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Michel Tognini
(Soyuz TM-15, STS-93)

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Recent Sightings
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LEFT: Jean-Loup Chrétien, Patrick Baudry, Michel Tognini, Jean-François Clervoy, Jean-Jacques Favier, Claudie Haigneré and Leopold Eyharts, November 14, 2014, Paris, France (Credit: Stephane Sebile); RIGHT: Vladimir Titov, Jean-François Clervoy, Claudie Haigneré, Alexander Ivanchenkov, Jean-Loup Chrétien, Jean-Pierre Haigneré and Michel Tognini with Catherine Maunoury, June 26, 2012, Paris, France (Credit: Stephane Sebile);
Paolo Nespoli, Roberto Vittori, Mike Fincke, Drew Feustel, Greg Chamitoff, Greg H. Johnson, Reinhold Ewald, Leopold Eyharts, Frank De Winne, Michel Tognini, Hans Schlegel, Christer Fuglesang, Luca Parmitano, Andreas Mogensen and Alexander Gerst, September 18, 2011, Cologne, Germany (Credit: Tomas Pribyl);
Leopold Eyharts, Sergei Zhukov, Jean-Pierre Haigneré, Alexander Skvorstov, Claudie Haigneré, Jean-Loup Chretien, Thomas Pesquet, Michel Tognini and Jean-François Clervoy, April 4, 2011, Paris, France (Credit: Stephane Sebile);
Steve Smith, Koichi Wakata, Oleg Kotov, Sergei Krikalev, Bob Thirsk and Michel Tognini, March 22, 2011, Paris, France (Credit: Stephane Sebile);
LEFT: Mark Polansky and Michel Tognini with Marie Ange Sanguy, August 21, 2010, Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, France (Credit: Olivier Sanguy); RIGHT: Michel Tognini, September 20, 2009, Cologne, Germany (Credit: Christoph Kaspari);
LEFT: Michel Tognini, June 16, 2009, Paris, France (Credit: Jacques van Oene); RIGHT: Jean-Pierre Haigneré, Jean-Jacques Favier, Jean-François Clervoy and Michel Tognini, April 18, 2008, Paris, France (Credit: Stéphane Sebile);
LEFT: Michel Tognini, September 16, 2007, Cologne, Germany (Credit: Christoph Kaspari); RIGHT: Michel Tognini, June 20, 2007, Paris, France (Credit: Max White);
LEFT: Michel Tognini, October 3, 2003, Bremen, Germany (Credit: Jurgen Esders);