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Section Two: Astronaut Artifacts
Bill Pogue's SL-4 Flown Snoopy Decal

Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts cartoon, permitted the use of the Snoopy character on Skylab decals used to identify crew personal items. The Pilot's (Bill Pogue) items were labeled with blue decals while his fellow 2 crewmates used red and white. Pogue writes:
About halfway through our mission I was exercising on the ergometer (stationery bicycle) and was amused to note a Snoopy decal floating lazily by at eye level. I grabbed it and later put it away as a souvenir. Ed Gibson, Science Pilot, had the same experience a few days later and we decided the decals would make great mementos.
The decals were attached to the crew's tissue dispensers, pantry drawers and most personal items. As their mission came to an end, the Skylab III crew peeled off the decals that hadn't come loose and brought them home with them.

This decal, number 11 of 25 saved by Pogue, is affixed to a framed letter of authenticity on which Pogue wrote in pen "I certify that the above decal was a space flown item..."

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