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Section Two: Astronaut Artifacts
Library of Signed Astronaut Books

This lot includes 18 books, each signed by their astronaut authors, including:
  • For Spacious Skies by Scott Carpenter
  • The Steel Albatross by Scott Carpenter
  • Deep Flight by Scott Carpenter
  • The Last Man on the Moon by Gene Cernan
  • Moonwalker by Charlie Duke
  • John Glenn: A Memoir by John Glenn
  • Sky Walking by Tom Jones
  • Lost Moon by James Lovell
  • The Way of the Explorer by Edgar Mitchell
  • Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane
  • How... Bathroom in Space? by Bill Pogue
  • Space Trivia by Bill Pogue
  • Schirra's Space by Wally Schirra
  • Return to the Moon by Harrison Schmitt
  • Two Sides of the Moon by David Scott
  • Moon Shot by Alan Shepard
  • Hello Earth by Al Worden
  • Space Shuttle: The First 20 Years (signed by Dan Brandenstein, contributor)
This fantastic collection is as desirable for its autographs as it is for the material contained within its pages. A great starting collection, this library is the perfect gift for space- inspired young adults.

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