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Our audiocast from the Fall 2002 Aurora Galleries International Space & Aviation Memorabilia auction has come to an end. We hope you found it entertaining and useful.

Available below are the preliminary prices realized for both days' sessions.

Session One
[ View Prices Realized ]
Saturday, October 26, 2002
10:00am PT/1:00pm ET
Mercury Program
Gemini Program
Apollo Program
Skylab Program
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Space Shuttle Program
Lot 1 to 9B
Lot 10 to 17
Lot 18 to 25
Lot 26 to 108C
Lot 110A to 145
Lot 146 to 503
Lot 504 to 524
Lot 525 to 584
Lot 585 to 693

Session Two
[ View Prices Realized ]
Sunday, October 27, 2002
10:00am PT/1:00pm ET
International Space Station
High Altitude
Enola Gay
Science Fiction
Lot 694A to 725
Lot 728 to 733B
Lot 734 to 848
Lot 850 to 869
Lot 871 to 878
Lot 879 to 927
Lot 929 to 984B
Lot 985A to 1002
Lot 1004 to 1126
Lot 1127 to 1139
Lot 1140 to 1162
Lot 1163A to 1399

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Website: Aurora Galleries International

Featured lots
(Click images to enlarge)

Lot 196. Walter Cunningham's Recovery Sneakers. The first thing put on after the splash-down of Apollo 7 and being lifted aboard the recovery helicopter is a pair of sneakers in order to come aboard the recovery carrier USS Essex. These were worn until returning to the Kennedy Space Center the following day. The sneakers are inscribed and signed: "Recovery sneakers Walter Cunningham". They have been in Cunningham's possession continuously since the flight of Apollo 7 in October 1968. Ex Walt Cunningham Collection. Est: $2,500 - 3,000

Lot 243. Flown Beta Cloth Patch signed by Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. The Beta cloth is notated at top: "Carried to the Moon aboard Apollo XI / July 1969". A handwritten Collins certificate of authenticity is included that reads: "I certify that the enclosed 6x6" Beta cloth Apollo XI crew patch, signed by Armstrong, Aldrin and myself is from my personal collection, and was flown in my Personal Preference Kit to the moon in July 1969. (signed) Michael Collins". Extremely rare. Ex. The astronaut Michael Collins collection. Est. $10,000 - 15,000

Lot 452. Flown 14kt Gold Pin with three moonstones. This specially made pin was carried by Charlie Duke on board the Lunar Module ORION to the Descartes Highlands of the Moon, where it landed on April 20, 1972. This pin spent the next three days on the surface of the Moon in the possession of astronaut Charlie Duke. He housed the pin in his Personal Preference Kit (PPK). Duke presented the pin to his mother upon his return to Earth. A hand signed September 18, 2002 certificate of authenticity from Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke typed on Duke's personal Apollo 16 stationery is included. An important personal flown item from the Charlie Duke Collection. Est. $10,000 - 12,000

Lot 616. Flown Flight Checklist. Page (11.5x10") used by the consignor during the flight of STS-5. One side of the checklist is titled "CDR BUS LOSS" and the other "PLT ELEC", "FC STACK & EXIT TEMP", etc. There are white velcro patches on one side and some of the printed instructions are highlighted in yellow marker. Unique. A printed certificate of authenticity by Bob Overmyer is included. Ex. the astronaut Robert Overmyer estate collection. Est. $500 - 750

Lot 1204. Salyut Space Station Engineering Control Panel (14x37x14") The complete panel including the Astronavigator, the clock, two monitoring screens, three large dials, buttons and everything the flight engineer needed to keep an eye on and control the systems onboard the space station to maintain life in space. There are even four protected emergency buttons in case of accidents. Most of the motors and cables needed to run this panel are still attached. Some minor faults should not detract. A spectacular addition to any collection. Est. $7,500 - 10,000