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Results: Aurora Galleries International Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction, Session One

The prices listed below are not the official results and should not be used as an indication of current market value. Prices represent those called by the auctioneer (the "hammer price"), as recorded by collectSPACE.

Lots may have been reacquired by the consignors and therefore were not sold.

Prices do not include buyer's commission (17.5%-20%). WD=Withdrawn

Session One
Saturday, April 24, 2004, 10:00am PT
Lot 1 to 746

11911, "Astronomical Evenings"$50
21947, "Between the Planets" by F. Watson$75
31947, "The Galaxies" by Harlow Shaply$75
41948, "The Milky Way" by P. and B. Bock$75
5James Van Allen Autograph$125
61933, "Century of Progress" FLOWN Cover$450
71935, "Explorer II" FLOWN Balloon Fabric$110
81935, "Explorer II" FLOWN Cover$325
91974, Da Vinci Balloon Flight Cover$125
101977, 2nd Annual Balloon FLOWN Cover$70
111998, "Breitling Orbiter 2" FLOWN Cover$80
122002, "The Chase de Vere Atlantic Challenge"$50
132003, "First Cluster Balloon" FLOWN Cover$225
141909, "The Aero Plate" Decorative Plate$30
151911, "Home Coming Jubilee" Handbill$50
16Stereopticon View Cards$35
171993, "Valhala Aerostation"$50
181913, "Zum Turbulenzproblem"$40
191909, "International Balloon Festival"$50
201910//20, Ballooning Kinetascope(?)$125
211927 Luxembourg Balloon$50
221946, "Stratostat Parachute"$45
231930s, Heroic Balloonist's Statue$50
24Explorer I Souvenir$125
25Ranger VII Lunar Charts (RLC 1-5)$300
261977, "Lunar Impact -$275
27"Mariner Venus/Mercury 1973 -$75
281969, Two Over Mars:$30
291971, "Mariner 6 & 7 Photographic Data"$30
301974, "The New Mars -$25
311966, "Surveyor I-Preliminary Report"$40
321967, "Surveyor III-Preliminary Rpt"$90
33July 16, 1966 Life Magazine$30
341976, "Mission to Earth:$50
35"OAO/Orbiting Astronomical Observatory"$50
3611 Bronze Satellite Medallions$200
371968, FLOWN Rocket 3 Cover$50
381936, "Liquid-Propelled Rocket Development"$600
391964, "Titan III-Student Study Guide -$40
401966, "History of Rocketry & Space Travel"$125
41"Payload User's Guides"$40
42"Douglas Aircraft & Missiles" Lithos$30
43NASA Pershing & Delta Missile$80
44"Strato" Mechanical Bank$90
451929, "Die Rakete fur Fahrt und Flug"$325
461972, "Ways To Spaceflight"$175
47Peenemunde Worker's "Access" Badge$3000
481955/57 "British Interplanetary Society"$70
491964, "The Secret of Huntsville"$30
501934/64, Lot of 4 Rocket Covers$30
511936, Leather Presentation Book$125
521958, Launch Cover$60
53USAF Thor Missile Publicity Photos$250
54USAF "Titan III" (Press) Kit$50
55USAF Titan Missile Publicity Photos$210
56USAF Titan Missile Publicity Photos$75
57USAF Titan IIIC Launch System$125
58Titan Missile "Zippo" Lighter$40
59USAF Atlas Booster Publicity Photos$225
60USAF Atlas Booster Publicity Photos$800
61USAF Atlas Booster Publicity Photos$325
62USAF Minuteman Missile Photos$200
63USAF Pershing Missile Photos$80
64USAF Polaris Missile Photos$150
65Polaris Missile "Zippo" Lighter$70
66Delta II Rocket Booster User Manual$50
67"Atlantic Missile Range" Access Badges$75
68USAF Missile Test Command "Press"$40
69"Cape Kennedy Air Force Station"$90
70"Air Force Missile Test Center"$125
71Original USAF Negatives$800
72Original USAF Negatives$60
731950//1960 USAF Missile Photoss$175
74USAF Missile Publicity Photographs$400
75USAF "Missile Test Center" Press Kits$70
761961, "Heat-Shield Performance$60
77Slayton Mercury Capsule Manual$550
78Mercury Orange Flavored Drink$300
79Mercury Program Freeze Dried Cereal$175
80Project Mercury "Pad 19 Bolt"$300
816 Mercury 7 Astronaut Autographs$1750
82Complete Mercury 7 Astronaut Autographs$4500
83Mercury 7 Astronaut Autographs$1100
84Mercury 7 Astronaut Autographs$500
851960//63 "Astronaut Flight Time"$150
86"USAF Pilot Astronaut Rating$30
87Lot of 5 Different Publications$150
88Lot of 5 Different NASA Publications$125
89Lot of 3 Different NASA Publications$80
901963, "Results of the Project Mercury Ballistic$150
91"Space the New Frontier"$20
921954//1963, Life Magazines$80
934 Life Magazines: Mercury Astronauts$275
94Life: "Ham" & "Dr. Wernher von Braun"$90
95Life: Rhesus Monkeys "Able & Baker"$50
96Life: Able & Baker Rhesus Monkeys$45
97USAF "Mercury" Publicity Photos$300
98Set of 25 Project Mercury Photos$125
99USAF "Lt. Dee O'Hara" Photos$50
100Port Canaveral ENOS Cover$50
101NASA "Trading" Cards$150
102Mercury Capsule "Savings Bank"$175
103Mercury MR-3 Alan Shepard Autograph$200
104Mercury MR-3 Alan Shepard Autograph$175
105Mercury MR -3 Alan Shepard Autograph$225
106Mercury MR-3 Original USAF Negative$200
107Mercury MR-4 FLOWN Film$250
108Mercury MR-4 FLOWN Film$250
109Mercury MR-4 FLOWN Washer$275
110Mercury MR-4 Virgil I. Grissom AutographWD
111Mercury MR-4 Virgil I. Grissom Autograph$325
112Mercury MR-4 Virgil I. Grissom Autograph$225
113Mercury MR-4 Lewis, Newport & Wendt$400
114Mercury MR-4 Wendt, Lewis & Newport$125
115Mercury MA-4 1961, Sept 13 Launch Cover$125
115AGrissom's USAF Instrument Pilot Certificate$350
116Mercury MR-6 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$1600
117mercury MR-6 John Glenn Autograph$40
118Mercury MR-6 John Glenn Autograph$50
119Mercury MR-6 John Glenn Autographs$70
120Mercury MR-6 John Glenn Autograph$125
121Mercury MR-6 John Glenn Autograph$40
122Mercury MR-6 1962, USAF Press Handout$35
123Mercury MR-6 "Friendship 7" Cookie Jar$100
124Mercury MA-7 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$850
125Mercury MA-7 Scott Carpenter Autograph$45
126Mercury MA-7 Carpenter & Stoever Autographs$90
127Mercury MA-7 Scott Carpenter Autograph$40
128Mercury MA-8 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$900
129Mercury MA-8 Wally Schirra Autograph$125
130mercury MA-8 Wally Schirra Autograph$30
131Mercury MA-8 Wally Schirra Autographs$60
132Mercury MA-8 Dep't. of Defense "Press Kit"$60
133Mercury MA-9 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$900
134Mercury MA-9 Contingency Statement$60
135Mercury MA-9 Gordon Cooper Autograph$125
136Mercury MA-9 Gordon Cooper Autograph$40
137Mercury MA-9 Gordon Cooper Autograph$60
138Mercury MA-9 Gordon Cooper Autograph$70
139Mercury MA-9 Gordon Cooper Autograph$50
140Mercury MA-9 Gordon Cooper Autograph$175
1411963, Original Mercury MA-9 Flight Rept$50
1421963, 3 Mercury MA9 Mission Reports$80
143Mercury MA-9 Dep't. of Defense "Press Kit"$80
144Mercury MA-9 NASA Observer Badge$175
145Mercury MA-9 Original USAF Negatives$175
146Mercury MA-9 Post-Flight Invitations$100
147Complete Set: Gemini Robbins Medallions$11000
1482 Early Gemini Program Trainers$79000
149Mercury Pilot Survival Kit$450
150Gemini Program Agena Maneuver Slide Rule$250
151Gemini Program "Launch Complex 19" Artifact$175
152Gemini: Armstrong and Cooper Autographs$700
153Gemini "Original 19" Autographs$650
154Gemini Program Michael Collins Autographs$250
155NASA/USAF Gemini-Titan II$275
156"Gemini Agena Target"$200
1571964, "Description of Gemini Experiments,$60
1581965//1967, Lot of 4 Gemini Publications$450
1591966, "Gemini Chemical Urine$50
1601967, "Earth Photos Gemini III, IV & V"$30
161"Gemini Spacecraft$50
1621965//1967, Life Magazines re: Gemini Astronauts$125
1633 Life Magazines: Gemini Astronauts$90
164NASA Gemini Animation Cel$125
165NASA Gemini Spacecraft Animation Cel$175
166NASA Gemini Spacecraft Animation Cel$80
16710 NBC News Gemini Media Badges$250
168Gemini Tie Clip$25
169Gemini Program USS Wasp CVS 18 "Zippo" Lighter$250
170Gemini GT-02 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$550
171Gemini GT-02 1964, April 8, Launch Cover$50
172Gemini GT-03 FLOWN Gold-Plated Medallion$550
173Gemini GT-03 FLOWN 29mm Sterling Silver Medallion$500
174Gemini GT-03 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$850
175Gemini GT-03 Flotation Ball$250
176Gemini GT-03 Flotation Ball$250
177Gemini GT-03 Gus Grissom & John Young Autographs$1600
178Gemini GT-03 Gus Grissom & John Young Autographs$950
179Gemini GT-03 Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom Autograph$275
180Gemini GT-03 John Young Autograph$600
181Gemini GT-03 Original USAF Negative$80
182Gemini GT-03 NASA Publicity Photographs$125
183Gemini GT-03 Multicolor Pinback Buttons$100
184Gemini GT-03 "Gus" Grissom's NASA "Phone Card"$375
185Gemini GT-04 FLOWN 29mm Sterling Silver Medallion$650
186Gemini GT-04 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$850
187Gemini GT-04 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$800
188Gemini GT-04 McDivitt & White Autographs$1200
189Gemini GT-04 James McDivitt Autograph$70
190Gemini GT-04 James McDivitt Autograph$50
191Gemini GT-04 James McDivitt Autograph$40
192Gemini GT-04 Ed White's Handwritten Draft$1700
193Gemini GT-04 Ed White Autograph$425
194Gemini GT-04 Ed White Autograph$425
195Gemini GT-04 Ed White Autograph$350
196Gemini IV Press Reference Book$150
198Gemini GT-04 U.S.S. Wasp (Prime) Recovery Covers$60
199Gemini GT-04 Original USAF Negatives$175
200Gemini GT-04 Red/White/Blue Pinback Buttons$100
201Gemini GT-05 FLOWN 29mm Sterling Silver Medallion$1500
202Gemini GT-05 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$450
203Gemini GT-05 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$375
204Gemini GT-05 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$425
205Gemini GT-05 Charles Conrad Autograph$70
205AGemini GT-05 Cooper & Conrad Autographs$100
206Gemini GT-05 Original "Zippo" Lighter$275
207Gemini GT-07 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$375
208Gemini GT-07 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$400
209Gemini GT-07 Borman/Lovell/Schirra Autogrphs$800
210Gemini GT-07 Borman & Lovell Autographs$175
212GT-07 Borman & Lovell Autographs$160
213Gemini GT-07 "Mission Operation Report"$35
214Gemini GT-07 "Borman Day Scrapbook"$10
215Gemini GT-06 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$800
216Gemini GT-06 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$425
217Gemini GT-06 Schirra & Stafford Autographs$60
218Gemini GT-06 Schirra & Stafford Autographs$90
219Gemini GT-08 FLOWN 29mm Sterling Silver Medallion$1300
220Gemini GT-08 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$425
221Gemini GT-08 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$450
222Gemini GT-08 Armstrong and Scott Autographs$850
223Gemini GT-08 Armstrong & Scott Autographs$1800
224Gemini GT-08 Dave Scott Autograph$75
225Gemini GT-08 Dave Scott Autographs$80
226Gemini GT-08 Dave Scott Autographs$100
227Gemini GT-08 Dave Scott Autographs$200
228Gemini GT-08 Dave Scott Autograph$60
229Gemini GT-08 Dave Scott Autograph$40
230Gemini VIII Press Book$150
231Gemini GT-09 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$400
232Gemini GT-09 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$400
233Gemini GT-09 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$425
234Gemini GT-09 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$400
235Gemini GT-09 Stafford & Cernan Autographs$100
236Gemini GT-09 Gene Cernan Autograph$60
237Gemini GRA-9 Prime Recovery Ship Cover$40
238Gemini GT-10 FLOWN "United States" Silk Flag$4000
239FLOWN Gemini 10 ID Plaque$3250
240Gemini GT-10 FLOWN Crew Patch$2600
240AGemini GT-10 FLOWN 29mm Sterling Silver Medallion$1200
241Gemini GT-10 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$700
242Gemini GT-10 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$400
243Gemini GT-10 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$400
244Gemini GT-10 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$375
245Gemini GT-10 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$375
246"Gemini Mission Chart (GMC-10)"$80
247Gemini GT-10 Michael Collin's Launch Vehicle Model$1300
248Gemini GT-11 FLOWN US Flag from Gordon's Spacesuit$5750
249Gemini GT-11 FLOWN Gordon Pressure Suit Nametag$6500
250Gemini GT-11 FLOWN Richard Gordon Jr. Navy Patch$2100
251Gemini GT-11 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$375
252Gemini GT-11 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$400
253Gemini GT-11 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$425
254Gemini GT-11 Conrad & Gordon Autographs$100
255Gemini GT-11 Conrad & Gordon Autographs$80
256Gemini GT-11 Conrad and Gordon Autograph$80
257Gemini GT-11 Conrad & Gordon Autographs$75
258"Gemini 11 Mission" NASA Press Handout$50
259Gemini GT-11 Richard Gordon Autograph$150
260Gemini GT-11 Orbital Chart$70
261Gemini GT-12 FLOWN 29mm Sterling Silver Medallion$1200
262Gemini GT-12 Lovell & Aldrin Autographs$90
263Gemini GT-12 James Lovell Autograph$175
264Gemini GT-12 Michael Collins Autograph$150
2651966, "Preflight Gemini XII Reentry"$45
266Apollo Crewman Optical Alignment Sight$2300
267Apollo Prototype Helmet$3750
268Beta Cloth Name Patches Apollo 7-17$6750
269Apollo Prototype "Lunar Core Sample" Tool$700
270Apollo Prototype "Lunar Core Sample" Tool$550
271Apollo Prototype "Lunar Core Sample" Tool$600
272Apollo "Lunar Rock Storage Container"$650
273Apollo Sleep Monitoring Cap$150
274Apollo A7L Beta Cloth Document Bag$650
275Apollo A7L Oxygen Outlet Cover$2200
276Apollo A7LB Beta Cloth Document Bag$700
277Apollo A7LB MMU Exhaust Outlet Cover$425
278Apollo A7LB Wrist Disconnect$550
279Apollo White Head Cover$90
280Apollo Oxygen Hoses$250
281Apollo Metal Angle Fitting$200
282Apollo Program Buzz Aldrin Autograph$75
283Apollo Program Buzz Aldrin Autograph$90
284Apollo Program Michael Collins Autographs$325
285Apollo Program Michael Collins Autographs$300
286Apollo Program Dave Scott Autograph$70
287Apollo Program Sy Liebergot Autograph$30
288Apollo Program Charles Schultz Autograph$600
289Apollo Program 1958, "Proceedings of the Lunar$30
2901960//1973, "The Apollo Spacecraft, I, II"$200
291Apollo 1961,"SA1 Plug Drop Overall Test #4"$70
292Apollo Program 1963, "Orbital Flight Handbook"$250
2931964, "Apollo Configurations & Space Allocation"$80
2941965, "Apollo Spacecraft Familiarization"$175
295Apollo 1965, "Saturn IB Payload Planner's Guide"$75
296Apoll0 1965, "Saturn Illustrated History, 1957-65"$200
2971966, "Project Apollo Ops, Overall Plan"$80
298Apollo 1966, Design Reference Mission II A:$60
299Apollo Program 1967 "Saturn V News Reference"$175
300Apollo Progam 1966, "A Full-Size Pilot-Controlled$50
301Apollo Program 1966, "Lunar Surface & Subsurface$200
3021967, "Apollo Spacecraft &$175
303"Apollo Mission Simulator,$400
304Lot of 24 Apollo Technical Reports$175
3051973, "The Apollo Spacecraft: Vol 2"$40
306Apollo Program 1973, "Illustrated Parts Breakdown$350
307Apollo 1973, "Lunar Cartographic Dossier, Vol I"$125
308Apollo Program 1974, "Scout Launch Vehicle"$40
3091975, "Apollo Expeditions to the Moon"$40
310Apollo Program 1978, "Moonport"$150
3111978, "Moonport "$80
3121980, "Stages to Saturn"$125
313"Apollo Spacecraft News Reference"$275
314"Apollo Spacecraft News Reference"$375
315"Apollo" NASA Publication$40
316"CSM Logistics Training -"$60
3179 Apollo Guidance & Navigation Reports$450
318Apollo Literature$250
3191963//1970, Life Magazines$125
3201969-1970, "Apollo" Life Magazines$125
3211967//1970 Life Magazines: Apollo Program$60
322Collection of NASA Correspondence$90
323NASA Apollo Docking Animation Cel$40
324NASA Apollo SM Animation Cel$175
32527 Apollo Media Badges & Pins$175
326Beta Cloth "NASA Meatball" Patch$100
327"Spacepex" Beta Cloth$50
328Apollo "NBC News" Money Clip$150
32914K Gold Project Apollo Money Clip$450
330100+ Apollo Era NASA Lithographs$425
331Apollo Commemorative Matchbooks$70
3321979, NASA Lunar Chart (LPC-1)$175
333Apollo Mission Patches$80
334NASA Publicity Photographs$125
33550+ Apollo Era NASA Color Photos$600
336Lunar Posters$80
337Apollo 11 1st Day Issue Stamp$50
338Helen Garriott "Earthrise" Cookie Jar$450
339Helen Garriott "Earthrise" Cookie Jar$600
34012 Apollo Beverage Tumblers$50
341"Man on the Moon"$60
342Balance of Consignment$150
343Apollo Memorabilia Treasure Trove$100
344Lot of Apollo Commemoratives$125
345Balance of Apollo Collection$80
346Apollo 6L Spacesuit Pressure Gauge$1800
347Apollo 1 Grissom, White & Chaffee Autographs$2900
348Apollo 1 Grissom, White & Chaffee Autographs$500
349Apollo 1 Roger Chaffee Autograph$550
350Apollo 1 1941, Grissom's Freshman Year Book$250
351Apollo 1 1966, "Apollo Mission Simulator -$750
351AApollo 1 1968, "Report of Apollo Review Board"$125
352Apollo 1 2 Different 1967 Life Magazines$75
354Apollo 1 Gold Plated 30mm Robbins Medallion$800
355Apollo 1 Gold-Plated 30mm Robbins Medallion$1000
356Apollo 1 Rare Grissom Photograph$20
3573 Apollo 4 Launch Covers$30
358Apollo 7 Eisele's "CSM Malfunction Procedures"$275
359Apollo 7 Schirra, Cunningham & Eisele$325
360Apollo 7 Schirra & Cunningham Autographs$80
361Apollo 7 Donn Eisele Autograph$80
362Apollo 7 Walter Cunningham Autograph$35
363Apollo 7 Walt Cunningham Autograph$50
364Apollo 7 Walt Cunningham Autograph$20
365Apollo 7 Press Kit$50
366Apollo 7 Beta Cloth Crew Patches$275
367Apollo 7 Beta Cloth Crew Patch$80
368Apollo 7 Cunningham Stamp Album$275
369Apollo 8 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$700
370Apollo 8 FLOWN Flight Awareness Medallion$60
371FLOWN Apollo 8 Flt Awareness Medallion$175
372Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$800
373Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$475
374Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$500
375Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$500
376Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$475
377Apollo 8 Borman, Lovell & Anders Autographs$500
378Apollo 8 Borman and Lovell Autographs$70
379Apollo 8 Borman and Lovell Autographs$70
380Apollo 8 Bill Anders Autographs$70
381Apollo 8 Bill Anders Autographs$60
382Apollo 8 Bill Anders Autographs$100
383Apollo 8 Frank Borman Autograph$60
384Apollo 8 Frank Borman Autographs$75
385Apollo 8 Frank Borman Autographs$70
386Apollo 8 Jim Lovell Autograph$80
387Apollo 8 Bill Anders Autograph$175
388Apollo 8 Bill Anders Autograph$125
389Apollo 8 Bill Anders Autograph$60
390Apollo 8 Borman/Lovell/Anders Autopens$40
391Apollo 8 1968, "Saturn V Flight Manual SA 503"$225
392Apollo 8 Press Kit$80
393Apollo 8 First Day Issue Stamps$40
394Apollo 8 First Day Issue Stamps$40
395Apollo 8 NASA Original Color Lithograph$150
396Apollo 8 Cast Iron "Piggy Bank"$80
397Apollo 8 Season's Greeting Card from Lovell$50
398Apollo 9 Apollo Translation Control Handle$375
399Apollo 9 1968, "Propulsion and RCS -$375
400Apollo 9 1968, "Communications Subsystem -$200
401Apollo 9 Scott, McDivitt & Schweickart Autographs$300
403Apollo 9 McDivitt, Scott & Schwickart Autographs$700
403AApollo 9 McDivitt/Scott/Schweickart Autographs$225
404Apollo 9 Crew Autographs$225
405Apollo 9 James McDivitt Autograph$63
406Apollo 9 Russell Schweickart Autograph$200
406AApollo 9 1968, Saturn V Flight Manual$50
407Apollo 9 Beta Cloth Crew Patch$40
408Apollo 9 Money Clip$80
409Apollo 9 NASA Original Color Lithographs$60
410Apollo 9 NASA Publicity Photographs$25
411Oversize Apollo 9 Lithographs$2500
411AApollo 10 FLOWN Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$600
412Apollo 10 FLOWN Heat Shield Plug$460
413Apollo 10 FLOWN Utility Cord Coil$80
414Apollo 10 FLOWN Gold Foil$325
417Apollo 10 Stafford, Young & Cernan Autographs$80
417AApollo 10 Stafford and Cernan Autographs$90
418Stafford and Cernan Autographs$65
419Apollo 10 Stafford and Cernan Autographs$50
420Apollo 10 Tom Stafford Autograph$50
421Apollo 10 Stafford and Cassutt Autographs$80
422Apollo 10 Beta Cloth Crew Patch$80
423Apollo 10 NASA Original Color Lithographs$80
424Apollo 10 Lot of 4 Negatives$150
425Apollo 10 NASA Publicity Photographs$125
426Apollo 11 Michael Collins18kt Gold Rolex Watch$7500
427Apollo 11 FLOWN US Silk Flag$8250
428Apollo 11 FLOWN US Silk Flag$8000
429Apollo 11 FLOWN US Flag$7000
430Apollo 11 FLOWN "Massachusetts" State Flag$3000
431Apollo 11 FLOWN "Texas" State Flag$4000
432Apollo 11 FLOWN "United Nations" Flag$4500
433Apollo 11 FLOWN "Italy" National Flag$2900
434Apollo 11 FLOWN Tie Clip & Cuff Links$2100
435Apollo 11 FLOWN "3x5" Index Card$3250
436Apollo 11 FLOWN "Aspirin"$3250
437Apollo 11 FLOWN "Space Treaty"$2000
438Apollo 11 FLOWN "Declaration of Independence"$2600
439Apollo 11 FLOWN Lunar Surface Film$450
440Apollo 11 FLOWN Hatch Plug$950
441Apollo 11 FLOWN Hatch Plug$800
442Apollo 11 FLOWN Gold Foil$450
443Apollo 11 FLOWN Gold Foil$450
444Apollo 11 FLOWN Gold Foil$425
445Apollo 11 FLOWN Gold Foil$250
445AApollo 11 FLOWN Gold Foil$400
446Apollo 11 FLOWN Gold Foil$300
447Apollo 11 FLOWN Gold Foil$800
449Apollo 11 FLOWN Electrical Ablative Plug$750
450Apollo 11 FLOWN Electrical Ablative Plug$60
452Apollo 11 FLOWN Flight Awareness Medallion$7500
454Apollo 11 Comand Module Rotation Control Handle #1$75000
455Apollo 11 Actual Neil Armstrong EKG Recordings$12000
461Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$3250
462Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$750
463Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$1600
464Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$1400
465Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$1400
466Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$1000
467Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$1900
468Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$1300
469Apollo 11 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Autographs$700
470Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Autograph$450
472Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Autograph$425
473Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Autograph$900
474Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Autograph$350
475Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autograph$200
476Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autograph$450
477Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autograph$275
478Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autograph$275
479Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autographs$175
480Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autograph$150
481Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autographs$100
482Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autographs$150
483Apollo 11 Michael Collins Autographs$150
484Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$110
485Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autographs$275
486Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$175
487Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$125
488Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$90
489Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$80
489AApollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$90
490Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$125
491Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$200
492Apollo 11 Glenn and Aldrin Autographs$175
493Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$90
494Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$125
495Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$125
496Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$70
497Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$55
498Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$60
499Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$50
500Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$50
501Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autographs$100
502Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Autograph$65
503Apollo 11 Two Chris Kraft Autographs$100
504Apollo 11 Guenter Wendt Autograph$30
504AApollo 11 1969, "Topography Profiles$90
504BApollo 11 1969, "Preliminary Science Report"$325
504C1970, "Proceedings of the Apollo 11 -$125
504DApollo 11 1969, "To the Moon" Life Magazine$50
505Apollo 11 Nine NASA MSC Access Badges$200
506Apollo 11 Seven NASA MSC Access Badges$175
507Apollo 11 Beta Cloth Crew Patch$200
508Apollo 11 Beta Cloth Patch$100
509Apollo 11 U.S. Navy Recovery Cover$65
5101st Day Issue Stamps on Apollo 11$60
511Counterfeit Apollo 11 "FLOWN" Cover$80
512Apollo 11 NASA Original Color Lithograph$150
513Apollo 11 NASA Original Color Lithographs$100
514Apollo 11 NASA Original Color Lithographs$100
515Apollo 11 NASA Publicity Lithographs$80
516Apollo 11 NASA Publicity Lithographs$60
517Apollo 11 NASA Publicity Lithographs$70
51812 Apollo 11 NASA Lithographs$60
519Apollo 11 Proof Robbins Medallion$1500
520Apollo 11 Lot of Two Medallions$125
521Apollo 11 NASA Publicity Photographs$80
522Apollo 11 NASA "Luna Plaque" Replica$275
523Apollo 11 Decorative Plaques$125
524Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Poster$100
525Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Posters$40
526Apollo 11 Walt Cunningham Autograph$40
527Apollo 11 "Neil Armstrong" Lunar Savings Bank$125
528Apollo 11 Souvenir Brass Bowl$15
529Apollo 11 Souvenir Brass Bowl$75
530Apollo 11 Aldrin Classic Collection Action Figure$40
531Apollo 11 "Super 8" Color Movie Film$25
532Apollo 11 NASA/Grumman Lapel Pins$150
533Apollo 11 "First Man on the Moon" by MGM$90
534Apollo 11 "Delayed in Quarantine" Hand-stamp$65
535Apollo 12 FLOWN Pete Conrad PPK$2400
536AApollo 12 FLOWN Beta cloth US Flag$9750
536BApollo 12 FLOWN Gordon Name Tag$4750
536CApollo 12 FLOWN Gordon Crew Patch$10000
537Apollo 12 FLOWN CSM Rescue Checklist$10000
538Apollo 12 FLOWN CSM Systems Data Checklist$20000
539Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN Mechanical Pencil$2900
540Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN Pen$3000
541Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN Pen$2600
542Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN Audio Ear Plug$2400
543Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN Flashlight$3750
544Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN Spoon$5750
545Apollo 12 Gordon FLOWN Aluminum Comb$1500
546Apollo 12 FLOWN Gordon's Surgical Scissors$3750
548Apollo 12 FLOWN United States Flag$2900
549Apollo 12 FLOWN "Space Treaty"$1200
550Apollo 12 FLOWN Gold Foil$100
551Apollo 12 FLOWN Gold Foil$100
552Conrad Apollo 12 Spacesuit A7L Over-gloves$1700
553Apollo 12 Conrad, Bean and Gordon Autographs$500
554Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon & Bean Autographs$200
555Apollo 12 Conrad, Bean and Gordon autograph$125
556Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$80
557Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon & Bean Autographs$80
558Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon & Bean Autographs$80
559Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$175
560Apollo 12 Gordon, Bean and Conrad, Jr. Autographs$100
561Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$80
562Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$80
563Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$150
564Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon & Bean Autographs$100
565Apollo 12 Conrad, Gordon and Bean Autographs$125
566Apollo 12 Gordon, Bean & Chaikin Autographs$150
567Apollo 12 Gordon & Bean Autographs$150
568Apollo 12 Gordon Autograph$40
569Apollo 12 Dick Gordon Autograph$30
570Apollo 12 Final Flight Plan$150
571Apollo 12 1969, "AS-507/CSM-108/LM-6$70
572Apollo 12 1970, "Preliminary Science Report"$300
573Apollo 12 1969, "Technical Information Summary"$90
5741969, Apollo 12 Project Press Kit$40
575Apollo 12 New York Times Front Page "Mat"$150
577Apollo 12 NASA Original Color Lithographs$60
578Apollo 13 FLOWN United States Flag$1900
579Apollo 13 FLOWN United States Silk Flag$2200
580Apollo 13 FLOWN United States Silk Flag$2200
581Apoll0 13 FLOWN 32mm. Sterling Robbins Medallion$1900
582Apollo 13 FLOWN Gold Foil$125
583Apollo 13 FLOWN Gold Foil$125
584Apollo 13 Lovell, Haise and Swigert Autographs$650
585Apollo 13 Lovell, Swigert & Haise Autographs$500
586Apollo 13 Lovell, Haise and Swigert Autographs$400
587Apollo 13 Lovell, Haise and Mattingly Autographs$425
588Apollo 13 Lovell, Mattingly and Haise Autographs$125
589Apollo 13 Lovell, Haise and Swigert Autographs$225
590Apollo 13 Lovell and Haise Autographs$110
591Apollo 13 Lovell and Haise Autographs$375
5922 Apollo 13 James Lovell Autographs$60
593Apollo 13 James Lovell Autograph$70
594Apollo 13 James Lovell Autograph$75
595Apollo 13 James Lovell Autograph$60
596Apollo 13 Jack Swigert Autograph$325
597Apollo 13 Fred Haise Autographs$50
598Apollo 13 Gene Kranz Autograph$50
599Apollo 13 1969, Apollo Mission Studies -$70
600Apollo 13 "Press Releases"$125
601Apollo 13 TRW "Lunar Exploration Mission -$125
602Apollo 13 NASA Publicity Photographs$80
603Apollo 13 Manned Flight Awareness Poster$25
604Apollo 13 Original Storyboard Drawing$125
604AApollo 13 Movie Prop Access Badge$35
605Apollo 14 FLOWN Back-up Crew "Beep Beep"$3500
606Apollo 14 FLOWN United States Flag$3500
607Apollo 14 FLOWN United States Silk Flag$2100
608Apollo 14 FLOWN "Lunar Surface" 70mm.$500
609Apollo 14 FLOWN Beta Cloth$500
610Apollo 14 FLOWN Beta Cloth$350
611Apollo 14 FLOWN Gold Foil$125
612Apollo 14 FLOWN Gold Foil$125
613Apollo 14 Shepard, Roosa & Mitchell$600
614Apollo 14 Shepard, Roosa & Mitchell Autographs$700
615Apollo 14 Shepard, Roosa & Mitchell Autographs$500
616Apollo 14 Shepard, Roosa & Mitchell Autographs$225
617Apollo 14 Alan Shepard & Ed Mitchell Autographs$100
618Apollo 14 Alan Shepard Autograph$90
619Apollo 14 Edgar Mitchell Autograph$50
620Apollo 14 Stu Roosa Autograph$80
621Apollo 14 Stu Roosa Autograph$125
622Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell Autograph$250
623Apollo 14 Edgar Mitchell Autograph$70
624Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell Autograph$40
625Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell Autograph$60
626Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell Autographs$50
627Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell Autograph$100
628Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell Autograph$150
629Apollo 14 "Press Kit"$60
630Apollo 14 NASA Original Color Lithographs$90
631Apollo 14 NASA Press Release Photos$400
632Apollo 15 FLOWN Astronaut Dave Scott's Nametag$10500
633Apollo 15 FLOWN Hasselblad Camera Cover$5000
634Apollo 15 FLOWN to Lunar Surface LRV 1$4000
635Apollo 15 FLOWN Lunar Surface US Flag$7000
636Apollo 15 FLOWN "Original" 35mm Robbins Medallion$4000
637Apollo 15 FLOWN US Flag$2500
638Apollo 15 FLOWN US Flag$2400
639Apollo 15 FLOWN California State Flag$1800
640Apollo 15 FLOWN "Utility Light Cord"$850
641Apollo 15 FLOWN Gold Foil$375
642Apollo 15 18kt Gold Wristwatch and Band$6500
643Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$600
644Apollo 15 Crew Autographs on an Insurance c$1100
645Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$150
646Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$475
647Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$475
648Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$225
649Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$160
650Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$175
651Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$250
652Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$95
653Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$120
654Apollo 15 Scott, Worden & Irwin Autographs$120
655Apollo 15 Worden & Irwin Autographs$85
656Apollo 15 Scott & Worden Autographs$120
657Apollo 15 Dave Scott Autograph$60
658Apollo 15 Dave Scott Autograph$45
659Apollo 15 Dave Scott Autograph$40
660Apollo 15 Dave Scott Autographs$35
661Apollo 15 Dave Scott Autograph$60
662Apollo 15 Dave Scott Autograph$40
663Apollo 15 Scott Autograph on a Baseball RARE!$1500
664Apollo 15 Al Worden Autograph$80
665Apollo 15 Al Worden Autograph$90
666Apollo 15 Al Worden Autograph$60
667Apollo 15 Two Al Worden Autographs$60
668Apollo 15 Jim Irwin Autograph$80
669Apollo 15 Jim Irwin Autograph$125
670Apollo 15 Jim Irwin Autograph$100
671Apollo 15 Jim Irwin Autograph$125
672Apollo 15 Jim Irwin Autograph$80
673Apollo 15 "S/C 112" Wall Plaque$175
674Apollo 15 1971, Lunar Rover Operations Manual$250
6751971, Apollo 15 Press Kit$70
676Apollo 15 1972, "LRV Operations Handbook -$125
6771972, "Apollo 15 Moon Book"$150
678Apollo 15 New York Times Front Page "Mat"$125
679Apollo 15 Original Robert McCall Cover$600
680Apollo 15 Flown to Lunar Surface Mission Patch$5500
681Apollo 15 NASA Publicity Photographs$200
682Apollo 15 Manned Flight Awareness Poster$100
683Apollo 16 FLOWN 35mm Robbins Medallion$4750
684Apollo 16 FLOWN United States Flag$2000
685Apollo 16 FLOWN United States Flag$2200
686Apollo 16 FLOWN "Mustard Seed"$3250
687Apollo 16 "T & D" Training Checklist Page$175
688Apollo 16 "Power Loss" Training Checklist Page$200
6891972, "On the Moon with Apollo 16"$20
690Apollo 16 Literature$70
691Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$1200
692Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$900
693Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$1000
694Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$125
695Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$425
696Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$275
697Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autographs$175
698Apollo 16 John Young and Charlie Duke Autographs$1100
699Apollo 16 Young, Mattingly & Duke Autopens$40
700Apollo 16 Ken Mattingly Autograph$60
700AApollo 16 Frame Charlie Duke Signature$250
701Apollo 16 Ken Mattingly Autograph$100
702Apollo 15 Mattingly Autograph$300
703Apollo 16 Ken Mattingly Autographs$80
704Apollo 16 Charlie Duke Autograph$60
705Apollo 16 Charlie Duke Autograph$40
706Apollo 16 Charlie Duke Autograph$30
707Apollo 16 Charlie Duke Autograph$25
708Apollo 16 Charlie Duke Autograph$125
709Apollo 16 Charles & Dotty Duke Autographs$70
710Apollo 16 Charlie Duke & Dottie Duke Autographs$60
711Apollo 16 Dave Scott Autograph$40
712Apollo 16 35mm Robbins Sterling Silver Medallion$3000
713FLOWN Apollo XVII Crew Patch & Flag$5000
714Apollo 17 FLOWN United States Silk Flag$2500
715Apollo 17 Cernan, Evans & Schmitt Autographs$375
716Apollo 17 Cernan, Evans & Schmitt Autographs$375
717Apollo 17 Cernan, Schmitt & Evans Autographs$175
718Apollo 17 Cernan & Schmitt Autographs$150
719Apollo 17 Cernan & Evans Autographs$30
720Apollo 17 Cernan & Evans Autographs$125
721Apollo 17 Cernan & Evans Autographs$90
722Apollo 17 Cernan & Evans Autographs$100
723Apollo 17 Evans & Schmitt Autographs$80
724Apollo 17 Schmitt and Cernan Autographs$60
725Apollo 17 Cernan & Evans Autographs$50
726Apollo 17 Evans and Schmitt Autographs$175
727Apollo 17 Cernan Autograph$40
728Apollo 17 Cernan Autograph$100
729Apollo 17 Cernan Autograph$40
730Apollo 17 Cernan Autograph$40
731Apollo 17 Ron Evans Autograph$80
732Apollo 17 Ron Evans Autograph$90
733Apollo 17 Ron Evans Autograph$150
734Apollo 17 Harrison Schmitt Autograph$125
735Apollo 13 Swigert Handwritten Letter$175
736Astronaut Autographs on Apollo 17 Cover$125
7371972, "Apollo 17 Prelim Flight Plan"$70
7381972, Apollo 17 Literature$150
739Apollo 17 1973, "Preliminary Science Report"$80
740Apollo 17 At Taurus Littrow$15
741Apollo 17 Beta Cloth Crew Patches$200
742Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion$2500
743Apollo 17 Beta Cloth Crew Patches$200
744Apollo 17 Beta Cloth$100
745Apollo XVII Patch & Match Set$20
746Apollo 17 Coffee Mug$175

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