7:30pm   Corte Madera, CA   Book Passage
7/07   7:30pm   San Francisco, CA   Morrison Planetarium
7/08   7:30pm   Denver, CO   Tattered Cover
7/09   2:00pm   Colorado Springs, CO   McKinzey-White
7/10   7:00pm   Arvada, CO   Waldenbooks
7/11   7:00pm   Denton, TX   Hastings
7/12   1:00pm   Houston, TX   Space Center Houston
7/13   7:00pm   Dallas, TX   Borders Books & Music

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