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collectSPACE provides the following links to sites related to space history and the space memorabilia hobby.

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crash site and wreck chasing for remnants throughout California

Jefferson Space Museum
gallery and guide to the history of astronauts flying $2 bills to space

Space Flown Collectibles
brief guides to various types of space-flown artifacts: astronaut equipment, hardware and mementos

Artwork and Photographs

Astrona: Space and Astronomical Art
online collection of artists resources and developers specializing in space

Astronaut Portrait Guide
thumbnail-illustrated index of NASA's official astronaut portraits


Astronaut Autopen Guide
guide to Mercury through Shuttle astronaut autopen patterns, organized by astronaut or mission crew

Astronaut Gallery by Bob McLeod
guide to all astronauts' autographs who have orbited on NASA spacecraft, all NASA crews and the unflown astronauts

Universal Autograph Collector's Club
established in 1965 to provide resources for autograph collectors

Zarelli Space Authentication
professional and accurate authentication of space and aviation autographs


Mars Literature
visual index to vintage publications (books and magazines) relating to the Red Planet

Space Art in Children's Books
artwork gathered from children's books published between 1883 and 1974

Medallions & Coins

Space Coins and Medals
visual guide to space-related coins, medals and medallions

TPE Space Flown Medallions
dedicated to medallions either space flown (whole-flown) or made with metal (melted-metal) flown into space

Models & Toys

Aerospace Projects Review
devoted to fact-based articles on aircraft and spacecraft projects

Scale Models
resource site for modeling spacecraft, rockets, missiles, and x-planes

Starship Modeler
information source for modelers who build sci-fi, fantasy and real space subjects


Crew Patches
field guide to crew patches (includes comparative guide to Apollo- and shuttle-era patches made by Lion Brothers)

Space Mission Patches
designs of pre-shuttle patches, with an emphasis on the original artwork

Space Patches
historical index to U.S. and Soviet/Russian mission emblems


news, guides, and links for space-topical philatelic collectors

Australian Space Stamps, Postmarks
guide to Australian astrophilatelic issues

Challenger and Columbia Memorials
stamps and covers issued to memorialize the space shuttles' ill-fated missions

Gesellschaft der Weltall-Philatelisten
society of space philatelists in Switzerland

Morris W. Beck US Navy Covers
reference catalog and checklist of Morris W. Beck-produced naval recovery covers

Recovery Ship Covers & Postmarks
guide to the cachets and postmarks issued aboard manned spacecraft recovery ships

guide to mail delivered by rockets

Space Topic Study Unit
largest astrophilatelic independent society in the world, publishes The Astrophile

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