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Spaceflori offers moon-dusted velcro

February 22, 2003 — Space dealer Spaceflori today released three new additions to their popular line of artifact displays, including a presentation that features moondust-stained velcro. This marks the third time the German company has offered lunar material for sale.

Spaceflori's Apollo 16 Moondust Stained Presentation includes a cut segment of velcro removed from the back of a cue card that was used while navigating the lunar module Orion to a rendevous with the command module Casper. The card, which shows the inertial line of sight rates as a function of time, came from the collection of Apollo 16 lunar module pilot Charles Duke.

The Apollo 16 display is offered in two different sizes, both with a signed, limited edition available. There is the "standard" 8 by 10 inch and a panoramic 10 by 20 inch display. The larger edition features a velcro segment that is twice the size of the smaller display.

Both editions are available autographed by Duke, though the signed versions are limited.

Unlike earlier Spaceflori Apollo 11 and 15 presentations that featured visible lunar material, the Apollo 16 dust is not obvious to the naked eye. As such, included with each display is a photograph of the velcro sample taken through a microscope.

With this release, Spaceflori's series of presentations includes artifacts flown on every Apollo mission with the exception of Apollo 8 and Apollo 9.

Also announced today were displays for material flown on the Mir and International space stations.

The Mir presentation includes fabric cut from a penguin flight suit bag used by Alexander Poleshuk during his two month Soyuz TM-16 mission in 1993.

The International Space Station display has a section of strap used to hold a mirror to the wrist of Sergei Zaloytin on his October 2002 taxi flight.

The space station presentations sell for $59 each. For a limited time, Spaceflori is offering discounts on all four versions of the Apollo 16 presentation, with prices ranging from $359 for an unsigned 8 by 10 inch display to $699 for the autographed panorama.

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