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collectSPACE provides the following links to sites related to space history and the space memorabilia hobby.

Pedro Amaral (Portugal)
autographed covers and photographs, flown artifacts

David S. Ball (South Carolina)
space event covers

Daryl Barkle (New Zealand)
autographs, covers, artifacts and medals

Alec Bartos (Romania)
autographs, philatelic items and covers

Robie Bonner (Florida)
autographs, models, space art and photos

Adam Bootle (United Kingdom)
artifact, autographs, and books

Michael Conway (Illinois)
autographed letters, medallions, Soviet photos

Robert Cordingly (United Kingdom)
autographs, books, flown artifacts, medals, patches and pins

Dennis Dillman (Washington, DC)
autographed and flown covers

John Fongheiser (Ohio)
flown artifacts and hardware

Richard Garner (United Kingdom)
flown artifacts and hardware

Douglas Henry (California)
test pilots and astronauts autographs, books

Derek Horne (United Kingdom)

Richard Jurek (Indiana)
flown currency ($2 bills)

Steve Jurvetson (California)
flown artifacts and hardware

Peter Kanger (The Netherlands)
autographs, magazines and newspapers

Joe Lennox (New Jersey)
flown artifacts, hardware, newspaper clippings

Claudio Mariani (Argentina)
autographs, medallions, patches

Robert McLeod (Georgia)
autographs (also, other website here)

Rick Mulheirn (United Kingdom)
autographs, flown artifacts, hardware

Mike Pace (Australia)
autographs of the first 12 cosmonauts

Jason Rubin (New Jersey)
flown artifacts

James Ruddy (California)
lunar flown artifacts

Scott Schneeweis (Arizona)
spacecraft and launch vehicle hardware

Paul Schultz (California)
autographs, hardware, flown artifacts

Guido Schwarz (Switzerland)
autographs, books, hardware, flown artifacts, patches

David Meerman Scott (Massachusetts)
autographs, hardware, flown artifacts

Rob Sumowski (Georgia)
autographed large format photographs, flown artifacts, models

Geoff Viney (Tennessee)

Michael Warner (United Kingdom)
flown artifacts

Michael P. Wright (United Kingdom)
autographs and flown artifacts

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