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Section Two: Astronaut Artifacts
Astronaut Multi-Signed Canvas

During its flight, the Galileo spacecraft returned images of the Earth and Moon which were combined to generate this view of where astronauts have explored.

The above image was printed on an 18 by 24" canvas, on which the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation collected the signatures of 22 astronauts, including:

  • Charles Bolden
  • Vance Brand
  • Dan Brandenstein
  • Scott Carpenter
  • Jerry Carr
  • Bob Crippen
  • Walt Cunningham
  • Charlie Duke
  • Gordon Fullerton
  • Owen Garriott
  • Edward Gibson
  • Hoot Gibson
  • Richard Gordon
  • Fred Haise
  • Rick Hauck
  • Jack Lousma
  • James Lovell
  • Ken Mattingly
  • Bruce Melnick
  • Edgar Mitchell
  • Loren Shriver
  • Al Worden

  • A limited number of canvases were signed. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation may add more autographs to this canvas prior to the auction closing. This page will be kept updated as possible.

    The above photograph does not do justice to the quality of the physical canvas, which is much more bold and colorful.

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