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Aurora auction catalog ready for print

April 4, 2002 — Aurora Galleries will send its first space memorabilia auction catalog to print this week, according to a release issued by the company.

With approximately 1,500 lots for the April 27-28 auction, Aurora is promising "surprises for even the most jaded collector around the world."

The release also confirmed earlier reports that astronauts Richard Gordon, David Scott and Al Worden will mingle with bidders at the Santa Monica, CA Museum of Flying, as well as sign memorabilia. Comedian Bill Dana, a.k.a. "Jose Jimenez", will also make an appearance.

Departing from the chronological approach favored by past auctions, the Aurora catalog will open with Apollo-era memorabilia to allow the astronauts an opportunity to provide comments as they desire.

Aurora provided collectSPACE with a preview of its sale highlights:

Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot Richard Gordon's two-piece Beta cloth flight suit that he wore during the entire flight (with exception for the launch). ECV $100,000/$150,000
Apollo 15 Commander David Scott's communication headset that he wore on the lunar surface and used to communicate with Mission Control on Earth and fellow moonwalker James Irwin. ECV $35,000/$50,000
Framed plaster frieze fragment from St. Peter's Basilica that was blessed by Pope Paul VI and presented to Al Worden during the crew's post-flight visit to the Vatican. ECV $1,000/$1,500
Miniature, factory-made, authentic Mercury spacesuit that was used for promotional and public speaking seminars by Russell S. Colley, designer of the Mercury spacesuit. ECV $25,000/$35,000
Gordon Cooper's spacesuit glove worn in training for his second flight aboard Gemini-Titan 5, the third mission of the two-person Gemini spacecraft. ECV $4,000/$5,000
Apollo 7 Commander Walter "Wally" Schirra's flown "Snoopy" pin and sign from the door of the White Room. ECV $3,500/$5,000
Cachet envelope flown on-board the Apollo 11 flight, autographed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. ECV $40,000/$50,000
Apollo 11 Robbins medallion flown to the Moon on the first lunar landing mission. Serialized and inscribed with key mission dates. ECV $7,500/$10,000
Apollo 13 flown Canadian flag attached to a NASA presentation certificate, inscribed and autographed by James Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert. ECV $7,500/$10,000
Apollo 14 flown microfilm carried to the lunar surface by Alan Shepard and encased in a lucite sphere. ECV $2,500/$3,500
$20 bill flown on Apollo 15, autographed by the crew and accompanied by a letter on NASA stationery from Al Worden. ECV $2,500/3,500
U.S. flag carried to the lunar surface in David Scott's Apollo 15 Personal Preference Kit (PPK), inscribed with his initials. ECV $7,500/$10,000
North American Rockwell brushed aluminum Space Shuttle wind tunnel model still notated with engineering markings. ECV $3,500/$5,000
Numerous "WonderWorks" full scale movie prop replica models including an Apollo Command Module, back-up to that used in the movie "Apollo 13". ECV $17,500/$25,000
Original Chesley Bonestell art used as the first illustration in the Willy Ley book "Conquest of Space". ECV $25,000/$35,000
Vostok control panel from the left side of the spacecraft. This piece was flown as only six spacecraft were built and all were flown (the specific flight however, is unknown). ECV $5,000/$7,500
A unique presentation of Tsiolkovsky documents and letters including a 1910 "school picture" photo showing him as one of the teachers. ECV $2,500/$3,500
Further information about the above lots, and copies of the sale catalog can be obtained from Aurora Galleries.

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